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The Mystery Land (sometimes spelled "Mystery-Land") is a mystifying jungle board in Mario Party 2. This exotic mountain region features some ancient ruins and strange house-like buildings along with diverse satirical Mario-based wonders of real-life cryptozoogical and historical mysteries in it.

This board is divided into 4 areas connected by a X-shaped stone bridge, to which people warp to each time they land on a Happening Space. They can also pay 10 coins to have a Bob-omb UFO take them to another area, but sometimes the UFO will malfunction and take the player to a small area with ruins resembling King Bob-omb.

Other interesting features on this board include the Shy Guy's Curse House, where a player can pay 5 coins to curse themselves or another player to reduce the number on their dice block to 1-3, rather like the Poison Mushrooms. The Item Minigame is Mallet-Go-Round, and the Duel minigame is Psychic Safari.

At the end of the game when Toad is about to announce the winner, he is interrupted by a red Koopa Troopa who comes and alerts the players that the treasure has been found. Then emerges a green Koopa with a golden Bob-omb statue. Then the villain of the board known as the Bowser Sphinx, comes to challenge the Koopa to guess a figure shrouded in shadow. The Koopa guesses incorrectly, saying that it is a cow, and Bowser curses the Koopa by trapping him in a rock. Then, the winner of the game comes to confront him. The winner guesses Bowser's shadow riddle correctly, saying that the figure is him.

The Bowser Sphinx disappears, a consequence of having his riddle guessed, and the statue breaks to reveal a Bob-omb Buddy that was trapped inside. The other Bob-omb Buddies come to take their rescued comrade away on their spaceship and takes Bowser in their custody. The winner of the board is then congratulated by the other players, Toad, Koopa, and a Star.


  • Bottom right: This is the first stage of the board. This area is canyon-themed and it contains a Shy Guy's Curse House, a Koopa Bank, and a spot where the player can summon a Bob-omb UFO to take them to the top left area. It is the only one of the four main areas without a Bowser Space. A crashed airplane with a Goomba on the tail can be seen here.
  • Bottom left: This area is Egyptian-themed and features a pyramid, some pillars, and a Nazca Line-esque imprint of a Blooper. The Item Shop is here, and there is a door which allows players to willingly access the upper left or bottom right area if they have a Skeleton Key. It is the only one of the four main areas without an Item Space.
  • Upper left: This area is grassland-themed and it features a Koopa Bank, a Boo slab on the ground, and a spot where the player can summon a Bob-omb UFO to take them to the bottom right area. It is the only one of the four main areas without a Battle Space. Dorrie can be seen above this area, in a parody of the Loch Ness Monster.
  • Upper right: Moais can be seen in this holt-themed area, as well as a monument resembling Stonehenge with a limbless Whomp on top. This area contains a Chance Time Space and a Shy Guy's Curse House. There is another Skeleton Key door here, which serves the same purpose as the one in the bottom left area. In the forest, the royal Mushroom Castle is somewhat visible through the fog, indicating that the Mystery Land is located somewhere near the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • King Bob-omb ruins: This small area is not normally accessible, but a player may be arbitrarily sent here after summoning a Bob-omb UFO. It consists of nothing but Red Spaces and Happening Spaces. A statue of King Bob-omb can be seen in the central sinkhole of this place.


  • The obscure old ruins on this board resembles those in both Mario Land and Mario Party 2.
  • The map of this board is similar to the layout of Wario's Battle Canyon.
  • Wario's outfit for this board somewhat resembles his normal form from Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. This is because the player wears an archaeologist attire complete with a sun helmet, whereas Wario is seen wearing such a helmet in said game.
    • Mario's custom for Mystery Land resembles the outfit Mario himself wore in the 1995 puzzle game Mario's Picross.
    • Bowser's Sphinx costume for this board somewhat resembles his Koop Tut alter ego from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "The Ten Koopmandments".
    • In the ending for the board, when Sphinx Bowser gives a riddle, Koopa's (incorrect) answer was a cow, with the actual answer being Bowser himself. This was a subtle reference to Bowser's design process, where videogame developer Shigeru Miyamoto initially envisioned him as an ox, but ultimately worked with game designer Takashi "Ten Ten" Tezuka to mix both turtle and ox designs for his final design.
  • The menu icon for this board resembles the condor figure at the Nazca Lines.
  • Despite the fact that this board has the fewest spaces of all boards in the game, Mystery Land has more Happening Spaces than any other boards.
  • It is also called "Country of Mystery", "Misteri Land", "Mysteries Land", and "Mysterious World".