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My beloved warriors have come to life. All the dead of centuries past - never has anyone created an army like this!
~ The Horned King

Necromancy, alternatively known as Nagomancy, Negromancy, Nigromancy and Necyomancy, is the forbidden art of summoning the dead to do one's bidding. This form of sorcery is also used in communicating with spirits as well as simply reanimating the deceased.

The very magical abilities cogitates around controlling the dead, death, the death-force and/or souls for good (i.e., reviving the departed), evil (in various ways) or neither. They can also convey with the deceased – either by summoning their spirit as an apparition or raising them bodily – for the purpose of divination, imparting the means to foretell events to come, or discover hidden knowledge.

Many practitioners of this trade find a way to cheat death one way or another, whether by becoming some form of undead creature or by bypassing their own ability to die.

In the real-world, spellcasters do this practice to try and prophecise future events or gain wishes.

In fiction, however, many Necromancers raise the dead from beyond the grave to act as servants and soldiers in grand schemes of conquest: some of the more extreme examples of Necromancers may also seek to exterminate the living and replace them with the "undead" or the "living dead".


There also exists a similar (fictional or otherwise) but different ability to reanimate and influence the dead by by force of the mind alone called "Necrokinesis".

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