The Morgana Star

The Morgana Star is a mystical inverted star-shaped sigil that is believed to be the iconic symbol of the sinister Morganians as the source of their magical powers, and it was even named after the legendary witch Morgana le Fay. It is primarily featured in the 2010 Disney fantasy movie The Sorcerer's Apprentice. The Morgana Star is an opposite to the Merlin Circle (named after the great Merlinean wizard Merlin himself), though they both contain icons within each symbol called "domains" used by spellcasters to learn the art of sorcery and to control their magical powers. The symbol itself is similar to the pentagram, a common sign of witchcraft.


The Morgana Star was shown on Abigail Williams' necklace and the shape of the fire bolts in The Rising.

It is also the shape that the renegade sorcerer Maxim Horvath puts on the burger patties using his magic staff to get the attention of a New York fry cook who have never seen such a cane like Horvath's staff since he was a boy.

The Morganians

The Morgana Star used in The Rising during the said accursed ceremony was disrupted and dissolute into nothing when one of the satellite dishes atop 5 city buildings in modern-day Manhattan surrounding the town's Battery Park was kicked by Beck Barnes, childhood human girlfriend of Dave Stutler (now revealed as the chosen Prime Merlinean), thereby this act causes the electromagnetic energy which was magically utilized to direct and amplify in The Rising was disperse.

The Merlineans, the Morganians' benevolent foes.

The Morgana Star itself was no more as it vanished into nothingness and The Rising which would have doom the world of the living to be enslaved by the Morganians' new army of the dead was stopped at last, before Maxim Horvath disappeared after his immediate defeat, Dave Stutler used his Prime Merlinean powers to destroy the evil spirit of Morgana le Fay for good, and both Balthzar Blake and Veronica, not both freed of their immortality upon their 1000-year quest to stop Morgana was finally complete, were each other's arms.


thumb|left|200px|The iconic symbol of the Morgana Star itself.

The Merlin Circle, the Morgana Star's exact opposite.

The Morgana Star is a source of one conjurer's magic like it's counterpart (and possible basis of the circle itself), the Merlin Circle. However, there are 6 domains within the Morgana Star instead 7:

  • Space-Time: Space-Time Domain is used to master spells for performing time manipulation, astral projection, and possibly more complex abilities such as teleportation and travel between dimensions. This Domain's Mana is green in color.
  • Matter: Matter Domain is used to master magical abilities over matter, which allow the sorcerer to manipulate energy such as electricity and plasma as well as forging objects from air molecules. This Domain's Mana is red in color.
  • Elements: Element Domain is used to master over four classical elements of nature (water, earth, fire, and air) for various purposes. This Domain's Mana is yellow in color.
  • Transformation: Transformation Domain is used for mastering spells to alter both properties and appearance of oneself and/or desired target. Like in Matter Domain, spells that mastered in this domain worked by manipulating the desired target's matter structure, but in more complex scale as spells mastered in this Domain are meant for transmogrifying oneself and/or other instead of energy manipulation. Said spells includes enchanting objects by giving them desired properties, from simply reinforcing its durability to bewitching it into a booby trap such as the Hungarian Mirror Trap. This Domain's Mana is orange in color.
  • Mind: Mind Domain is used to master mental abilities-related spells (such as telepathy, hypnosis, second sight, etc.) except telekinesis and levitation. This Domain's Mana is pink in color.
  • Love/Forbidden Domain: Love Domain is arguably the only domain which represents two powers; emotion (love) and power over life and death. Love is stated to be the most powerful source of a spellcaster's magic as said emotion not only awakens his/her latent power within, but also making a sorcerer/sorceress unstoppable. It can be tapped not only through successfully winning the heart of the conjuror's own love interest, but also strong desire to reunite others with their loved ones. Failing in either will sap him/her of his/her strengths, weakening her. The second power of this domain on the other hand, endows the wizard/witch the ability to revive the dead along with other necromatic abilities.

Each domain has a source for its own spells.

Its opposite is the Merlin Circle.



  • The Morgana Star has made no physical appearance in the Nintendo DS videogame adaptation of Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice, but strangely, the Merlin Circle was featured in the game and it lacked the Motion Domain like the Morgana Star do. Also, in the game, the Love Domain is a separate Domain with the Forbidden Domain instead of one in the same due to the other domains that are available in the game; Space-Time, Elements, Transformation, Matter, Love, and Forbidden Domain.
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