Melanie's Heels are the personal weapons of Melanie Malachite in the American web cartoon series RWBY and its Japanese manga adaptation/prequel.


The origins of the heels are unknown, though it can be assumed that they were sold to or built by Melanie before the events of the series.

"Yellow" Trailer

Yang Xiao Long enters Hei "Junior" Xiong's Club and begins torturing him for information. After punching him in the face, Yang is attacked by Junior's henchmen. After defeating them, Yang is met by Melanie and her twin sister Miltiades "Miltia" Malachite. Yang attacks first, sending a barrage of flaming projectiles at the two. Both dodge and Melanie blocks. Melanie jumps behind her and kicks with her bladed heels, but Yang blocks. Yang fires again, and Melanie parries the attack off of her blade. Melanie rushes forward with a series of high attacks while her sister goes low, but Yang blocks them all. However, Miltia catches her off guard, and Melanie comes in to deliver a series of kicks to Yang that hit her backwards. Yang gets back up and hits Melanie away, going to Miltia and defeating her by knocking her through a glass decoration. She approaches Melanie, who dodges and parries her attacks before retaliating with a series of kicks that push Yang back. She rushes forward and attacks, but Yang blocks her. yang soon catches her off guard and defeats her with a punch to the gut and a kick to the face.


Chapters 7-9 of the manga detail the events of the "Yellow" Trailer.

Volume 2

Melanie and Miltia appear briefly when Yang revisits the Club.

Powers and Abilities

Melanie's heels can withstand a lot of pressure, as they can block powerful attacks from Yang. They also are capable of delivering powerful blows themselves that can stun or knock back enemies.


The heels appear as white boot high heels, but with curved silver blades serving as the support. The blades curve up and over the back of the boot. There are two smaller blades attached there. The boots also have a piece of loose white plating in the front, held on by small silver chains.





  • Melanie's Heels are some of the most basic weapons in RWBY, as they have no firearm mode or true specialty other than being blades.
  • In the episode of DEATH BATTLE featuring Yang, it was revealed that yang is less adaptable to foes who fight with kicks like Melanie.
  • The name "Melanie's Heels" is unofficial, as the actual name of he weapons has not been released yet.
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