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Oakside Park is a location in the Slender Man mythos, most prominently the games Slender: The Eight Pages and Slender: The Arrival.



The park was established as a trading post before it was expanded and turned into a community park. As time went on, Kate's house and the radio tower were built nearby, along with more modern buildings in the park.

At one point, the Oakside Development Group sold a portion of the land to the Kullman Mining Company, and mines were built on the far side. Many jobs were created because of this, but many moved away from the area because of the mines. Workers would often claim to hear crying and seeing strange things.

Eventually, for unknown reasons, both the park and the mines were abandoned.

It is told that Kate used to play in the woods around her house with her friend Carl Ross when they were children, which is where Kate possibly first encountered Slender Man.

Slender: The Eight Pages

Kate enters the forest for unknown reasons and begins finding and collecting pages, causing Slender Man to stalk her. When she collects all eight pages, he attacks, but Kate wakes up the following morning.

Slender: The Arrival

After searching Kate's house, Lauren hears her scream from out in Oakside's woods. She rushes to help and finds herself in the park, searching for the same eight pages. Slender Man stalks her as well, and, similarly to Kate, is attacked after collecting all eight. She wakes up in the morning and continues to the Kullman Mines, where she finds that Kate has been turned into a Proxy. After activating generators, Lauren escapes and makes it to a rocky area and a hidden building, where footage of Kate (presumably found by Carl) is found. Lauren then makes her way to the nearby radio tower, the land around which is on fire. Slender Man attacks around the area until Lauren gets into the tower's building. However, it is a dead end as she finds Carl's corpse and Slender Man comes to abduct her.


  • Information Center
  • Bathroom
  • Blue Truck
  • Shed
  • Campgrounds
  • Kullman Mining Company crate storage
  • Oil tanks
  • Silo
  • Tunnel
  • Cross Walls
  • Wood Pillars
  • Red Truck and mobile home





  • Tats Tops Videos placed the Bathroom at #20 in the Top 36 Terrifying Game Rooms.
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