Miltia's Claws are the personal weapons of Miltiades "Miltia" Malachite in the American web cartoon series RWBY and its Japanese manga adaptation/prequel.


The origins of the claws are unknown, though it can be assumed that they were sold to or built by Miltia before the events of the series.

"Yellow" Trailer

Yang Xiao Long enters Hei "Junior" Xiong's Club and begins torturing him for information. After punching him in the face, Yang is attacked by Junior's henchmen. After defeating them, Yang is met by Miltia and her twin sister Melanie Malachite. Yang attacks first, sending a barrage of flaming projectiles at the two. Both dodge and Melanie blocks. Miltia tries to attack her from behind, but Yang ducks her head. Yang fires bullets, but misses the sisters. Miltia attacks her claws, but Yang blocks them. Melanie and Miltia deliver a series of kicks to Yang and they both hit her backwards. After she knocks Melanie away, she runs to Miltia. Miltia uses her claws to block her attacks, but Yang strikes her with her guard down and defeats her by knocking her through a glass decoration.


Chapters 7-9 of the manga detail the events of the "Yellow" Trailer.

Volume 2

Melanie and Miltia appear briefly when Yang revisits the Club.

Powers and Abilities

Miltia's Claws are strong enough to block powerful attacks. They also are able to strike at projectiles fired from weapons.


The claws appear as dark red and black blade gauntlets with spikes on the knuckles. They can also block hitting attacks. When pressed the claws are equally sized and shaped.


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