The Renobotnik casino.

Renobotnik is the tyrannical Dr. Ivo Robotnik's own casino built and functioning within the Casino Night Zone. It is one of the many locations in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. It is where his legions of Badniks and SWATbots would come to gamble away their money.

After the Knothole Freedom Fighters discovered where Dr. Robotnik was going to be making a big speech using their Robo-Locater, they dispatched Sonic the Hedgehog himself to the Casino Night Zone to infiltrate it in order to obtain more information about the speech. Sonic arrived in Casino Night and went into Renobotnik, where dozens of Badniks and SWATbots alike were gambling away like normal people do. Sonic learned that the speech was about the unveiling of Robotnik's latest creation dubbed the "Orbinaut".

After dealing with a SWATbot wanting a tip out of him, Sonic managed to get a front row seat, but Robotnik saw him at the entrance earlier and was prepared for him. Robotnik walked on to the stage of the main room with the Orbinaut in hand, and had it do a demonstration by hitting Sonic over the head with one of its rotating maces, knocking the Hedgehog unconscious. Robotnik then had Sonic trapped inside a small orb, stopping Sonic from spin-dashing free.

Once Sonic woke up, Robotnik has ordered a SWATbot to put Sonic in a giant deadly pinball machine, causing the Hedgehog to get knocked around and electrocuted. Before he could finish Sonic off by putting him in the machine again, a SWATbot informed Robotnik that someone had won fifty cents in his casino.

While Robotnik went off to deal with the matter as no one was allowed to win, Sonic used his spikes to cut through the glass of the orb holding him. The moment Sonic got hit in the pinball machine, the glass broke and he destroyed the machine. Robotnik then had Orbinaut fire his maces at Sonic, but the Hedgehog deflected them back at Robotnik and a SWATbot. Sonic then planted a bomb inside Renobotnik and it exploded with Robotnik inside, who managed to survive the explosion.

Robotnik later rebuilt Renobotnik, and Sonic and Sally Acorn went inside while secretly under surveillance in Robotnik's attempt to find out who was the head of the Freedom Fighters' Secret Intelligence Division. Robotnik captured Sonic and attached him to his Wheel of Misfortune, but the head of the Secret Intelligence Division, Harvey Who, managed to save Sonic before he was vaporized by Robotnik's robots.


  • The name "Renobotnik" is a pun on both "Reno" and "Robotnik".
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