Let It Go - Gollum Cover - Frozen (Soundtrack)

"Let It Go (Gollum Parody)" is a comedic take on the famous Disney song from Frozen, sung by Gollum - it is one of a number of Frozen parodies on the internet and showcases Gollum's treacherous nature towards the end of the Lord of the Rings films.


Nasty Elf bread takes flight down the mountain tonight

Now just crumbses to be seen

A kingdom of isolation

And fat hobbit is the Queen

Our belly's growling like this swirling storm inside

Couldn't keep him thin, Precious knows you tried

Don't let him in, don't let him see

Fat Hobbit, so nasty and tricksy

Revealed, he steals, we didn't know

Well now we know

Let him know, let him know

He can't hold us back anymore

Let him go, let him go

Turn him away from Mordor

We don't care

What he's going to say

Master's bread is gone

And he's going to try to steal the precious away

It's funny how some Lembas

Makes master seem so cross

And now he hates the fat one

And told him to get lost

It's time see what she can do

We'll lead Master up the Stairs of Doom

To her, Feed her, a meal for her

Crunchable Desert

Let us go, let us go

Into this tunnel with glowing eyes

Let us go, let us go

The Precious will be mine (Ours!)

Here we slink

And here we sneaks

Let the spider come

Her long-legs flurry through the caves onto the ground

Master is spiraling in sticky webses all around

And with one quick stab from her poisonous thorax

We're never getting it

The Orcses came too fast

Let it go, let it go

Or we bites it off and run

Let it go, let it go

Well, now your finger's gone

Here we dance

On the cracks of doom

Put the Precious on

The lava never bothered us anyway...

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