The Reclamation Rock

The Reclamation Rock

The Reclamation Rock is an evil place and a location in Neverwinter Online. This area is the territory of the Cult of Black Earth led by Marlos Urnrayle, known as the Prophet of Earth. The place is one of the four new locations added for Elemental Evil arc alongside the Drowned Shore, the Fiery Pit and the Spinward Rise.


After Rohini the Prophet's banishment, her mad green dragon's death and her Asmodai army's defeat, the Helm's Hold finally comes with peace. Soon, people started to find someone who can rebuild the Helm, and soon came a team who calls themselves the Black Earth Mercenary Company that had offered to help defend the reclaimed Helm's Hold, even going so far as to build their own fortress nearby. Though the council was wary, Lord Neverember vouched for their leader, a Waterdhavian noble named Marlos Urnrayle.

Once the god Helm returned, however, the mercenaries revealed themselves as the Cult of the Black Earth, fanatical devotees of Ogrémoch - and Marlos himself was revealed to be a decadent medusa. As the cultists turned against the people they had been hired to defend, the council holed up within Helm's cathedral, the one place the cultists seemed unwilling to go, while outside a towering stone fortress known as Reclamation Rock erupted from the ground.

When Lord Neverember learned of what had happened, he sent Neverwinter's ranger corps along with the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge to reclaim Helm's Hold. After securing first the Watcher's Forest and then the city itself, they entered the earth node that Urnrayle had created deep below the earth and struck down the prophet himself before he could succeed in making a devastation orb.

In The Maze Engine arc, the remnants of the Cult of the Black Earth, now led by General Onyx, were launching an attack on Helm's Hold from their fortress of Reclamation Rock. The heroes met Sergeant Knox and Celeste there, and together they defeated Onyx and the cultists and retrieved their grimoire.


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