Villainous Overview

Never Exploit a Creature

Mrs. Tweedy! The chickens are revolting!
~ Mr. Tweedy trying to alert Mrs Tweedy while being attacked by Ginger and the hens.

In many stories, there comes a time when the villain is intent on using a creature (usually an animal, dinosaur or monster) for his/her own evil intentions, which subsequently leads to his/her downfall. In other words, the villain learns the hard way that one should never exploit a creature or send one to do a person's job.

For instance, the villain initially planned on using an animal in his circus to line his own pockets, abused his own pets, plotted to use a monster or dinosaur as a superweapon, or using them for gambling purposes.

The aforementioned villains can range from mad scientists, ringmasters, and poachers to the hero's owner, smugglers, and even an alpha male animal using his pack for his own gains.

This usually happens when the creature gets its, his or her revenge on the villain for this purpose. Simply put, usually in the climax, the antagonist gets his/her comeuppance, especially when being defeated and/or killed at the hands (in this case, paws, claws or jaws) of the creature he/she exploited.

In other cases, the exploited creature can attack the villain to save him/herself or protect someone he/she loves.


You think by now people would have learned that cloning dinosaurs really isn't a good idea, although it would be pretty awesome. First, Dennis Nedry got himself killed trying to steal dino embryos. After that, Peter Ludlow was mangled to death by a couple of T-Rexes he imprisoned. Then, in Jurassic World, Vic Hoskins met his end at the claws of a raptor he wished to use as a military weapon. Even if Hoskins had recruited the raptors, the military would have been screwed if terrorists managed to train an Indominus rex.
~ Rebecca Brayton explaining how exploiting dinosaurs for your own gain isn't the best choice, which is a lesson the villains of the Jurassic Park franchise never learn.
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