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The Nightmare Church, also known as the Dream Church, is a cathedral-like structure that is one of the constructs of the dream world and a location featured in both A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master and A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child.

The Church is a huge, derelict cathedral chamber with filled gargoyle heads and statuettes of somewhat-praying robed maidens on its walls and pillars.

The Nightmare Church served as a battleground between Freddy Krueger and Alice Johnson, who has become the sadistic Freddy's equal as the Dream Master. She was able to defeat him here and released all the souls he had captured from his many victims before leaving this dark chapel and returning to the waking world via the dream world's positive gate.

This also served as a place of rebirth as Freddy used the dreams of Alice's unborn child Jacob (now known as Jacob Daniel Johnson) to return haunting the dreams of his next victims including Jacob's father Daniel "Dan" Jordan, and it is where his mother Amanda Krueger to come back to life. What is it revealed that this demonic "church" is the memory of a abandoned chapel which is part of the decrepit architecture of the forgotten Hathaway House insane asylum.



  • It was supposed to make an appearance in the 2010 remake but it was never made into the final cut.