The Pig Star

The Pig Star is an orbiting spikey space station with a frontal surface shaped like a deer-pig's face that is sentient superweapon and it is the main antagonist of the 1993 sci-fi fantasy side-scrolling platformer videogame Rocket Knight Adventures. In the distant past, the Pig Star was used by invaders during their attempt to conquer the land of Zebulos. Despite being sealed away, the Pig Star's on board computer remained active and began to facilitate the means of its return.


Around the foundation of the kingdom of Zebulos, the Pig Star was used by invaders to invade the kingdom. The invaders were repelled, and the Pig Star was sealed away by the first king of Zebulos, El Zebulos. However, the Pig Star's computer stayed active and produced a robot that would ensure its return, Devligus Devotindos.

Devligus then founded the Devotindos Empire with the purpose of invading Zebulos and unsealing its creator. The Emperor sent the rogue Rocket Knight, Axel Gear, to kidnap the daughter of the Zebulan king, Princess Sherry, so he could force the king to give up the key to the Pig Star. Unbeknownst to him, Sherry was the only one who knew where the key was. Devligus eventually recovered the key and set off to unseal the Pig Star.

The Pig leader was defeated by Sparkster soon after. Discovering the Devligus was a robot constructed by the Pig Star, Sparkster went to destroy the superweapon. Upon boarding the Pig Star, Sparkster encountered several other Devligus robots as he made his way to the weapon's core. Sparkster fought and destroyed the weapon's core, before boarding an escape pod and fleeing the ancient war machine right before it blew up.

On easy mode, Sparskter will safely make it to the surface of Planet Elhorn, but on hard mode, however, the Pig Star's core will chase after Sparkster and attempt to destroy him one last time. Eventually, though, the core will burn up in the atmosphere, allowing Sparkster to escape and return to Zebulos.


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