The roots of Fantasy Trees will fall. The signal from heaven shall be cut off. The plane on Earth turns into solid ice. This planet has already left alone. This planet will turn into nothingness after they filtrating the alternate histories and starting an invasion. The rightful order has been lost. There's no Hero Spirit that guards humanity. The allies will fade and die. In this world, YOU are the real Evil of Humanity! However, on the point of survival, there's no superiority or inferiority between good and evil. If all of you don't ever give up, just act like before. Even if everything turned into nothingness, you'll still desire its survival! Fools, screech with all your might! Be remorseless over the faulty you accumulate. Be in debt for your responsibility and eventually, fill your heart with hope. The battle for humanity is just begun.
~ Goetia (under the persona of Solomon) to the protagonist, prophecizing the war in Lostbelts in the preview trailer of Cosmos in the Lostbelt.

The Lostbelts (in Japanese: 異聞帯) are the main setting in Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt.

The Lostbelts are considered as the history failures. As opposed to the Greater History of Man, the history of "winners" born from correct choices and proper prosperities leading to the "present", the history of "failure" born from the wrong choices and mistaken prosperity is cut off. Considered "unnecessary" and cut off from becoming even parallel worlds, this history which has hit a dead end is known as a Lostbelt.

In Fate/Grand Order

The Lostbelts started to surface and establish after the Crypters allied with Outer God and instigated an attack against Chaldea. The Crypters were seven former A-Team Masters who died in the attack of Lev Flaros, but was revived by someone presumably loyal to the Outer Gods.

Following the attack on Chaldea by the end of 2017, the freezing of the world and the declaration of rebellion against the Greater History of Man, with the threat of a regression into the Age of Gods and the recreation of the world, the survivors are forced to use an experimental method of navigating through imaginary number space, through the Lostbelts, in order to resolve the incident.

After all of the Lostbelts have been established, the Crypters seek to expand the "domain" of their own Lostbelts, which will eventually clash with the other Lostbelts. The one that is built by greater Human Foundation will end up overtaking the weaker one and use it as "nutrients". This process will allegedly continue, until only one Lostbelt is remaining. Every Lostbelt has its depth, which means the scale of its diviation from the original history or mythology. Their existence are connected to the Fantasy Trees inside them.

Lists of Lostbelts

Anastastia: Permafrost Empire

  • Subtitle: Princess of the Land of Beasts
    • Referring: Anastasia
  • Crypter: Kadoc Zemlupus
  • Place: Tsardom of Russia
  • Time: 1570 A.D.
  • Servant: Caster (Anastasia Romanova)
  • Lostbelt King: Rider (Ivan the Terrible)
  • Status: Erased
  • Depth: D

The Russian Lostbelt diverged from that of Greater History of Man in 1570 AD when an asteroid struck and plunged the world into an ice age. Most humans died, and while Russians were used to the cold and prepared for such weather, 90% of their population perished and the survivors were on the cusp of extinction. Tsar Ivan IV, also known as Ivan the Terrible, and his mages were able to save the country by combining humans with magical beasts, creating a human-animal hybrid race known as the Yaga, with Ivan himself becoming the first.

Götterdämmerung: Eternal Ice-Flame Century

  • Subtitle: Gentleman of the Unfading Flame
    • Referring: Napoleon Bonarparte
  • Crypter: Ophelia Phamrsolone
  • Place: Scandinavia
  • Time: 1000 B.C.
  • Servant: Saber (Sigurd/Surtr)
  • Lostbelt King: Caster (Scathach-Skadi)
  • Status: Erased
  • Depth: B+

The Norse Lostbelt diverged from the Greater History of Man in 1000 BC, during the events of Ragnarok. Surtr, who was supposed to bring the Twilight of the Gods, devoured Fenrir, gaining his Authority and becoming immensely powerful. He decided to bring about the Twilight of the World, killing many gods and giants before being sealed within a false Sun by Odin, who died afterward.

However, before dying, Odin merged the goddess Skadi with Scáthach, creating Scáthach-Skadi, the King of the Lostbelt, with the purpose of protecting the humans and end Ragnarok before it could ever started. As Ragnarok was interrupted as a result, the world became ravaged by fire and ice, unable to continue past Ragnarok for the next thounsands of years.

Scathach-Skadi established multiple villages for humans, with the support of the Valkyrie. However, in order to keep the giants at bay, humans are required to reproduce at the age of fifteen. If they don't, they shall be sacrificed to the giants. Once humans reach the age of 25, they are nonetheless forced to be sacrificed.

Sin: Land of Unified Knowledge

  • Subtitle: Crimson Beauty Under the Moon
    • Referring: Hinako Akuta
  • Crypter: Hinako Akuta / Assassin (Consort Yu)
  • Place: Qin Dynasty of China
  • Time: 210 B.C.
  • Servant: Berserker (Xiang Yu) & Saber (Prince of Lanling)
    • Former Servant: Rider (Xiang Yu)
  • Lostbelt King: Ruler (Qin Shi Huang)
  • Status: Erased
  • Depth: E

The Chinese Lostbelt had Emperor Qin Shi Huang reached immortality by 210 B.C., the year where the Emperor supposed to perish historically. Now becoming a mystic, Qin Shi Huang became the immortal ruler of the Lostbelt and developed vast technology, placing every Chinese Heroic Spirits under his control.

However, Qin Shi Huang had no intention to work with Outer Gods and decided to challenge them and fix humanity by himself, making his Lostbelt having the lowest depth among others. The citizens of Lostbelts lived in a normal and quiet life, but they were isolated from the Emperor's technological wonders.

Genesis Destruction Cycle: Yuga Kshetra

  • Formerly Known As: Genesis Destruction Cycle ■■ ■■■■■■
  • Subtitle: The Black Final God
    • Referring: Arjuna Alter (not featured on the banner)
  • Crypter: Scandinavia Peperoncino
  • Place: India
  • Time: ?.?. 11900
  • Servant: Archer (Ashwatthama)
  • Lostbelt King: Berserker (Arjuna Alter)
  • Status: Erased
  • Depth: A

The Indian Lostbelt was diverged in 11900 ?.?. at the "Cycle of Creation and Destruction". The bizarre date was originated from the Mahā-Yuga cycle which the fourth Lostbelt used as it's sole time measurement. Mahā-Yugas are composed of 12000 'Deva years' or almost 4.5 million years normally.

In this world, the gods of the Hindu pantheonnote fused together into one "perfect" god, later revealed to be the Lostbelt version of Arjuna known as Arjuna Alter. Ruling as the Lostbelt King, Arjuna Alter then sped up the Yuga cycle to run it's course every 10 days in his desire to remove anything that could be considered "evil" from it, each cycle deleting elements from the world entirely with no chance of reincarnation. The cycle slowly reshaped the Lostbelt to Arjuna Alter's view of "utopia" with plans to extend it across the entire galaxy and then the universe.

The fusion of the predominant Hindu Gods had caused the Lostbelt nearly godless, causing the Lostbelt version of Kama, who managed to escape and caused a Singularity named Tokugawa Labyrinth, transformed into Beast III-L after taken over by her inner evil, Mara, who became dominant since there were no god to oversee her.

Atlantis: Ocean in the Age of Titans

  • Formerly Known As: Interstellar City Mountains ■■■■■■
  • Subtitle: The Day God Is Shot Down
  • Crypter: Kirschtaria Wodime
  • Place: Atlantic Ocean
  • Time: 12000 B.C.
  • Servant: Lancer (Caenis) and two other Divine Spirits
  • Lostbelt King: (Unknown) (implied to be Zeus)
  • Status: Existing
  • Depth: A+

Kirschtaria's Lostbelt, also known as the Atlantic Lostbelt and the Greek Lostbelt, has the largest scale of all seven Lostbelts. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean, that diverged in 12,000 BC, in the form of a giant ocean city where the Age of Gods is described to have proceeded into the present, the gods in question being the ancient Greek Gods. In this Lostbelt, it was implied that Poseidon perished and new forces began to rise in order to take his place.

Kirschtaria has three Divine Spirit Servants (including Caenis), supposedly some of the most powerful summoned by the Crypters, and his Lostbelt's tree already covers 80% of the world's surface with its roots. Kirschtaria is on good term with Zeus, the King of Olympian Gods, who was suggested to be the King of Atlantic Lostbelt, though it still remained a mystery whether this version of Zeus was a Lostbelt King or not.

This was around the same time of Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star, where the Velber arrived in the Solar System and Sefar slaughtered the original God Concepts, the Twelve Pillars, beginning the decline of the Age of Gods.

Round Table Territory ■■■■■■■■■

  • Subtitle: The Day the Star is Born
  • Crypter: Beryl Gut
  • Place: Arthurian Britain
  • Time: 500 A.D.
  • Servant: Assassin (Unknown)
  • Lostbelt King: (Unknown)
  • Status: Existing
  • Depth: EX

■■ Forest ■■ ■■■·■■■■■

  • Subtitle: Unknown
  • Crypter: Daybit Sem Void
  • Place: South America
  • Time: Unknown
  • Servant: Grand Berserker (Unknown)
  • Lostbelt King: (Unknown)
  • Status: Existing
  • Depth: A++




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