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The Monster Clown

Why do you people always question? Why ask why, when "how" is so much more fun?
~ The Clown aka The Violator.

Monster Clowns are a very incredibly popular villain type and are basically extreme examples of the equally popular "Evil Clown" archetype - however not all Evil Clowns are Monster Clowns, it takes a particularly disturbing and evil clown to become a Monster Clown.

For example, an Evil Clown that is played for laughs or who is totally inept can not truly be considered a Monster Clown, a Monster Clown should always be disturbing and dangerous - often to the viewer as well as those within their setting.

This trope often stems from clowns' unpredictability and the guilt people feel of laughing at their misfortune.

Monster Clowns' evil deeds can range from mildly annoying to monstrous and deadly.

Almost all Monster Clowns are chaotically evil in regards to alignment and some may even be aliens, demons or Lovecraftian Horrors who deliberately choose the form of clowns to inspire fear (or alternatively trust) in mortals.

Monster Clowns are not the same as Enemy Mimes - which is basically the Mime equivalent (though evil mimes do not have to have the disturbing qualities of Monster Clowns, often Enemy Mimes are played for laughs).

Monster Clowns can sometimes be found in a Circus of Fear setting - though a related archetype known as a Mascot From Hell may take their place.

Whether they're kidnapping children or leaving carnage in their wake, these frightening funnymen continue to haunt people's dreams to this very day.

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