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The Prison of Souls is a massive metallic prison complex of demonic design within the dreaded Netherrealm used for both imprisonment and torture of countless souls that entered the dark realm, and it is a level featured in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero.

Prior to the fallen Elder God Lord Shinnok's reign as the eternal ruler of the Netherrealm, this horrendous rusty dungeon-like structure of metal was constructed as it were like a city, but also like a mechanical honeycomb of deadly traps and untold perils. Overlooking the Prison of Souls is the shimmering dark light atop the apex of the divine dark lord's fortress-like temple, the Pyramid of Shinnok itself.

The purpose behind the Prison of Souls, true to its name, was to not incarcerate, but also to inflict pain and suffering upon many deceased souls that were banished there. It was here that the lost and the condemned were kept imprisoned by demonic guards called the Keepers.

The original Sub-Zero, after confronting Scorpion in hand-to-hand combat once again, escaped from the cages inside the Prison of Souls and battled the Keepers there.

Sub-Zero entered the levels of the prison in order to find a way out; using its 3 access cards which are called Elevator Key Cards (since the denizens of the unholy Netherrealm have adapted to technology in a matter centuries later, thanks to the humans of Earthrealm), he automatically activated each lifter that would operate while the Key Cards were in his possession. Sub Zero found the way out after he destroyed a large statue of Lord Shinnok that blocked the exit, leading to the perilous Bridge of Immortality itself.


  • It is sometimes referred to by some Mortal Kombat fans as the "Prison of Lost Souls".