Pip Crystals are the highly powerful and dangerous artifacts in the universe, and an object from the series "My Life as a Teenage Robot".


These minerals of extraterrestrial origin are said to have unimaginable power. They can give the user special abilities, but could also mess with persons mind as told by Jenny Wakeman. It could give a person the power of flight and super strength. It also could give the power to shrink and sonic voice. The user can have ice breath and give a person confusion. It can give telekinesis and the ability to produce a energy hand.


Not much is known about the Pip Crystals, but they were known for unimaginable power. They were lost for centuries until Smytus found them. One of henchmen foolishly shot them out of the starship and they flew straight down to earth. They landed in Jean's Dress Store and shattered into pieces. They're were made into crystal gowns and worn the Crust Cousins. Jenny and Smytus tried to retrieve, but Crust Cousins wouldn't let them.

Powers and Abilites

  • Sonokiensis: It can give the user a sonic voice.
  • Flight: It make the user fly.
  • Super Strength: It give the power of super strength.
  • Cryokinesis: Can give the power of ice breath.
  • Shrinking: The user can shrink a person.
  • Telekinesis: Able to move objects.
  • Confusion Wave: The user can give a victim confusion.
  • Energy Hand: The user can produce a energy-like hand.
  • Mind Control: The users mind is controlled by evil.
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