Villainous Overview
When you've got your Ooze, the fun never ends!
~ Ivan Ooze about the Ooze as wizard-esque mascot to children.
Take it home in boxes, take it home in cases. If your parents try to stop ya, just throw it in their faces!
~ Ivan Ooze, deceptively giving away free jars of contained Ooze to all the children of Angel Grove.

The Ooze is an evil morphological substance of extraterrestrial origin which the wicked tyrant Ivan Ooze's body, as well as his Oozemen, and Tengu Warriors the former were entirely comprised of, and it is an antagonistic substance featured in Might Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.

Usage and History

60 centuries (6,000 years) ago, Ivan uses the Ooze, his life he essence, as a weapon in his wrongdoings including ridding the enslaved planets of their adult populations before finally controlling their children into following him as he ruled the universe with a reign of unparalleled terror. The Ooze was then on the verge of later being used as a fuel engine for the Ectomorphicon Titans, Ivan Ooze's insectoid twin machines and doomsday weapons that were both capable of keeping the cosmos under Ivan's iron fist. That is until his plans and his tyranny ended when he was stopped and imprisoned inside a Hyperlock Chamber by Zordon, Dulcea of the planet Phaedos and a faction of young warriors known as the "Order of Meridian" (presumably the predecessors to the modern day Power Rangers).

This heinous substance now spread once more by Ivan Ooze a day after being released. Ivan used it to power machines in an abandoned factory then, Disguised as a wizard-esque mascot, he deceptively gave away all of his jars of Ooze for free to the Kids in the city of Angel Grove so when they left the Ooze in their house, their unsuspecting parents or guardians would examine the ooze and immediately become brainwashed in process.

When the adults dug up the Ectomorphicons and completed their construction, Ivan told them to return to the construction site and leap to their deaths. When the Ooze flowed into the Ectomorphicons, they were brought to life. What Ivan Ooze did not realize is he was followed to the factory by Fred Kelman, a young friend of the Rangers. Fred recruited the other Kids, whose parents and guardians were brainwashed as well as Bulk and Skull to save them.

The Power Rangers managed to defeat the Ectomorphicon Scorpitron, which enraged Ivan that he merged with the other Titan Hornitor. The Rangers lured Ivan into Space with the Ninja Falcon Megazord and tricked him into being destroyed by Ryan's comet. The death of Ivan also released his hold on the Adults on Angel Grove.

Apearances in Other Media

The Ooze made an appearance alongside Ivan Ooze and his Ooze Men (only in the Sega Genesis and Game Gear versions) in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie videogame adaptions on the Sega Genesis, SNES, Game Boy, and Game Gear consoles.

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