Nova's deadly effects on a CIA member.

Nova 6 was a poisonous gas made by Dr. Friedrich Steiner during World War 2. It was meant to be used in V2 rockets to destroy Washington and Moscow. After the end of the horrific war, Viktor Reznov, Dimitri Petrenko and Nikita Dragovich are sent to capture Steiner and find Nova 6. After being told of the effects, Dragovich murders Petrenko with the poison. British commandos also want the Nova 6, but Reznov did not let that happen. He destroyed the shipment, but with Stiener alive, the scientist could redesign the weapon. From the Russian ship Rusalka, Dragovich would send number broadcasts to the sleeper agents and cripple the U.S. under a dark cloud of poisonous death.

In the original gas development, one sniff of the gas could cause vomiting, violent coughing, muscle convulsions, bleeding from the eyes, necrosis, then instantaneous death. In the Soviet version of the gas, if it was inhaled, people would suffer violent coughing, nausea, vomiting, suffocation, bleeding from the eyes, scaling, burning skin and then a grisly death.

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