• Dennis Nedry, Peter Ludlow, Dieter Stark, Vic Hoskins, Eli Mills, Ken Wheatley, and Gunnar Eversol learn the hard way that exploiting or cloning dinosaurs isn't a good idea. In other words, they are intent on using dinosaurs for either profit or worse, staple for bioweapons, but this eventually leads to their demise.
  • Scar was intent on using the hyenas in his plan to take over Pride Rock, but he crossed the line by betraying them, leading them to turn against him.
  • Sloan and Bree Blackburn plotted to scare a herd of elephants into running into an electric fence, but after Eliza saved them, the said animals get their revenge, turning the poachers over to the police.
  • Claire Wyden lured George, Ralph and Lizzy into Chicago, intent on killing them and endangering the city in the process, but this eventually led to her downfall when Davis Okoye and Kate Caldwell placed the pathogen into her purse and pushed her in the direction of George, leading the giant ape to swallow her.
  • August Rosenbluth abused Rosie the elephant for his circus, but she eventually defeated him by killing him with a metal post.
  • Colonel Richard Strickland was initially intent on exploiting the Asset for his own selfish gains, but the latter eventually turns against him in the end to save Elisa and himself.
  • When Norman Snively tries to call Buddy to him by using the newspaper he often uses to hit him with, Buddy finally gets his revenge and runs back to Josh Framm.
  • Preston Packard is killed at the hands of King Kong, whom he was intent on bringing down.
  • Brad Spoylt makes the mistake of stealing one of the Chubbchubbs for himself, but the latter attacks him, leading him to admit his wrongdoings to a crowd.
  • Corrupted executives of Umbrella Corporation had responsible for exploiting innocent lives as part of experiments in creating perfect bioweapons which not only led to their demise, but also resulted their creations, B.O.W.s, ended up sold at black market or causing disastrous outbreaks. As result, remnants of the company formed Blue Umbrella to set right what went wrong.
  • Tobias Beckett gets killed by Han Solo for he was intent on make a profit unsold coaxium and forced Chewbacca to go with him as a hostage.
  • Mr. Patel, Abdullah and Nigel planned to make a fortune out of Duma by exploiting her running ability in a race against greyhounds. After Duma wins the race with the help of Ted, she rebels against Abdullah while Patel and Nigel are forced to compensate all bets before getting rescued by her owners as Abdullah is arrested.
  • Reverend Leland Drury wanted to starve the Haida Indians off their land by imprisoning a herd of migrating caribou so he can mine for gold. Eventually, after Henry Casey blows up the wall and sets the animals free, they stampede over the evil preacher to his death.
  • Chainsaw the fox terrier wanted to get Charlie in trouble and have him locked away forever, because he hates cougars. However, after Charlie returned to the logging company, his wild instincts have kicked in and this results in Chainsaw getting scared off by Charlie.
  • Dr. Boycott tortured animals for testing purposes, including two dogs named Rowf and Snitter until they eventually escape the research facility. In the film, he hired a bounty hunter named Ackland to take down Rowf and Snitter, but the Tod scares the hunter, causing him to fall to his death. While the dogs are trying to escape the army, Dr. Boycott overhears that he should suspend his job and Stephen Powell takes a monkey with him to look for a new career.
  • Dr. Preterius wanted to create a formula that would heal the wounds of a cat. His experiments went wrong until the formula worked on a cat named Claudandus. When Preterius went mad, Claudandus spoke to him and killed him before being taken by Ziebold.
  • Napoleon meets his match at the hooves, paws, claws, horns and mouths of the animals that he lorded over for so long.
  • Dr. Zara gets herself buried in an avalanche while trying to capture and kill Everest for her own gain.


(Believing to have escaped from the stampeding dinosaurs Maisie released, Eli crawls out from under his car. Slowly, he steps over to the Indominus rib, ready to grab it. But as he does...CHOMP! The T-Rex comes out of left field, slamming its massive jaws onto the scoundrel! Eli's screaming pierces the air as the dinosaur continues chomping down on him, then rips him in half, tossing part of his body to the carnotaurus and flicking his leg away. With a roar of triumph, the T-Rex stomps on the rib, crushing it.)
~ Eli Mills meeting his match at the jaws of the dinosaurs he was bent on exploiting.
Die, motherf- (With a mighty crash, King Kong slams his hippo-sized fist down on Packard, crushing him with a single blow.)
~ Preston Packard being killed at the hands of King Kong.
(The Asset heals himself and rises above Colonel Strickland, towering over him like a gorilla.) F-k. You ARE a god. (With a mighty roar, the Asset rakes his claws across Strickland's throat, killing him.)
~ Colonel Richard Strickland meeting his match at the claws of the Asset.
(As Shaman Mnyambo congratulates Eliza for saving the elephants and gives her her powers back, Sloan is lying facedown on the ground after he and Bree have fallen out of their helicopter. He looks up and gasps. The elephants are walking over to the evil twosome, glaring at them. Sloan backs up in terror as Bree struggles to get up. At this, a ranger's truck pulls up to them, with Jomo Umbelli and his squad climbing out and advancing on the poachers.) (Ranger: Don't move! You're under arrest!) (Jomo's guards grab Sloan and Bree, pinning their arms behind their backs.) (Bree: Take your hands off me!) (Sloan: There's been a mistake! I can explain!) (Bree: We were trying to HELP the elephants!) (As the rangers drag Sloan and Bree away, the elephants watch on, their eyes still burning, as they finally got their revenge on the poachers who were intent on killing them.)
~ Sloan and Bree Blackburn being defeated at the trunks of the elephants they were intent on slaughtering.
(Davis: GEORGE!) (Kate lunges at Claire and snatches her arm, knocking the gun out of her hand.) GET AWAY FROM ME! GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME! (George lets out a mighty roar.) What the hell are you doing?! (Kate puts the serum in Claire's purse; the latter's eyes grow wide.) Wha - ? (Kate, with fire in her eyes: Feeding the monster to the gorilla!) (With a mighty blow, Kate fells Claire with a solid punch in the nose. Slowly, George's enormous, barn door-sized hand closes around the evil woman. Yowling in terror, Claire struggles to get free as the giant ape lifts her into the air. Then, opening his mouth, he releases his grip, dropping Claire and the serum into his gaping maw.) (screaming) Oh, SH-----------T!!!! (With a bellow of rage and triumph, George smashes the antenna used to lure him and the other monsters into the city.)
~ Claire Wyden being defeated at the hands of George, whom she was intent on luring to his doom.
(Vic Hoskins is trying to coax Delta over to him.) Easy, easy. I'm on your side. (Delta gazes at him, but suddenly lunges and bites him on the arm! Hoskins gives out a bloodcurdling scream as the raptor attacks him, spilling blood onto the glass door.)
~ Vic Hoskins being killed by Delta, who he was intent on using as a weapon.
(Scar tumbles to the bottom of Pride Rock after being defeated by his nephew in combat. As he weakly gets up with the last remnants of his strength, he sees Shenzi, Banzai and Ed approaching and smiles. Ed has a very angry look on his face.) Ahh, my friends. (Shenzi: Frie-he-hends? I thought he said we were the enemy!) (Banzai: Yeah, that's what I heard.) (Scar's eyes widen with horror.) (Shenzi and Banzai: Ed?) (Ed breaks into a creepy giggle like never before. Scar soon finds himself surrounded by a gang of looming hyenas with terrifying grins on every one of their faces.) No. L-L-L-Le-Le-Le-Le-Let me explain. No. You don't understand. No! I didn't mean for... No, No! Look, I'm sorry I called you... No! NOO! (The camera moves away and we can only see the shadows as the horde of hyenas closes on and devours the evil lion.)
~ Scar being defeated by his hyena henchmen, whom he exploited for his own cruel purposes.
Nigel: Something's gone wrong!
Patel: Ah, but...
~ Nigel and Patel as they watch Duma win the race, whom they were using to make a fortune out of.
(Reverend Leland climbs back up from a cliff) That's my gold. That's my gold..! (He rushes over to the broken wagon with the bags of gold, only to find the caribou chasing him. He tries to flee, but trips over and screams as the caribou stampede over him.)
~ Reverend Leland Drury being trampled by a herd of caribou he imprisoned.
(Peter Ludlow advances on the moaning baby T-Rex, but the father, hearing his offspring's cries, bellows and rushes to its side. The T-Rex's fear for his kidnapped hatchling turns to rage over the one responsible. He towers over Ludlow, roaring ferociously. The wicked businessman whimpers in terror and backs up, his eyes wide.) Wait. Wait. (softly) Wait. (As he starts to make a getaway, Ludlow knocks down a bunch of boxes.) Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!) (He runs to the window, with the T-Rex gaining on him, but it's too late. There is an ugly crunch as the irate father clamps his ragged fangs down on Ludlow's scrawny leg. With that, Ludlow gives out a yowl that rattles the windowpanes and the T-Rex drops him down on the floor.) Wait! (Ludlow tries to run off, but the father gives him a nudge, pushing him down.) Wait, wait, wait, wait! (With a gurgling growl, the baby T-Rex pounces on Ludlow's back. The evil man gives out a long, horrifying shriek as the hatchling digs into him like a feast and the father T-Rex looks over at his baby as if to say, "That's my boy.")
~ Peter Ludlow meeting his match at the jaws of two T-Rexes he imprisoned.
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