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Parody Villains

Yo bitch, that's pretty much the plot of Superman Returns.
~ Bink to the White Bitch (both parodying the plot of Superman Returns).

Parody Villains is a common theme found in comedian animation, movies, or book, is about a parody of another evildoer existing in another media.

Who are they and what made different from a villains such as a Knight of Cerebus

To clarify a Knight of Cerebus is a serious and very deadly villain in the story, A Parody Villain, of course, is the opposite of that. A Parody Villain always made comedy with some acts or dimwitted actions who he/she made within the series who criticized the villlain who they are parodying.

Parody Villains can always be founded in media such as animation, due to the fact, that they always made laugh and fun to the public, many of the can actually be comic reliefs or just comedic villains. For that reason a Parody Villain can not be Pure Evil, as because it has no qualms to make a bubbling media in nightmarish Crapsack World and by definition Pure Evil have no Comedic Qualities. (Though some can actually be funny like Dimentio for example)

Queen Narissa from Disney's Enchanted is a good example of a Parody Villain.

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