Villainous Overview

The Malevolent Dinosaurs

Malevolent Dinosaurs

I would have a word with your people in the lab. That thing out there, that's no dinosaur.
~ Owen Grady

The villainous foil to Deadliest Dinosaurs, Malevolent Dinosaurs are villains who are dinosaurs or dinosaurs who are killer machines.

In fantasy and family genres, Malevolent Dinosaurs often come across as savages, tyrants, and meat- eaters.

Malevolent Dinosaurs are usually arrogant, violent, sadistic, merciless, and deadly. However, in most cases, some dinosaurs can be a bit neutral while retaining an evil side. Malevolent Dinosaurs usually do not think and just attack to get to their prey.

Malevolent Dinosaurs can have different personalities whether being a clumsy, but evil dinosaur or yet a savage and completely evil dinosaur.

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