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Possessed Christ Statue

The Possessed Christ figurine appears in The Exorcist III: Legion after several street shots lead to a church.

It begins with the Christ figurine in a church hearing growling noises and things from outside flying into the church, opening its eyes very eerily and blood shown dripping slowly on the statue's head/hands/(feet off screen).

A bowl with a rose is show empty but after the Christ figurine's right hand is shown dripping pink blood, the bowl is suddenly filling up with the blood.

Growls are heard and all of a sudden, leaves, trash, etc. come flying into the church room as the Christ figurine opens it's eyes. As the leaves and trash continue flying around the room, the Christ figurine appears again with a more sinister look and never appears again in the film except in a scene where a woman's wailing is heard.

It is a demonic mockery of Jesus and a tool by the demon Pazuzu by which to weaken faith and rebel against the divine forces that continually brought its vicious nature to line - by corrupting the statue of Jesus the demon sought to show its mastery over Heaven and Earth, though in reality it was nothing more than clever mind-breaking illusion on its part and in truth Pazuzu had no influence over Jesus as an entity - since in all the films the demon was constantly defeated (albeit with great effort) by divine magic - which is the polar opposite of demonic magic.

In previous films Pazuzu has also defiled other statues of similar faith, such as angels and the Virgin Mary - leaving them heavily vandalized and obscene, this shows that Pazuzu is an extremely powerful demon that can enter and defile holy places (while many lesser demons are unable to enter holy grounds or are severely weakened) : this may be in part due to Pazuzu being not only a demon but a fallen "pagan" deity, allowing it to rebel much stronger than other demons against the divine order that it saw as taking its place via robbing it of worshippers and demoting it to the status of demonhood.


  • It was often referred to as the "Creepy Christ Statue".