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"Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv" is the name of a mysterious and dangerous YouTube video from the Creepypasta short story of the same name. It is a disturbing video that causes suicidal thoughts and insanity within those who view it.


According to the story, there existed a two minute long video on YouTube entitled "Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv". The video was only viewed by 153 people, but those who viewed it proceeded to gouge their eyes out and mail them to YouTube's headquarters in San Bruno, California. The viewers would then proceed to take their own lives in various ways, but with most involving carving cryptic and mysterious symbols and inscriptions into their forearms.

The video was removed by YouTube. In order to quell suspicions about the growing legend, the first 20 seconds of the video were uploaded, which only feature a man standing motionless for eighteen seconds, then grinning for the last two.

The video itself is reported to only have been viewed by one YouTube staff member, who began screaming after 45 seconds. The man was retrieved by his colleges before he could continue viewing; they did not look at the screen but reported what sounded like high-pitched drilling coming from the video. The man now requires constant sedation and is apparently unable to recall what he saw.

YouTube has never been able to identify the man or the uploader of the original video, with the IP address used being nonexistent.





  • Though there are many videos on YouTube now claiming to be the real, original two minute video, all are fan reproductions and the true video remains unavailable.
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