The Needful Things store.

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Needful Things is a creepy thrift shop run by the devilish Mr. Lucius Needful and the eponymous the episode "Something Ricked This Way Comes". It is the parody of the titular shop from the horror novel Needful Things by Stephen King along with Mr. Needful as the parody of the demonic proprietor Leland Gaunt. It is also where Morty Smith's older sister Summer gets her first job.

This sells cursed items to unsuspecting customers. The merchandise is initially sold as being beneficial but after each sold item has been used, the curse on each of them is activated. Mr. Needful never asks for money in return for the items, to better increase his chances of people taking these items with them. The shop would be successful until Morty Smith's grandfather Rick Sanchez invests in ruining Mr. Needful's business. Rick would create "Curse Purge Plus!" to remove the curses from the items, but still allow them to keep their benefits. Because the shop did not charge for its items, Rick stole all of the business from Needful Things until its eventual "bankruptcy". After extensive work and modernizing by Mr. Needful and Summer, Needful Things becomes "".


Some items that the shop sold included:

  • An aftershave that would grant the user female attention, in return for impotence. (Rick cures the negative aspect easily with a serum.)
  • A golden microscope that reveals secrets beyond comprehension by making the user mentally retarded. (Rick removes the retarded aspect, then using it to create a curse identifying device.)
  • A pair of running shoes that make the wearer the fastest in the world, but wearing them results in running nonstop until death. (Rick removed the negative aspect of the shoes.)
  • A lifelike doll that threatens the owner. (Modified by Rick to do taxes.)
  • A typewriter that writes best-selling murder mysteries, but eventually makes the murders happen in real life.
  • A fox Boa that kills and skins the user.
  • A beauty cream that makes the wearer beautiful in exchange for their eyesight.
  • Boxing gloves that will make the user a boxing champion in 1936, trapping them in the same match for eternity.



  • Several products can be seen in the Rickstaverse game. Including a tablet, a mobile video game, and a hoverboard. This means Mr. Needful's business has indeed become very successful.
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