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Villainous Overview
Ladeez, gentlemen, an' children of all ages -- Arcade welcomes you to -- MURDER WORLD, where nobody ever survives!!
~ Arcade about the Murderworld.

The Murderworld is one giant and insane deathtrap, all styled as a traveling carnival, a pinball machine, and an amusement park, for it the brainchild of the mind of the lunatic hitman-for-hire Arcade, and used in assassinate his victims. It one of the many well-known locations in the Marvel Comics universe. Arcade has noticeably constructed a series of locations he considered to be technological wonders, and these "Murderworlds", each also filled with sophisticated robotic and holographic systems among other things, often place their unfortunate visiting "guests" in ironic situations.



  • The origin that Murderworld came from was based on a rail-shooting Arcade game called CarnEvil.

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