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The Mandala

Mandala is a powerful magic that is used to focus spiritual energy to an object. It was used by the Gozer Worshippers to empower Gozerthe Destructor while waiting his return to the Earth. It is similar to the antenna on the apartment building in 55 Central Park West.

The Mandala sometimes appears in Sumerian ritual magic. Scholars regarded it as a symbol that signifies a path to obtain great power and concluded it was an old constellation. A mandala is like a spiritual labyrinth, part of a feeder system required to channel energy to a Destructor Form.

There are 4 Mandalas that are located in four sacred places of the Gozer Worshippers in New York City. The Mandalas are all different in their structure. Mostly, their existence is related to a powerful ghost being that serves as Mandala nexus.

The Mandala used by Ivo Shandor is a spiraling system that feeds into each successive node along the line until it reaches a culmination point. Ghosts are trapped in the system, funneled from node to node and they get stronger and stronger until they reach the end.

In 1991, the Shandor Foundation loaned a Gozerian statuary featuring a Mandala to the Museum of Natural History as part of the Gozer exhibit set to open on the Thanksgiving weekend.

Locations of the Mandalas

New York City Public Library

This Mandala is located in a twisted, ghostly version of the library. Its nexus and guardian is Azetlor the Destroyer. The Ghostbusters first see it in the Reading Room after returning from the Ghostworld. Egon Spengler notes they seemed to have turned it off.

Natural History Museum

The Mandala of the museum is located underneath an obelisk. When the Rookie destroys the obelisk, the Mandala revealed a staircase leading underground to a "ghost tunnel" which gathered undead spirits and directed them to a spirit conduit, a location created by Ivo Shandor. The Mandala's nexus, as well as its guardian, is the Chairman (, or the Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton in the Stylize version).

Sedgewick Hotel

The Mandala of the hotel was centered on the Spider Witch and her ghostly domain. The Rookie and Egon spotted the Mandala in sight above the bed after defeating the Spider Witch.

Shandor Island

The Mandala of Shandor Island was different to others. It's nexus was a magical, astrolabe-like structure. It was guarded by a Sloar (or the Black Slime Behemoth in the Stylized version).



  • Mandala is based on the ancient Sankrit word and spiritual notion in Hindu and Buddhist traditions.
  • On page 8 of Ghostbusters Issue #8, the photos of the Mandala from the Realistic Versions appear on Egon's board.