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The street rat?! Still ALIVE?! NO!!!
~ Jafar enraged to see Aladdin still alive, after his plan to have him executed failed.

During the story, some wrongdoers know the true meaning of family, love and friendship (that depends if they did redeem themselves), while others know a way to make themselves even more evil or succeed in their own schemes instead.

They come to realize on:

  • Realizing how selfish they have been.
  • Realizing that the main protagonist is still alive.
  • Realizing why the heroes protect them or care about them.
  • Realizing that the main antagonist lied to them and is using them, leading them to quit being evil.
  • Discovering that their evil is exposed to the public and that they are out of options.
  • Discovering that they have fallen into a trap and/or their days are numbered.


(Judy Hopps, pretending to be dead: Bleaahh. Blood, blood, blood! ...and death.) (Nick Wilde: All right, you know you're milking it. Besides, I think we got it. I think we got it. [to Bellwether] We got it up there, thank you, yakkity-yak. You laid it all out beautifully.) [Does not believe her ears and shakes her dart gun.] What? (Nick, pulling out the night howler serum from his shirt pocket: Yeah, oh, are you looking for the serum? It's right here.) (Judy: What have you got in the weapon there?) [Checks her ammo, but instead of the night howler serum, she discovers that the gun is filled with blueberries!] (Judy: Those are blueberries. From my family's farm!) (Nick, tasting a berry: They are delicious. You should try some.) [angrily] I framed Lionheart. I can frame you, too! It's MY word against yours! (Judy: Ooh, actually... [Takes out her pen recorder and replays what Bellwether said: "And I'll dart every predator in Zootopia to keep it that way!"] It's YOUR word against yours.) Huh? (Judy: It's called a hustle, sweetheart. BOOM.)
~ Dawn Bellweather discovers that Nick Wilde swapped the Night Howler serum with blueberries and that Judy Hopps recorded her admitting to darting predators.
Look here, you cheaters! We got rules around here! (cuts a player's medal off) There's no lucky medals... (runs to the rules list) ...THERE'S NO FOUR LEAF CLOVERS, NO HORSESHOES, ​NO RABBIT'S FEET!​ (examines the rules one more time) I've been hornswoggled. (he growls as his face and eyes turn red, steam shoots from both his ears, and lightning comes out of his mouth. Meanwhile, Bugs is relaxing in a hot tub in a hotel room somewhere else in the casino.) (Bugs: (singing) I know I go from rags to riches, la-de-da-de-) (Sam bursts into the room, guns in hand.) ALL RIGHT, CHEATER, PREPARE TO DIE! (starts shooting at Bugs.)
~ Yosemite Sam realizing that Bugs Bunny tricked him out of his money.
Starscream! You got some nerve showing your wing struts back here! [Transforms and flies after "Starscream". She reaches and fires upon "him", knocking Optimus Prime out of the sky] Wait. You're not Starscream. You're ... a flying Autobot?
~ Slipstream/Female Starscream attacking a jetpack-clad Optimus Prime, mistaking him for Starscream.
(Blue Zircon: Rose Quartz is flawed, I grant you. A shallow strata-gem who turned against her own kind out of a misguided attachment to a planet and creatures like these. [warps Lars in]) (Lars, muffled: What?! Huh?!) (Blue Zircon: It's indisputable that as the Diamond overseeing Earth, Pink was Rose Quartz's enemy. Rose had everything to gain by shattering her. But even though she may have wanted to shatter Pink Diamond, could she? Blue Diamond, for the purpose of this argument, may I present your palanquin?) (Yellow Diamond: Is this necessary?) Isn't it? [waves her hand and the palanquin appears] Please, proceed. (Blue Zircon: Now, as the records show [walks to the steps of the palanquin] Pink Diamond was shattered just outside a palanquin much like this. Witnesses say Pink had just stepped out and had only taken a few steps forward when Rose attacked her from the front!) Oh! [turns away] (Blue Zircon: But the question no one seems to be asking is, "how?") I've been asking that question. (Blue Zircon: A-a-a-and right you are to ask, My Diamond! B-because at that time that Pink was shattered, Rose Quartz had been a recognized threat for several hundred years. There were no Rose Quartz soldiers in her entourage and none in her guard. So how did a Rose Quartz, with no business being anywhere near Pink Diamond, get so close in the first place? Where were Pink Diamond's attendants? Her Agates, her Sapphires? And where was her Pearl? (Yellow and Blue Pearl pause at the shock) (Yellow Diamond, slamming her fists down: They were with her, of course! They saw the whole thing!) (Blue Zircon: But none of them saw Rose Quartz approach? Wouldn't her Sapphires have seen Rose Quartz coming? Wouldn't her Agates have tried to fight her off?) (Steven: That is strange!) [is shocked and looks at an angered Yellow Diamond.] (Yellow Diamond: She must have slipped past them!) (Blue Zircon: Even if she did, wouldn't her Pearl have cried out an alarm, "Watch out, My Diamond!" No, whoever did this was already close to Pink Diamond. Someone her guards would allow to get near her, someone she would listen to when asked to stop her palanquin and step outside, and someone with the authority to cover it up afterwards! Someone with supreme authority... (pauses) Someone... [points to both present Diamonds] like one of you!) [gasps loudly]
~ Blue Diamond is shocked with the revelation that Pink Diamond was supposedly murdered by another Diamond.
Amusing. But we have no time for such things. With the princesses out of the way, we can now... (Tirek stops and notices a stained glass window depicting Princess Twilight) Is this meant to be humorous?! (Discord: Oh, no, I haven't touched that one yet.) There's a fourth? And you did not tell me this?! (Discord: I just needed some assurance that you truly considered this a team effort. And now I have it.) Then where can we find this fourth princess? Where is her castle? (Discord: Castle? (laughs) No, Princess Twilight lives above a library in Ponyville. Castle? (laughs) (Tirek releases Discord) Not for much longer.
~ Tirek realized that there's a fourth Princess of Equestria after noticing Twilight's stained glass window.
Wow, how smart. He got a remote control capable of altering time and space very similar to mine. But it's impossible that it's the same one, since mine is right there. [points to a display case containing a missing Universal Remote.] That's my remote?!
~ Dr. Flug discovers that the Universal Remote used by Rob was originally stolen from him before it was available for sale at the Awesome Store.
(Booger, in an Italian accent: Say "hello" to my little friend! [reveals his Rainbow Cubit]) WHAT?! You have the last Cubit?!
~ King Nixel realizing to his horror that Booger is in possession of the last remaining Rainbow Cubit.
(Nick Vermicelli is in his bathroom, washing his face shortly after a crazy scuffle with Big Bob, when he notices that the key to a safe in Scheck's office is missing.) [gasp] The key. What happened? Oh, no. That dream I had, that angel. That wasn't no angel. It was that football-headed kid! It was really happening! He must have stolen the stinkin' key! (Nick calls Scheck on his phone.) Yeah. Mr. Scheck, it's me, Nick. Listen, I've got some bad news. I think I lost the key. Yeah, the key! I think that football-headed kid took it. I don't know, I was asleep! I think he snuck in and stole it. Yeah, I know! I'm stupid, stupid!
~ Nick Vermicelli notices that the key to a safe in Scheck's office is missing. Realizing that the "angel" from his "dream" was actually Arnold sneaking to steal the key while he was asleep, informs Scheck and gives him the bad news.
How did the tow truck figure it out?
~ Sir Miles Axelrod is left baffled when Mater exposes him as the mastermind behind the World Grand Prix sabotages.
(Carly: Your Decepticons are finally conquering this planet, and yet their leader won't be you.) IT WILL BE ME! It will always be me! (Carly: In any minute now, you'll be nothing but Sentinel's bitch.)
~ Carly Spencer reveals to Megatron that Sentinel Prime had blackmailed him on their secret alliance, taking over his Decepticon army in the process.
(At night, the Queen stands before her Magic Mirror again holding the heart box.) Magic Mirror on the wall, who now is the fairest one of all? (Magic Mirror: Over the seven jeweled hills, beyond the seventh fall, in the cottage of the Seven Dwarfs, dwells Snow White, fairest one of all.) Snow White lies dead in the forest. The Huntsman has brought me proof. Behold, her heart. (Magic Mirror: Snow White still lives. The fairest in the land. Tis the heart of a pig you hold in your hand.) The heart of a pig?! Then I've been tricked!
~ The Evil Queen discovering from the Magic Mirror that the Huntsman had tricked her.
(Kent leaves out the door) Well, thank you for the use of your phone Mrs... (Annie Hughes: Hughes. Annie Hughes. And this is my son, Hogarth.) Thank you, Annie. Hobart. (Hogarth Hughes: That's HOGARTH! Stupid.) (Cut to Kent in his car) "Hogarth?" That's an embarrassing name. They might as well have called him "Zeppo" or something. I mean, what kinda a sick person would name their kid "Hogar...? (Kent suddenly stops and looks over to the smashed B-B gun which he found at the power station. It reads: "Hog- Hug") "Hog Hug..." HOG HUG?" 'HOGARTH HUGHES!!! (screeches his car to a stop)
~ Kent Mansley discovering the B-B Gun he found at the power station belongs to Hogarth Hughes
(Sorrento looks in a small mirror on his chair, which shows Aech, Parzival and Sho behind the translucent doors, and turns to "Toshiro".) This isn't real. You're tapping my feed. (Toshiro: Uh-oh. Guys?) (Sorrento attempts to put his hand on his head, but is stopped by an unseen force, revealed to actually be his VR headset. He takes it off and finds himself in his office, just like he just saw, but without Toshiro. He sees a sticky note with his password, scrunches it, and gets onto his phone as he walks out of his office.) F'Nale, they've hacked my rig. They're after the girl. Meet me at Loyalty. (Samantha, meanwhile, sees Sorrento walk out of his office, and heads towards it. Sorrento and Zandor, having met up, walk towards Samantha's now-empty rig.) So, she just...walks out of here? How does that happen? (Zandor: They're smart. They knew what they were doing. But we know they're in Columbus, and now we'll find them.) Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. We know what? How do we know? (Zandor: We have the make and model of the van. (displays an image.) We'll spot them.) "We'll spot them"? That sounds like a great inscription for our tombstones! Why didn't you tell me this earlier? (Zandor: It wasn't relevant yet.) We need to know. WE NEED TO FIND THEM! (Zandor: They're kids, Nolan! Man up! DO YOUR JOB AND I'LL DO MINE! (gets her gun out.) Unless you want to take this, and go after them yourself!) (Sorrento takes a few steps back.) Find them.
~ Nolan Sorrento realizing that the High Five hacked his OASIS feed and tricked him into revealing Samantha Cook's location.
(Worker Robot: Uh, sir? We have the latest sales figures.) Eh, what's the bottom line? (Worker Robot: Nobody is buying the new Ace Hardlight merchandise. In fact, sales are down across the board except for... fuzzy Lombax ears.) We sell those? (Worker Robot: Uh, yes, sir. They're an accessory for the tiny tots' soft weapons kit.) Well, obviously you've made some sort of... idiotic mistake! Report to B-Level for disintegration. (Worker Robot: Yes, sir.) Wait! (Worker Robot: Sir?) On your way there, tell the lab to set up a focus test... and find out why this stuff isn't selling. (Worker Robot: I'll get right on that, sir.)
~ Gleeman Vox discovers, to his surprise, that Ace Hardlight merchandise sales are low and that people are now buying Ratchet merchandise.
(Aku sees that Jack and Ashi have escaped to the past using a time portal.) Oh, no.
~ Aku realizing his days are numbered after Samurai Jack and Ashi escape to the past.
(View shot of Paris burning from Frollo's ruthless search before cutting to Frollo and his soldiers) (Brutish Guard: Sir, we've looked everywhere, and still no sign of the Gypsy girl.) I had the entire cathedral surrounded. Guards at every door. There was no way she could've escaped. (Frollo hears the bells of Notre Dame ringing faintly and turns to face the church.) Unless…
~ Judge Claude Frollo deducing that Quasimodo helped Esmeralda escape the Notre Dame cathedral undetected.
(Shan Yu glares as the Emperor is led away. He growls in fury.) 'RAAAH!' (Shan Yu grabs his sword and furiously approaches Shang.) You! (Shan Yu grabs Shang by the collar and raises his sword) You took away my victory! (Mulan: [tosses her shoe at Shan Yu's head] No! [Shan Yu turns around] I did.) (Mulan holds her hair back. Shan Yu's eyes widen.) The soldier from the mountains.
~ Shan Yu realizes that Fa Mulan was the same soldier who destroyed his army.
(Captain Gutt leads his crew to attack the hyrax army. On the cliff above, dozens of hyraxes take flight on large leaves and soar toward the battlefield. The critter cavalry hold their spears out...and at the last second, stick them into the dirt, catapulting them upwards just in time to grab the flying leaves. Gutt and his crew stare in confusion as they watch the hyrax army glide away. They face Manny at the top of the hill.) (Squint: Yeah, finally! [He lunges at Manny and attacks] Who's the Easter Bunny now?! HAHA!) (The giant mammoth's head instantly collapses--it's a decoy! The "body" is made of sticks, grass and leaves and the "head" is a watermelon with branches tied to it! The watermelon rolls right to Gutt's feet and he crushes the melon in anger. He growls as he turns to see the real Manny making off towards the ship!) (Manny: It worked! He bought it!) (Diego: Come on!) Oh, no! It's been a diversion! (Flynn: I know! I'm having a blast!) (Gutt grabs Flynn by the snout) No, pinhead! THEY'RE STEALING MY SHIP!
~ Captain Gutt realizing in fury that Manny duped him by using the hyraxes as a distraction for the herd to steal his ship to get back to the continent.
(Backstage at the Sunrise Spectacular, Ernesto bumps into Imelda.) Don't I know you? (Imelda removes her boot, and with it, she hits Ernesto across the face) (Imelda: That's for murdering the love of my life!) Who?! Who the- (Héctor appears around the corner.) (Héctor: She's talking about ME!! [to Imelda, touched] I'm the love of your life?) (Imelda: I don't know, I'm still angry at you.) Héctor?! How did you- (Imelda hits Ernesto with her boot again) (Imelda: And that's for trying to murder my grandson!) Grandson?! (Miguel appears around the corner) (Miguel: She's talking about me!) YOU!! (All of a sudden, Ernesto gets the picture.) Wait… you're related to Héctor?!''
~ Ernesto de la Cruz realizes that Miguel is actually Héctor's great-great grandson, after being confronted by Miguel and his deceased relatives at the Sunrise Spectacular.
(Opening shot: fade in to a long shot of Grogar’s lair in its fetid swamp and zoom in slowly.) (Grogar: [voice over] I have returned!) (Cut to him inside, making his way down from one entrance.) (Grogar: Twilight Sparkle’s coronation is today, and we are going to ruin it with this artifact.) (On the end of this, he ignites his horns and collar bells to levitate a brooch consisting of a large red gem in a gold setting.) (Grogar: But to succeed, you must work together!) (He arrives at the main chamber during this line, finding it empty; in addition, the crystal ball on the center table has gone dark and inert. Two glowing yellow eyes open in a shadowy recess, and Chrysalis' voice rings out menacingly.) (Chrysalis: Oh, way ahead of you, Grogar.) (Enough light comes up to frame her hanging upside down from the ceiling, the whites of her eyes having taken on that unhealthy hue and the irises so dark as to be nearly indistinguishable from the slitted pupils. A green tiara now rests behind her horn, which shades from black at the base to that same color at the tip. She rotates her head 180 degrees to put her face right-side up and spits a gobbet of slime across the room, gluing Grogar’s front hooves to the stepping stone on which he stands. His struggle against the muck comes to an abrupt halt once the entire place begins to shake; the cause is Tirek, who is trying to squeeze in through a doorway far too small for him, but he eventually gives up and just smashes through. Here comes Cozy Glow from the other side of the chamber, with two noticeable changes to her own appearance in addition to the new horn: fuller wings that shade to a deeper pink at the tips, and a pale gold necklace matching the bands in her mane and tail. She vaporizes the brooch with a spell, Chrysalis drops from the ceiling, and all three glare contemptuously down at Grogar from their elevated vantage points as Cozy levitates...) (Grogar: [straining to break loose] The Bell! You had it all this time?! Why didn't you tell me?!) (Now Chrysalis can be seen in full light for the first time. The sides of the tiara reach down to her jawline, shading from green to blue-green that matches the necklace and armored shoes she has donned. The glare of Cozy’s horn has subsided to brick red.) (Cozy Glow: We're villains. Duh!) (All three hit the bell with their magic, activating it and causing it to ring and generate a vortex faced toward Grogar. He can do nothing but scream in agony as it vacuums up his power, the camera cutting to a close-up and panning away to frame only his shadow on the water. It undergoes a sharp contraction, taking on the contours of Discord’s form, and a moment later the chaos master has gone chin-first onto the rocks. A woozy blink gives way to a start of surprise, and he sits up and offers a sheepish grin and wave to three former minions who absolutely cannot believe this latest turn of events. The slime pinning him in place is now gone, and the bell has shut down.) (Tirek: [to Chrysalis/Cozy] That was unexpected.) (A casual snap—and Discord is more than a little puzzled to find himself still in the metaphorical hot seat. He tries twice more, with just as much luck, and then makes a beeline over the stepping stones toward the exit as the three descend to ground level.) (Cozy Glow: [to Chrysalis/Tirek] Wait. Discord was Grogar? Like, the whole time. Should we follow him?) (Chrysalis: [floating the Bell up] Without magic, he’s no threat. [menacingly, pacing] Besides, we have plans.) (The other two fall in, relishing whatever nasty thoughts might be rattling around in their brain buckets.)
~ Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek and Cozy Glow realizing that Discord was impersonating Grogar the whole time after using the Bewitching Bell to drain his magic.
(Vinny blows open the door to the palace) (Vinny Santorini: Knock-knock.) (Cookie Farnsworth: Room service!) (Helga Sinclair: Tell them to drop their weapons! Now!)(King Nedakh [in Atlantean]: Drop your weapons) (Helga: Spread out! Search everywhere!) (The crew searches the whole throne room, but find nothing. Rourke aggressively holds the Shepherd's Journal in Milo's face.) You're not applying yourself, son! There's gotta be something else! (Milo Thatch: Well, there isn't! It just says: "The Heart of Atlantis lies in the eyes of her King.") Well, then maybe Old King Cole here can help us fill in the blanks. How 'bout it, chief? Where's the Crystal Chamber? (King Nedakh: You will destroy yourselves!) Maybe I'm not being clear. (Rourke punches Nedakh in the chest and he falls to the ground. The crew gasps in shock. Kida mutters in fury.) (Dr. Sweet: Rourke, this was NOT a part of the plan!) Plan's changed, Doc. I'd suggest you put a bandage on that bleeding heart of yours. It doesn't suit a mercenary. (Rourke sits on Nedakh's throne) Well, as usual, diplomacy has failed us. Now, I'm gonna count to ten, and you're gonna tell me where the crystal is. One...Two...(Rourke loads his pistol and slowly aims it at Nedakh's head. Vinny, Audrey and Sweet stare in horror.) Nine...t-- (Rourke suddenly stops and looks at spiral-like symbol on Shepherd's Journal, then at the same shape on the surface of the pool overlooking the King's throne.) "The Heart of Atlantis lies in the eyes of her King." This is IT! We're in! (Milo Thatch: Rourke, for the last time, you gotta listen to me! You don't have the slightest idea what this power's cable of!) (Helga Sinclair: True, but I can think of a few countries who'd pay anything to find out.) (Rourke stands on the symbol. The platform shakes beneath his feet.) Hurry, get on! (Rourke grabs Milo. Helga pushes Kida after him as they descend into the Crystal Chamber.)
~ Commander Rourke deciphering the location of the Atlantean Crystal Chamber.
(Kayley, whispering: Hold your ground, until the last possible moment.) (Garrett, whispering: Yes. And you'll give me the signal.) (Ruber is about to stab Kayley and Garrett.) Two for the price of one! (Kayley and Garrett wait for the signal as they glare at Ruber.) This must be my lucky day! (Ruber proceeeds to kill Kayley and Garrett.) (Kayley: Now!) (Kayley and Garrett quickly move away from Ruber as Ruber begins to make his strike, but unfortunately, he misses his aim and ends up stabbing Excalibur into the stone and Ruber realizes that he is stuck as the vines magically break off from the stone.) Oh no, the stone!
~ Ruber realizes that he has been tricked by Kayley and Garrett by allowing him to place Excalibur into the stone before eventually getting disintegrated as he is not the rightful king of Camelot.
(While Idrees was furiously trying to kill Parvana and Shauzia that are hiding inside the small cave, his uncle warns him from the top of the hill.) (Idrees' Uncle: Idrees! It has begun! We are moving west! We have been given orders to go, immediately!) (Idrees; still onto Parvana: I know who you are!) (Idrees' Uncle: Idrees!) (Idrees: DO YOU HEAR-- (accidentally shoots onto the air.)) (Idrees' Uncle: Get up here! Come on! RIGHT NOW, YOU LITTLE COWARD!) (Idrees paused for a moment horrified and looked inside the small cave before being forced to go up to his uncle and his Talib soldiers.) (Idrees' Uncle: You want to fight?! Now is your chance to fight!) (His uncle grabs Idrees and throws him where the truck is.) (Idrees' Uncle; getting inside the truck: You become a man!) (Idrees slowly gets on the back of the truck along with the soldiers. He breathes horrifically as the war started and the soldier slaps his gun to move it over.)
~ Idrees gets called away and realizes that he's not ready to fight the enemies after his Uncle warned him that the war has begun.

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