Heil Hitler!
~ A Nazi salute.
~ Another typical Nazi salute.

Villains from the Nazi Party, which ruled Germany until the death of its founder Adolf Hitler. This title may also refer to individuals who follow Neo-Nazism, a movement that seeks to either re-create a Nazi state or idealizes Hitler's beliefs of racial purity and military aggression.

Despite the fact that original Nazi Party is gone now, their actions and existence have a large impact on popular culture, where they are primary inspirations of many works of fiction.

So, this category not only features villains who are purely associated with the Nazi Party, as this page also includes those who are greatly inspired by or similar to Nazis in terms of nature, personality, appearance, etc. due to following Neo-Nazism.

To avoid confusion, as some of them are not related to the Nazi Party but share their beliefs, villains in this category divided into two groups:

  1. Those who are portrayed as fictional members of the Nazi Party or fictionalized versions of real-life Nazi members: Adolf Hitler (Disney), HYDRAKarl Ruprect KroenenRed Skull, the Millennium Organization, and the Major.
  2. Those who are not portrayed as actual Nazi members nor any organization that is truly related to Nazis, but do share some similarities in terms of nature, mainly following Neo-Nazism: Deus.Ex.Machina IndustriesIsaac Ray Peram WestcottYhwach, the Post War Administration Bureau, and Joseph Bertrand III.


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