Red's Sceptre is a magic stave belonged to the former Dragon Elder known as Red. This object first appeared in Spyro: A Hero's Tail.

Red used the sceptre to control his minions. He also needed it to cast spells and harness his sorcerous powers. He used it to summon enemies to during his fight against Spyro.


This scepter is a tall wooden staff with crystals wedged on top of it. However, those crystals are actually Dark Gems, dangerous minerals with dark energy capable of sucking out the light and goodness of the world.

Powers and Abilities

Red's Sceptre possesses a variety of magical abilities to protect himself and to attack his prey:

  • Cryomancy: Can cast blizzard attacks and freeze enemies.
  • Dark Shields: Create dark shields to protect it or it's wielder.
  • Summoning: Conjure up any foes at Red's command.



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