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Mobile Fortress Navarone is a mobile base which serves as the lair of General Magman, a high-ranking member of the Black Cross Army.

It is capable of subterranean travel, enabling it to move anywhere underground before rising to attack its targets. Its main armaments are a quartet of cannon turrets embedded into its top, capable of rotating all around to strike anywhere within radius of the fortress. It also possesses helipads for the Army's Condolor Fighters to launch off of.


Navarone was brought to Japan by Magman after the Black Cross Fuhrer appointed him his new second-in-command. It was used by Magman in his repeated clashes with the Gorengers, often giving them close calls due to its nigh-impenetrability.

However, during a raid by the Gorengers, they were able to steal blueprints for Navarone and identify three weak points using them which, if struck concurrently, would bring down the fortress. For this and Magman's previous failures, the Black Cross Fuhrer began working to revive Golden Mask to replace Magman, leading Magman and his crew of Zolders to take Navarone out to fight the Gorengers in a final battle. In the end, the fortress itself was destroyed by Akarenger, Aorenger and Midorenger sacrificing their Gorenger Machines to target all three points of the fortress.