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Pink Diamond's insidious human zoo! During her reign on Earth, Pink Diamond stole humans from their families, as trophies of her conquests.
~ Garnet about Pink Diamond's Zoo.

Pink Diamond's Zoo, also known as Pink Diamond's Human Zoo is an orbital station built by the Gem Homeworld and a location in the animated series Steven Universe.

The facility used to be owned by Pink Diamond. She used it to store the humans she captured from Earth.

This "zoo" is now controlled by Blue Diamond in honor of Pink Diamond's memory. Holly Blue Agate manages the Zoo, and a group of Quartz Gems guard it.



The outside looks like a dagger with a large blade and small hilt surrounded by a ring. A Red Eye sentry is next to it, watching those who travel towards it.


  • Ship Hangar: When ships enter the Zoo, they are led into a large pink hangar with a set of stairs leading to a doorway.
  • Zoo's Entrance : At the top of the stairs, there's a door that takes one to a hexagonal-shaped hallway with different pink and white patterns along the wall and a blue-tiled floor. At the end of the hall, there is another door which requires an activation code to be opened. Along one of the walls in the next room, one can slide their fingers across it like a screen, which causes a part of the floor to become transparent, revealing the containment area. Continuing down another hallway shows an assortment of doorways on both the left and right side. This hallway leads to the Human Disposal Chute and a service door which allows direct access to the containment area. However, the service door requires a complex activation code to be opened. There appear to be two more hallways to the left and right of the service door, and the one to the right leads to the next areas.
  • Assimilation Bay: When humans are taken to the assimilation bay, they have to go through assimilation process.
  • Quartz Room/Guard Quarters: In an unknown section of the Zoo, there is a break room for the Quartz guards. The walls havr cramped cubbies for each Quartz to sit in.
  • Rose Quartz Bubble Room: Down the hallway from the Quartz room, there's dimly lit pink room filled with bubbled Rose Quartz gemstones floating near the ceiling. There are many pedestals, two stairways, a large pillow and two exits: one down the stairs and one up the stairs. Blue Diamond kept every Rose Quartz Gem because Pink Diamond created them.
  • Containment Area: The bottom half is specimen containment which stores humans dubbed Zoomans. There have been any human deliveries for years, intil the capture of Greg.
  • Diamonds' Hallway: When Blue Diamond get in to the bubble room, she get in through a hallway but bigger in size. It looks like the hallway for the Diamonds.