Villainous Overview

Revealing the Monster Within

Oh, Anna. If only there was someone out there who loved you.
~ Prince Hans revealing his true nature to Anna.

One of the most common moments in storytelling, there comes a time when the villain reveals the monster within which is an opposite to revealing the angel within. In other words, this means he or she reveals his or her own true colors, usually in the third act, the final climax, or in any other scene. The evildoer can reveal the monster within in many ways:

  • Pulling off an unexpected wicked act.
  • Betraying the hero.
  • Taking part in the final battle.
  • Going through a villainous breakdown.
  • Having a true sinister agenda unexpectedly exposed by the hero/heroine, particularly if the said hero/heroine was wary with them.
NOTE: This should be not confused with the One-Winged Angel scenario where a villain literally turned into monster, but this sometimes overlapped had as the said villain revealed their true color, unexpected circumstances (be it either against the said villain's wishes or villains' own capability to turned into monstrous forms) led them to taking more hideous form.


Part 1

And that I did. My river lily who knew all the words to every song that came on the radio. I returned to Earth to see her three times, and I knew if I returned a fourth, I'd never leave. The Expansion, the reason for my very existence would be over, so I did what I had to do. broke my heart to put that tumor in her head. (Peter stares into space with a blank face as his eyeballs turn back to normal) (Peter: What?) Now, all right... I know that sounds bad. (Before Ego could finish trying to explain to his son, Peter angrily starts shooting Ego and blowing his form to pieces. He settles down his guns as Ego regenerates his form.) Who... in the hell do you think you are?! (Peter enraged by the reveal: You killed my mother!) I tried... so hard... to find the form... that best suited you... and this is the thanks I get? You really need to grow up! (Ego activates an energy tentacle and impales Peter through his stomach) I wanted to do this together. But I suppose you'll have to learn by spending the next thousand years as a battery! (He walks to Peter and holds his Walkman and plays it) My life, my love, my lady is the sea. Peter, this is the sea. (Ego crushes Peter's Walkman in front of his son with one powerful squeeze.)
~ Ego revealing his true colors when Peter learned he killed Meredith Quill in order to save himself from dying.
(Lord Aster: Where's the captain, Lieutenant?) I'm no lieutenant. I told a lie. (Lord Aster: Unthinkable! British never lie!) Well, PIRATES do! Don't we, boys?
~ Mr. Smee reveals his true colors to Lord Aster.
(Sam, Clover and Alex burst through the door, startling Mrs. Quivers!) Oh, my! (Clover: Mrs. Quivers?! What are YOU doing here?!) (Alex: No time for THAT, Clover! We HAVE to get her out of here before the kidnapper shows up!) (slyly) I'm afraid it's too late for THAT, my dear. (Mrs. Quivers presses a button on her armchair and a cage drops down, imprisoning the spies!) Because I AM the kidnapper. (Sam, Clover, and Alex shriek in terror. Flashing a smile that Cruella de Vil would have appreciated, Mrs. Quivers pushes another button, and all four of them are lowered down into her secret hideout. She turns on her intercom.) Bring in the girl. (Her hulking twin sons, Robby and Bobby, bring in Madison, her hands bound behind her, and put her into a chair.) (Sam: NOW I understand how YOU pulled off a kidnapping from the White House so easily. And what's the connection to the mad scientist guy in prison?) That "mad scientist guy" HAPPENS to be my husband. (Sam/Clover/Alex: "Husband?") Yes. I simply DON'T want the father of my twins rotting in JAIL for the next hundred years. You see, Mrs. Quivers is really one half of the famous...Sweatlander Game. (Sam: The counter-espionage group that world destruction by detonating explosive devices in vulnerable earthquake fault lines across the continents?) That's right. We were just one tiny microchip away from holding the world hostage. Hard to believe! (Clover: Yeah, say, I see that guy's like, barely half your height.) My dear, love is not measured in inches. (As she speaks, Mrs. Quivers icily pats Madison's head.) (Alex: Aww, that is so sweet.) Unfortunately, your interference with my ransom plans has forced me to threaten the president face to face! (Mrs. Quivers glares at the girls, her eyes burning with an evil light, then turns to her sons, grinning evilly.) Robby, Bobby, start the cell walls. (Robby and Bobby push buttons on their remotes, causing sharp spikes to protrude from the cage walls. The girls shriek with fright.) (Madison: Stop! Don't hurt them!) Sorry, but they've given me no choice. (Madison begins to cry out, but a gag is tied around her mouth! Sam, Clover and Alex gasp.) (slyly) Oh, I almost forgot, girls. Thanks for filling in for me in today. It was a GREAT day. (She walks off with her sons, taking Madison with her.)
~ Mrs. Quivers revealing her true colors and as Madison's kidnapper.
(After a huge scuffle, Hiro sees Yokai's mask right in front of him. He turns to face the fiend) (Hiro: It's over, Krei.) (Yokai gets up and turns around...but it's not Krei, but actually Robert Callaghan.) (Hiro: Pr-Professor Callaghan?) (The rest of the group look in shock as well) (Hiro: The explosion... you died.) No. I had your microbots. (A flashback reveals Callaghan with Hiro's magnet controller and uses to control Hiro's microbots to protect him from the fire) (Hiro: But... Tadashi... you just let him die.) Give me the mask, Hiro. (Hiro: He went in there to save you!) That was his mistake!
~ Professor Callaghan revealing his true nature after Hiro unmasked him as Yokai when he reveals that he started the fire and used microbots to protect him while letting Tadashi die in the fire.
(Héctor: You...poisoned me.) You're confusing movies with reality, Héctor. (Héctor: All this time I thought it was bad luck. I never thought that you might have...that you... [With a ferocious yell, he leaps across the room and tackles Ernesto!] HOW COULD YOU?!) (Miguel: Héctor!) Security! Security! (Two burly security guards rush over to Héctor and grab him.) (Héctor: YOU TOOK EVERYTHING AWAY FROM ME! YOU RAT!) Have him taken care of. He..he's not well. (Héctor: I just wanted to go back home! NO!) (As soon as the guards finish dragging the protesting Héctor out the door, Ernesto turns to Miguel.) I apologize. Where were we? (Miguel: You were going to give me your blessing.) Yes. Uh, sí. (Ernesto pulls out the marigold petal, but hesitates.) Miguel, my reputation, it is very important to me. I would hate to have you think... (Miguel: That you murdered Héctor for his songs?) You don't think that, do you? (Miguel: I...No. Everyone knows you're the...the good guy.) (Ernesto looks at the Héctor's photograph and places it in his suit pocket.) (Miguel: Papá Ernesto? My blessing?) (Ernesto crushes the petal in his fist and summons his men.) Security! (The security guards burst through the door.) Take care of Miguel. He'll be extending his stay. (Ernesto's henchmen grab Miguel by the arms.) (Miguel: What?! But I'm your family!) And Héctor was my best friend. (Miguel struggles to get free as Ernesto's thugs drag him away.) (slyly) Success doesn't come for free, Miguel. You have to be willing to whatever it takes to...seize your moment. (Miguel gasps and Ernesto smiles wickedly.) I know you understand. (Miguel: No! NO!)
~ Ernesto de la Cruz revealing his true colors when Miguel learns that he poisoned Héctor and stole his songs before he ordered his security guards to take him away.
(Milo reaches the shore to find Rourke standing above him, with a sinister smirk.) You have a nice swim? (Rourke and his crew are armed!) (Milo Thatch: Hey, hey, guys. What's going on? What's... What's with all the guns? [notices that they are staring greedily at him] Guys? [suddenly realizes; exhales] I'm such an idiot! This is just another treasure hunt for you. You're after the crystal!) Oh, you mean this? (Rourke reaches into his pocket and pulls out the missing page from the Shepherd's Journal.) (Milo Thatch: The Heart of Atlantis!) Yeah, about that, I would've told you this sooner, but it was strictly on a need-to-know basis, and... Well, now you know. I had to make sure you were one of us. Welcome to the club, son. (Raises his hand to Milo, who backs away in disgust) (Milo Thatch: I'm no mercenary!) (Kida is dragged from the water by Rourke's soldiers and fights them. She pins one of them and pulls out her knife, but Rourke shoots it out of her hand. His thugs grab Kida.) Mercenary? I prefer the term "adventure capitalist." Besides, you're the one who got us here. You led us right to the treasure chest. (Milo Thatch: You don't know what you're tampering with, Rourke!) What's to know? It's big, it's shiny, it's gonna make us all rich. (Milo Thatch: You think it's some kind of a diamond. I thought it was some kind of a battery. But we're both wrong. It's their life force. That crystal is the only thing keeping these people alive! You take that away, and they'll die!) Well, that changes things. Helga, what do you think? (Helga Sinclair: Knowing that, I'd double the price.) I was thinking triple. (Milo Thatch: Rourke, don't do this!) Academics. You never wanna get your hands dirty. Uh, think about it. If you gave back every stolen artifact from a museum, you'd be left with an empty building. We're just providing a necessary service to the archaeological community. (Milo Thatch: Not interested.) I gotta admit, I'm disappointed. You're an idealist, just like your grandfather. Do yourself a favor, Milo, don't be like him. For once, do the smart thing. (Milo glares at Rourke; Rourke sighs) I really hate it when negotiations go sour. (snaps his fingers and his soldiers point their guns at Kida's head; Rourke pulls out the missing page about the Heart of Atlantis again and shows it to Milo.) Let's try this again. (grins evilly)
~ Commander Rourke revealing to Milo Thatch his true intention to steal the Heart of Atlantis.
(Candace: Okay, let's start with some simple tricks. Sit!) [Pants like a huge dog while salivating through his tongue then gorges on a carrot] (Candace: Roll over!) *Obeys like a dog* (Candace: Do the Worm!) [Obeys again] (Candace: Now the Robot. (After she says this, Dennis obeys her command to the letter) Great! Wow, you must really like carrots.) (She runs out of the living room leaving Dennis to resume his search for any lair entrances. He checks under a couch cushion, then a grandfather clock all hunting as if he was a bear. When he tries to get in through it, Perry pops out of the clock and kicks him away. As action music plays, Perry gives Dennis the "bring it on" gesture. The rogue agent cracks his knuckles, then the two charge towards each other and start to wrestle) (Linda: What the? (Looks over to see Perry and Dennis in pet mode) Oh, a bunny rabbit. Candace must have gotten a new pet.) [snarls like a ferocious dog] (Upon seeing the rabbit's dog-like behavior align ever so nicely, the pieces fall together) (Perry: Chatters) (The two continues the fight, seemingly to be match in hand-to-hand combat. Dennis leaps up onto an end table and throws a lamp at Perry. Perry catches it and replaces it on the table as pursues Dennis into the kitchen, and out the pet door)
~ Dennis reveals his true nature as a violent, feral and mindless beast who believes he is a canine in disguise.
Your precious Guardians are finished, Soren. (Kludd surprise attacks Soren) The Pure Ones will triumph, and Tytos will take their rightful place as rulers of the owl kingdoms. Oh, it's gonna be glorious! (Kludd flies down to attack, but Soren ducks) (Soren: Glorious? No, the pure ones are monsters. You saw what they were doing. They were moon blinking other owls and turning them into slaves) You're just weak Soren. Still living in your dreams. (Kludd: My dreams are what make me stronger. They led me to the Guardians.) (Kludd chuckles) A pity there won't be any Guardians left after today. (Kludd strikes again but Soren flies high enough to evade him) (Soren: I don't understand. How could you join the pure ones after what they did to us?) What they did to us? They believe in me like no one else ever has. Metal Beak says the strong will triumph the broken will be put out of their misery, and honor... honor's just another word for weakness! (Soren: (horrified) No Kludd! I know you don't really think that.) Then you don't know me at all.
~ Kludd revealing his true nature as he expresses his hatred towards Soren.
(Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde enter the Natural History Museum and have reached a shortcut to the ZPD.) (Judy Hopps: There it is!) (Just then, a voice rings out.) Judy! (Our heroes spin around. It's Bellwether, flanked by two big rams, and she seems excited.) Judy! (Judy Hopps: Mayor Bellwether!) [Judy and Nick run over to her.] We found out what is happening. Someone's darting predators with a serum. THAT'S what's making them go savage.) I'm so proud of you, Judy. You did just a SUPER job. (Judy Hopps: Thank you, ma'am. [Judy prepares to hand the gun case to Bellwether, but then suddenly realizes something strange.] How did you know where to find us?) (Bellwether reaches for the gun case.) I'll go ahead and take that case now. (Judy Hopps: [pulls the case way] You know what? I think Nick and I will just take this to the ZPD.) (The two of them turn to the door, but a hulking mountain of a ram stands over them, cracking his huge neck. That's when the pieces fall into place.) (Both: Run!.) (The two of them make a run for it. Bellwether glares at them angrily.) Get them.
~ Dawn Bellwether revealing the monster within when Judy Hopps discovers that she is the mastermind behind the savage attacks.
Hello, Eliza. (Eliza spins around. Sloan is standing behind her in the doorway, smiling wickedly. Tally growls at him.) (Eliza Thornberry: Sloan? This cheetah cub, where--where did you get him?) I picked him up on the savannah. (Eliza Thornberry: You bought him?) (Sloan laughs.) No. I picked him up...right off the ground. (Bree walks to Sloan's side with a nasty sneer.) (Bree Blackburn: I told Sloan he shouldn't CUT that rope ladder!) (Eliza Thornberry: [gasps] It was YOU!) Yes. (Sloan pulls his bowie knife out of his boot.) Thank you so much for returning my knife to me. (Bree Blackburn: [mock sympathy] Oh, kitten, you didn't drink all your milk. [she grabs Tally by the scruff and mercilessly yanks him out of Eliza's arms. The now-helpless cub struggles to get free.] How are you ever gonna grow big enough to make me a new coat?) Oh, I'm afraid you're gonna have to miss the solar eclipse. (laughs) You can catch it on the Poaching Channel. (Eliza Thornberry: You build the FENCE!) Of course. Now here's a question for your famous father: How many volts of electricity does it take to kill a thousand elephants? Hmm?
~ Sloan and Bree Blackburn revealing themselves to Eliza Thornberry to actually be the ruthless poachers who kidnapped the cheetah cub she tried to save and also plan to kill a herd of elephants with an electric fence.
(Hans leans forward to kiss Anna, when he suddenly stops inches from her face with an evil grin.) Oh, Anna. If only there was someone out there who loved you. (He prepares to leave.) (Anna: What? Y-you said you did.) As thirteenth in line, in my own kingdom, I didn't stand a chance. I knew I'd had to marry into the throne somewhere. (Anna: What are--what are you talking about?) As heir, Elsa was perferable, of course. But no one was getting anywhere with her. But you... (He grabs a pitcher from the counter) (Anna: Hans?) You were so desperate for love. You were willing to marry me, just like that! I figured, after we married, I'd have to stage a little accident for Elsa. (He pours the pitcher of water into the fireplace) (Anna: Hans! No, stop! [tries to stop him but is too weak]) But then she doomed herself, and you were dumb enough to go after her. (Anna: Please.) (Hans chuckles evilly) All that's left now is to kill Elsa and bring back summer. (Anna: You're no match for Elsa.) No, you're no match for Elsa. I, on the other hand, am the hero who is going to save Arendelle from destruction. (He walks out to the door.) (Anna: You won't get away with this!) Oh...I already have. (Hans closes the door behind him, locking Anna in the library)
~ Prince Hans betraying Anna, revealing he never loved her; he was only manipulating her for the throne. He then reveals his evil plan to kill Elsa and seize power over Arendelle, before locking Anna in the library.
Enjoying yourself in there, Starlight? I'm sorry I had to push you in. But what else could I do? You were going to ruin all my plans. (She sneers in annoyance, revealing her true power-hungry nature as Sandbar and Cutie Mark Crusaders gasp in horror) You might get some company soon, if I can't make that annoying Neighsay back off! (inhales, exhales) All this magic needs time to drain from Equestria before my vortex sucks it to another realm. (giggles) Three days can sure seem like forever, huh? You know, you ponies got it all wrong. Friendship isn't magic. Friendship is power! With Twilight and her lackeys out of my way, all of Equestria will bow to me! The future Empress of Friendship! (maniacal laughter)
~ Cozy Glow revealing her true power-hungry nature and want become most powerful pony in Equestria proclaimed as Empress of Friendship.

The young missus finding it a sad day? Leaving this splendid country? Losing her pet? (Ted: What did you say?) (Abdullah and Nigel turn over with worried looks on their faces) I recall you intended to release her in Cheetah Valley, and therefore I'm assuming... (Ted: Okay, but... But you said "lose".) Uh, perhaps I didn't choose the most precise word, but does it not do justice to how the miss feels? (Ted goes notices some marks on Abdullah's shoes and realizes Patel's scheme and Abdullah being the poacher who killed Duma's mother) (Ted to his parents: The treadmarks were the same! It's the guy who killed Duma's mother!)
~ Patel indirectly giving Ted the idea that he stole Duma and Ted realizing the fact that Abdullah was the poacher who was responsible for the death of Duma's mother.
(Arnold and Gerald are searching the filing cabinets in Scheck's office) (Gerald [tiredly]: 997.) (Arnold: Uh-uh.) (Gerald: 998.) (Arnold: Nope.) (Gerald: 999.) (The key finally matches the box. Arnold opens it.) (Gerald: Empty?!) (Arnold: Where's the document?!) (The boys hear a voice behind them) Looking for something? (Arnold and Gerald gasp and see Scheck leaning against the door.) Well, here you are, back again. After I patiently explained that your mission is completely hopeless. It still is, though I'm less inclined to entertain you after you broke into my building for the second time. Did you think you could get away with this? There are cameras everywhere. I record everything that goes on, day and night. Did you think I'd let you win, let you save your little neighborhood? Don't you realize who I am? I am Alphonse Perrier Du Von Scheck. (Scheck turns on the light revealing historical art) I can trace my ancestry back to the founding fathers. (Scheck angrily turns to a framed painting) Do you know when we lost control of this city? When that ridiculous Tomato Incident took place in your pathetic little neighborhood. (He takes the painting off the wall, breaks it in half and flings to the floor) Tearing it down and putting my name up in its place will be revenge of the sweetest kind. (grins evilly) (Arnold: But the document! Where's the document?) (Scheck laughs evilly, reaches into his jacket and pulls out the document and a lighter) Unfortunately, like your little plan, it's about to go up in smoke. (With an evil smirk, Scheck burns the document in front of Arnold & Gerald; the burnt pieces fall at the boys' feet.) My guards will now lock you away where you won't cause any more trouble.
~ Alphonse Perrier du von Scheck revealing to Arnold and Gerald his true intentions of bulldozing their neighborhood, before burning the document declaring it a landmark.
(Rapunzel walks closer to Moonstone and slowly reaches for him, but Cassandra snatches it) (Rapunzel: Cassandra? What are you doing?) I'm fulfilling my destiny! (Cassandra raises the Moonstone and raw a great power enough to send Rapunzel, Pascal, and Eugene flying backwards across the bridge. Cassandra struggles to control it and finally takes control of the stone, driving it into her chest as she screams. The Black Rocks begin to sprout at an unstoppable pace, covering the bridge, the platform, and area near the doorway. The stone begins to drastically change Cassandra's appearance destroying her armor and replaces it with a dark blue and black outfit made from the rocks themselves. The energy of the Moonstone courses through her and envelopes her to the point that her hair changes to bright blue. With one last scream, the Moonstone stops. Rapunzel, Eugene, and Pascal see Cassandra levitate down to the ground.) (Cassandra laugh evilly): I tried to warn you, Rapunzel. You have to be careful who you trust.
~ Cassandra reveals her malevolent, true nature, betraying Rapunzel and Flynn and taking away Moonstone from her and declares that she is fulfilling her destiny.
(Thunderclap get the critter from rocks) (Arlo: It's a critter.) Ah, a free critter, thanks to you. (Thunderclap rises a critter in his paws and watch at it, then open his mouth and devour critter to Arlo's horror, who realizes, that Spots also will be eated by pterodactyls.) You know, I just want to take a moment and thank the storm for this meal. (Downpour snatches a critter's tail from Thunderclap's beak, but he and two pterodactyls start to jerk for a bite, but Thunderclap kick them off.) HA! Do you think you can mess with me?! I have seen the eye of the storm, and I forgot what fear is! I'm not afraid of anything! (Downpour: N-no, I..) (Arlo want leave to find Spot, but Thunderclap suddenly stands on his way) Hey, where are you going, friend? (Arlo: I'm... I need to get home.) And I said we would get you home. (Thunderclap smells) Friend, you have a critter of your own. (Coldfront, smells: Oh, I smell it. One of the juicy ones.) (Downpour: Where is it?) (Arlo, scared: He's hiding. Over there. By that big rock.) (Coldfrond and Downpour fliest to rock, but Thunderclap menacengly glares at Arlo. They hear rustling and Thunderclap sees hiding spot) The storm provides. (Arlo: No!) (Thunderclap attack, but Spot runs away) (Arlo: Spot!) Get him! (Pterodactyls chase Arlo and Spot) Hey, slow down. There's no place to hide, yellow belly! (Downpour: Come back with that critter!)
~ Thunderclap and his gang revealing their true nature to Arlo and Spot when start to chase after them.
(Patch and Thunderbolt are locked in the cages with the other dalmatians) (Patch: Thunderbolt? Are you playing dead?) (Thunderbolt awakens, after having been hit on the head with a paint can by Cruella.) (Thunderbolt: That hurt. That really hurt!) (Patch: I KNEW you were faking it) (Suddenly a voice rings out) Oh-ho-ho! He's been FAKING it, alright! (Sure enough, it's Lil Lightning.) (Thunderbolt: Lightning, little buddy!) I am NOT your "little buddy"! And YOU are no Wonder Dog! This kid trusted you, and look where it's got him. (Patch: What's he mean?) He's been lying to you all day, kid. He doesn't care about you, or your family. He was just trying to get his name in the paper, and SAVE his job! ASK HIM! (Thunderbolt: NO!..., Well, yeah, but - but...) "But, but but..." HEY, GENIUS! You're no hero! You're a FRAUD! And by the way, there never was a plan to recast you. I just had to get you out of the way! (grins evilly at him, then starts to head back toward the exit with a devious smirk on his face) And now, I gotta take your place on the show! MY show! (laughs evilly, and exits, just as a storm kicks in)
~ Lil Lightning betraying Thunderbolt and Patch and leaving to take the former's place place on the TV show.
(Mike and Sulley recruit Waternoose to bring down Boo's door. Instead, a huge steel door is summoned.) (Mike Wazowski: Uh, sir, that's not her door.) I know, I know. (Suddenly, Randall materializes in front of the door and opens it, revealing a snowy blizzard!) It's yours. (Mike and Sulley gasp. Waternoose, holding Boo, pushes Mike and Sulley through the door.)
~ Henry J. Waternoose revealing his true colors as he banishes Mike and Sulley into the human world.
(Russell: Hey. That looks like Kevin) Kevin? (Russell: Yeah! That's my new giant bird pet. I trained it to follow us.) Follow you? Impossible. How? (Russell: She likes chocolate.) Chocolate? (Russell: Yeah, I gave her some of my chocolate. She goes ga-ga for it.) (Carl, with with a worried and suspicious face as he snatches the chocolate away: But it run off! It's gone now) (Muntz gives off a suspicious glare then walks towards a set of jet melmuts.) You know, Carl, these people who come here, they all tell pretty good stories. (He topples them off one at a time) A surveyor making a map... a botanist cataloging plants... an old man taking his house to Paradise Falls... and that's the best one yet. I can't wait to hear how it ends. (Carl looks outside and sees Kevin, knowing that she's the bird Muntz is after) (Carl, trying not to act suspicious: Well! It's been a wonderful evening, but we'd better be going.) (Muntz following) Oh, you're not leaving? (Carl: We don't want to take advantage of your hospitality. Come on Russell.) (Russell, not seeing anything wrong: But we haven't had desert yet.) No, the boy's right. You haven't had dessert. Epsilon here makes a delicious Cherries Jubilee. Oh, you really must stay. I insist! We have so much more to talk about! (A haul is suddenly heard) (Russell, recognizing the sound: Kevin?) (Muntz walks to the window and sees the bird. Muntz smiling) It's here. (He turn towards Carl and Russell but they dissappear through the hall way) Get them.
~ Charles Muntz revealing his true colors to Carl and Russell, having gone completely insane, murdered several innocent people just because he was paranoid that they were going to steal "his" bird, and will stop at nothing till he snatches her.
(Melody is about to foolishly hand the Trident to Morgana when Ariel swims in) (Ariel: Melody, NO!) (Melody: Mom?) (Ariel: Don't listen to her!) (Ariel and Melody stare at each other) (Both: You're a mermaid?) Why, Ariel! How nice of you to come. And you brought Flopper with you.) (Flounder: The name's Flounder! (Undertow: GRR! ) (Flounder: "Grr" Yourself, pipsqueak!)(Undertow: Get that thing and hit me! One bite, and he's shrimp toast!) Sweetheart, hand me my trident now.(Melody (to her mother): All this time you never told me?) Kept the most important secret in her whole life from her own daughter. (Ariel: Please, give it to me, Melody!) No, hand it to me. It's for your own good. (Ariel: She's lying!) I've given you what you've always wanted. She's the one who's lied to you all these years. (Ariel: I was only trying to protect you!) (Melody: By fencing me in?! You knew how much I loved the sea! Why'd you keep the truth from me?) (Ariel: Melody, listen to me. If there was one thing in my whole life that I could do over...I'd...I'd...) (Scowling, Melody swims over to Morgana) (Melody: Too late, Mom.) (Ariel: Melody, NO!) (too late, Melody hands the trident to Morgana who cackles maniacally as the trident turns from sunlight gold to sickly green.) ALL THE POWERS OF THE SEVEN SEAS ARE IN MY COMMAND! (Undertow: Hello? Hello! Can we get with the program? It's still a small world down here!) (Morgana grabs Ariel with her tentacle) (Melody: Mom!) (tries to save her, but Morgana holds her at Trident point, with a wicked smile on her face) Your mommy was only trying to protect you...from moi! What she did she did out of...(mockingly grabs Ariel's cheek) Hmph. Little Melody's been a very naughty girl. Stealing from her own grandfather. (Melody: My-my grandfather?) King Triton, ruler of Atlantica, commander in chief of all of the oceans! Or at least he was, until a certain little thief came along.) (Melody: You tricked me!) You've got no one to blame but yourself, dear! (Melody hangs her head in shame) Tell me, Melody. Is being a mermaid everything you dreamed? Was it worth it? (Laughing wickedly, Morgana wraps a tentacle around Melody and tosses her towards an ice cave) (Flounder [swimming after her] Melody!) (Morgana begins sealing the cave with the trident, then pauses) Oh, and by the way, your time as a mermaid has just about expired. (Fully seals up the cave) Catch ya later! I've got bigger fish to fry!(Undertow: Bigger fish! Now, there's an idea!) (Morgana swims off with Ariel still in her clutches) (Flounder: (ramming the ice) We gotta keep trying!) (Melody: It's no use. It's too thick! (sobbing) Oh, Flounder. I've ruined everything.)
~ Morgana revealing her true nature to Melody while taking her mother hostage. Before the wicked sea witch leaves, she traps Melody in an ice cave.
Yes. Well done, Mr. Evers. (Jim, his children, Emma and Ezra spin around to see Ramsley with a stern look on his wrinked face) I must say I'm impressed. You are more persistent than I would have ever imagined. (Jim Evers: The butler did it? You gotta be kidding me.) (Ramsley turns to Emma and Ezra, giving them a cold look) I will deal with YOU two later. (Emma and Ezra disappear. Jim Evers: Why'd you kill her?) Because the master would not listen to reason. He had everything in the world, and yet he was willing to throw it all away for love. I did tell him it would end badly. (Jim Evers: You're a real cold dude.) No, Mr. Evers, I am a rational man. (While Ramsley speaks, we see a flashback to him secretly giving Elizabeth the poison and betraying Edward Gracey) It was my responsibility to the house, my duty, sir, to see to it that the boy did not make a foolish error in judgment. Running away with that girl would have destroyed this house. (The scene changes back to the present) It would have destroyed everything. And I could not stand by and watch it all fall to ruin. (Megan Evers: Punch his face in, Dad!) (Jim Evers: Yeah, but first, I'm gonna tell his master what really happened.) The master must never know. Edward and his love will be reunited, and this curse will be broken. (Jim Evers: But that's not her, that's my wife!) And what she sees in you I'll never know. But that is of little importance now. The only thing that matters is that the master's pain must end. And it will end tonight. The curse will be broken, and we can all finally move on. (Jim Evers: Alright, that's it, man. Where's my wife?) Getting ready for her wedding, of course. (Jim Evers: What wedding? He can't marry her. He's dead, and she's not.) True. But that can be easily corrected. Life, I'm afraid, is such a delicate state. (When Jim hears this, he glares at Ramsley) (Jim Evers: Hey, man, if you put one finger on my wife, I swear I'll KILL YOU!) (He launches punches at Ramsley, but passes through the ghostly butler. The evil man smiled with sinister glee) How wonderful. You're going to kill a ghost. (Michael Evers: Leave him alone!) (Megan Evers: Stop it!) (Ramsley waves his fingers, and a small trunk closes itself, trapping Megan and Michael inside) (Jim Evers: Let them go!) (He lunges at Ramsley, but it's no use.) (Jim Evers: You're gonna let my kids out of here, you're gonna take me to my wife, and you're gonna let us outta here RIGHT NOW!) You want out...fine. Let me show you out. (Ramsley grabbed Jim's throat and hoists him up in the air. Jim struggles in Ramsley's grasp, and the evil butler stares at him with cold eyes) Now, for the last time, good night, Mr. Evers. (With a solid toss, he threw Jim through the mansion window, breaking all the glass in process)
~ Ramsley revealing to Jim Evers his treachery to Master Gracey and he plans to have Jim's wife Sara marry the Master. The evil ghost butler then flings Jim out the window to prevent him from interfering.
(As Tarzan is being forced into the brig, a gunshot is heard) What's going on here? (Tarzan: Clayton! Clayton, help!) Have we met? (As Clayton comes closer to Tarzan, a sinister smile forms on Clayton's face.) Ah, yes! The Ape Man! (Tarzan: [furious over Clayton's betrayal] (Clayton slams his rifle into Tarzan's stomach.) So sorry about the rude welcome, old boy, but I couldn't have you making a scene when we put your furry friends in their cages. (Tarzan: Why?) Why? For 300 pounds sterling a head. Actually, I have you to thank, my boy. Couldn't have done it without you. (Tarzan slumps. With a sinister smirk, Clayton turns to his goons.) Lock him up with the others. (Tarzan: NOOOO!)
~ Clayton revealing his true colors to Tarzan and his sinister plan to cage all the apes, before locking him in the brig.
You just don't get it do you, Dolph? I'm done! I'm done dancing for the man, the Muffin Man! And Granny! They can both take a hike! I'm never gonna answer to anyone EVER AGAIN! (wails, laughs evilly, then whines) Oh, I just love my job!
~ Boingo revealing himself to be the evil Goody Bandit and how he's sick and tired of being second best.
(Stinky Pete seals the vent shut.) (Jessie: Prospector?) (Woody: You're out of your box!) I tried reasoning with you, Woody. But you keep forcing me to take extreme measures. (Stinky Pete walks over to the TV remote and turns the TV off. The pieces fall into place.) (Woody: Wait a minute! You turned on the TV last night, not Jessie!) Look, we have an eternity to spend together in the museum. Let's not start off by pointing fingers, shall we? (Woody: You really ARE Stinky Pete, aren't you?) (Jessie: Prospector, this isn't fair!) "FAIR?!" I'll tell you what's not "fair." Spending a lifetime on a DIME STORE SHELF watching EVERY OTHER toy be sold. Well, finally my waiting has paid off! And no hand-me-down cowboy doll IS GONNA MESS IT UP FOR ME NOW! (Woody tries to call Buzz and the gang for help.) (Woody: Buzz! (runs to the locked air vent) HELP! BUZZ! GUYS!) It's too late, Woody. That silly Buzz Lightweight can't help you. (Woody: HIS NAME IS BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!) Whatever. I always hated those upstart space toys. (Stinky Pete goes back in his box.)
~ Stinky Pete revealing his true colors to Woody, Jessie and Bullseye after sealing the vent shut and revealing that he framed Jessie for turning on the TV last night.
Home? Oh sure. Going home to your father. Oh, ha-ha-ha. Oh that is very “comeecal”! (Pinocchio: You mean it’s funny?) Ah, ha-ha-ha Sure! Yes. (Pinocchio: I’ll be back in the morning.) Be back in the morning! (cursing in Italian.) Going home? (Pinocchio laughs after thinking what Stromboli has said, but Stromboli locks Pinocchio in a birdcage to prevent him from leaving.) There! This will be your home where I can find you always! (Pinocchio: No, no, no!) Yes, yes, yes! To me you are belonging. We will tour the world. Paris, London, Monte Carlo, “Constantinopolee". (Pinocchio: No, no!) Yes! We start tonight! Mmmm. (pulls out a bag of gold and pours the coins into the bag) You will make lots of money... (stuffs bag into his pants) FOR ME! (Stromboli brings out an ax.) And when you are growing too old, you will make good...FIREWOOD! (Stromboli tosses the ax into a worn out puppet and gives out a chilling laugh.) (Pinocchio: Let me outta here! I gotta get outta here! You can’t keep me!) (Stromboli loses his temper.) QUIET! SHUT UP! Before I knock-a you silly! Good night...(blows a kiss) little wooden gold mine. (Stromboli laughs wickedly and slams the door. Pinocchio, still trapped, shakes the bars of his cage.) (Pinocchio: No! No, wait! Let me out! I'll tell my father!) (Stromboli can be heard outside and the carriage begins to move.) Get along then! (Pinocchio tries to call out to Jiminy for help.) (Pinocchio: Jiminy! (whistles) Oh Jiminy! Jiminy, where are you? (whistles again) Jiminy Cricket!) (Thunder crashes and Pinocchio starts to cry.)
~ Stromboli revealing his true greedy nature after locking Pinocchio in a birdcage to prevent him from going home as her intends for the puppet to perform for him forever.
(Chairmen Drek, to a Blaarg as Captain Quark teleports into the control room: So after you pick up my dry cleaning, you need to polish this segway, and after that-) (Captain Quark: Drek! I want to talk to you. You tried to kill my rangers! You said you'd leave them alone!) (Chairman Drek: And I mean it at the time! I detest bloodshed as much as any Blaarg, but sometimes sacrifices are necessary for the greater good.) (Captain Quark: I know you're working with Nefarious on this!) (Chairman Drek: Yes, isn't it wonderful? We're all part of the same dream team. We should make t-shirts!) (Captain Quark: You're making a big mistake! You have no idea of the kinds of evil he is capable of!) (Chairman Drek: Oh, but I do. It's all right here on his resume. Special skills: Horrendous evil. Unspeakable evil. Diabolical evil. He's very well-rounded. [takes a closer look at what he is reading] And apparently, he can juggle.) Uh oh. Do I feel my ears burning? (Chairman Drek: And there's our little juggling psychopath now!) (Captain Quark: You died in a prison escape. There were witnesses!) Oh, people will say and do just about anything for the right price. What was yours, Qwark? What was your price for selling out your friends? Your face on another cereal box, perhaps? Bleh. Why don't you run along so the Chairman and I can get back to the business at hand? (Captain Quark: But what am I supposed to do?) (Chairman Drek: You can guard the Star Cracker water cooler. Oh! But with fury! Mmm-hmm. [the doors close on a disappointed Quark] That was fun! And T-shirts would be a good idea. Good for morale. What do you think, Neffie? Should we-) [Suddenly, Drek gets transformed into a harmless sheep.] Sheepinator. One of my personal favorites. It's time for a change of management. [Nefarious drags Sheep Drek towards the docking bay and loads him into an escape shuttle.] You wanted New Quartu? I'll give it to you! [Nefarious launches the escape shuttle Sheep Drek is riding towards New Quartu] Happy trails! (Deplanitizer Computer: Now entering Umbris atmosphere.) Yes, it's almost here. The beginning of the end. (Blaarg: The end of what?) [Nefarious fires a Combuster at the nosy Blaarg, causing him to collapse in defeat.] Let the games begin. [Nefarious presses a detonator that causes the Deplanitizer to activate on its own.] (Deplanitizer: Remote detonation now activated. It is about to get real.)
~ Dr. Nefarious turns Chairman Drek into a sheep and sends him to New Quartu in an escape shuttle as he commandeers the Deplanitizer.
Attack is the best form of defense, my dear. (Clara: My mother wouldn't have wanted - ) I don't care what your mother wanted. She's not here. (Clara, firmly: I...I order you to stop.) You...order me? Well, well, well, well. Finally ready to play queen, are we? (curtly) Too late. I only needed you to bring me the key. And now that I have it, I have no use for you. (Sugar Plum summons her guards.) Seize them! (The toy soldiers march over to Clara and Nutcracker, grabbing them!) (Nutcracker: Take your hands off her!) Oh, they won't listen to YOU. I gave them life, so they only listen to me. (Nutcracker, breathing fire: Traitor!) (Clara, horrified: Why are you doing this?) Your mother abandoned us. And then...she expects us to carry out and play nice. (building to a tantrum) Well, I DON'T WANT TO PLAY NICE! (Clara: Mother Ginger didn't do anything wrong, didn't she? You lied to me. To EVERYONE.) But I have a very special plan for Mother Ginger. And the other legions. Watch. (to a soldier) Oh, guard, will you stand over there, please? (The soldier walks over to the huge transformer.) Yes, just right and center. (Sugar Plum pushes a button, and a huge ray zaps the soldier, shrinking him down to a doll. The soldiers, Nutcracker, and Clara are shocked.) You see, there's a funny little perk to your mother's invention. (with a voice of pure venom) It works both ways. (Clara: You are horrible.) (furious) HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO YOUR QUEEN THAT WAY! Guards! Lock them up! (With that, Sugar Plum's thugs advance on Clara and Nutcracker, dragging them away.)
~ Sugar Plum revealing her true nature Clara, planning to rule over the realms out of anger over her mother for leaving her and the other realm people and framed Mother Ginger..
(Johann takes out his hidden dagger) I'll take that bag of lenses, boy. (Hiccup, sighing and turns around unamused until he gasps when he sees the dagger: Look, whatever Krogan and Viggo are paying you...) (Johann interrupts) Paying me? Those two? I pay them, to serve at my feet.(Hiccup: Why do you even want these? And why now?) Because they're the next step in finding the King of Dragons and the key to yours truly becoming the richest man on Earth. (Hiccup, suddenly getting a piece together in his head: Heather's lens!) (Johann laughs and slow claps) Well done, Hiccup. Don't be so morose. How do you think it's been for me? Pretending all these years to actually care about you and your little friends. The number of times I wanted to just scream at the top of my (suddenly stops and gets a thought And yet, I'm wondering, why aren't you more surprised? And what do you find humorous? (Hiccup: The twins and their rants. You know, I-I ignore most of them, but this spy thing got me thinking. Maybe, maybe it was coincidence those Hunters ambushed us, but how did they know to ask for the Dragon Eye lenses? The lenses I only brought because you asked me to? Well, then things started to add up.)(Flashbacks from the past of the events) (Hiccup: You were there when Heather lost her lens.)(Backflashes to show Heather giving her lens to Krogan for a key to the cage, in which, Windshear was being held while Snotlout and Johann watch in honor until Johann's face turn into an evil smile) (Backflashes to show dragons circling Johann's ship on the day that the Dragon Hunter's first came to attack the Edge) Master Hiccup, they're everywhere! (Hiccup: Your "distress call" got most of us off the Edge right when the Dragon Hunters decided to invade.)(Astrid fires a catapult at the Hunters) (Hunter: Incoming!) (Backflashes to Hiccup demand for Heather's whereabouts when he saw her leaving the Edge in the night and her being attacked by Dagur) (Flashback Hiccup: Johann! Where is Heather going?) (Flashback Toothless growling at Flashback Johann) (Present Hiccup: You sent us after Dagur, assuring us he'd be alone.) (Dagur: Now! (Berserkers launch dragon-proof chains at Heather and Windshear just as Hiccup shows up to witness it) (Backflashes to Dagur's escape from Outcast prison before taking Johann's ship and leaving) (Hiccup: And your ship was conveniently docked at Outcast Island right as he broke out of prison.) (The flashback ends and we return to the present as Johann settles down his knife, remembering and thinking about the events of the past) The most difficult part was letting him think he actually stole my ship. (Hiccup, now getting all the pieces together: You've been behind all of this.) Since as far back as Breakneck Bog, I've been doing everything humanly possible to rid the archipelago of you and your Dragon Riders. But you have a most annoying habit of not dying when you're supposed to.
~ Johann revealing his true colors when Hiccup learned that he was leading the dragon hunters behind the entire dragon events.
(Thomas encounters Sailor John at the Coastal Cliffs) Where's my treasure? (Thomas: Sir Topham Hatt has it. He's giving it to the museum.) Museum?! What museum?! I haven't been searching all this time to see that treasure end up in a museum! It's for ME! (Skiff: But you always said we were going to give it to the museum!) (Sailor John stomps on Skiff, growling) Oh...get my treasure back, Thomas! (Thomas: No, Sailor John! That treasure didn't belong to you and it didn't belong to the pirates! It was stolen! So it's going to the museum, and that's the end of it!) I will not be pushed aside! Hold firm, Skiff! (Thomas shunts Sailor John and Skiff into a siding) (Skiff: Sorry, Thomas!) (Thomas puffs away, leaving Sailor John furious.) I WANT MY TREASURE!
~ Sailor John revealing his true greedy and sinister nature to Thomas that he reveals that he really planned to keep Captain Calles' treasure for himself.
(Mayor of Metro City: Tighten has freed us!) Oh I wouldn't say "freed." More like...under new management. (Violently flicks the Mayor, sending him flying)
~ Tighten revealing his true nature to the citizens as he seizes power over Metro City.
Once you perfect this technique, you can control anything or [Looks at Katara from the corner of her eyes sadistically] anyone. (Katara: [Unsure] But... to reach inside someone and control them? [Casts unsure glance off to the side] I don't know if I want that kind of power) [Camera zooms out to the two standing in the forest] The choice is not yours. The power exists. And it's your duty to use the gifts you've been given to win this war. [Closes up to Hama] Katara, they tried to wipe us out, our entire culture, your mother! (Katara: [Close-up of her face] I know) [Camera changes back to Hama] Then you should understand what I'm talking about! We're the last two waterbenders of the Southern Tribe. [Camera focuses on Katara; off-camera] We have to fight these people whenever we can, wherever they are, with any means necessary! (Katara: [Widens eyes in realization] It's you... [Angrily] You're the one who's been making people disappear during the full moons!) [Close-up of Hama's face, as she tilts her head downward] They threw me in prison to rot, along with my brothers and sisters! They deserve the same! You must carry on my work! (Katara: [Points to Hama, stretching out her left hand] I won't! I won't use bloodbending and I won't allow you to keep terrorizing this town!) [Her hand suddenly twists to one side. She tries desperately to stop it, but fails to do so] [Hama now uses bloodbending to subdue to her] You should've learned the technique before you turned against me! [Forces Katara into a strained position] It's impossible to fight your way out of my grip! I control every muscle, every vein in your body!
~ Hama revealing her true nature to Katara and that she makes people disappear during the full moons.
(After filming the Happy Chapman show, Chapman starts sneezing from Persnikitty.) (Director: And cut! We're clear!) Achoo! Achoo! (Chapman rushes to his assistant Wendell.) Gimme the Benadryl! Gimme the Benadryl! (Wendell hands him the Benadryl.) Yeah! Yeah. (Chapman hurriedly takes a pill.) Damn cat allergies! (Chapman walks to his office, with Wendell holding Persnikitty following.) Any word from the network yet? (Wendell: No, but they're lookin' for a dog act on Good Day New York.) Dog act! Story of my life. Lookin' for a dog, and I'm stuck with a cat! (Wendell: I thought the segment went quite well.) "I thought the segment went quite well!" Of course it went well, you toad! The 50 housewives who saw it loved it.) (Chapman turns on the TV and sees his newscaster brother Walter reporting) (Walter J. Chapman: This is Walter J. Chapman reporting live from the Hague.) Oh, please, what a know-it-all! (Walter J. Chapman: ...were met with angry crowds--) And everybody always said I was the handsome one, I was the smart one, and I was born first. But there you are "live from the Hague". And here I am working with this sack of dander on a dead-end regional morning show. (Walter J. Chapman: Back to you, Dan.)
~ Happy Chapman revealing to be the opposite of what his name implies. He is a selfish, arrogant and greedy jerk who abuses his assistant Wendell and is not satisfied with his job as TV pet show host. Chapman wishes for a dog to star in his show so he can overshadow his more successful twin brother, Walter the news anchor, in fame.
(The thieves are ambushing the mall, expect Veck and some hostages, including Amy) (Amy Anderson: Veck, what are you doing? Get down!) (One of the thieves passes a small walkie talkie to Veck, and he grins evilly. Amy stares in horror as the pieces fall into place.) (Amy Anderson: Oh, my god.) Surprised? (Removes his jacket and puts on a different one) I know. But here's the craziest part. I'm the leader.
~ Veck Simms revealing himself to be the leader of the terrorists attacking the mall.
(Korso and Preed shoot the holograph of Cale's father and corner Cale and Akima on the Titan) (Korso: He always did talk to much.) (Akima reaches for a gun, but Preed shoots it out of her hand) Ah-ah-ah. (Cale: Korso, don't do this! This ship is all we have left. Doesn't that mean anything to you?) (Korso: Sorry, kid. World blowin' up changes a man.) (Cale: Look, the Drej--) (Korso: See, you can't beat the Drej. No one can! They're pure energy! Face it, Cale. You've lost!) (Preed points his gun at Korso's head.) Actually, you ALL have. Captain, if you'll relieve yourself of your firearm... (Korso: [furious over Preed's betrayal] You backstabbin'...) Well, I learned from the best. But it wasn't just the money the Drej were offering. It was the health plan that came with it. They'd let me live, provided I kill all of you before they get here. They should be here shortly!
~ Preed betraying Captain Korso and holding him, Cale and Akima at gunpoint, just to save his own hide from the Drej.
(Manny: "Captain Gutt?" [chuckles] Really? Y'know, I have a little paunch, too, but, uh, I wouldn't name myself after it.) (Gutt laughs mockingly) That's funny! You're a funny guy. But that's not how I got my name. (brandishes his jagged sharp claws) THESE got me my name. (Sid: I don't get it.) No? Alright, then. (slices through Sid's upper ropes, making him dangle upside down) Lemme give ya a visual aid. I just gently press here... (pokes Sid's belly) (Sid: Hahah! That tickles!) ...and go down like this. (moves his finger down to Sid's chin; Sid's laughter is promptly replaced with a gasp of horror) (Squint: And then your innards become your outards! Ahahaha!) (Sid: Uh, I still don't get it.) (Manny: Look, as much as as I'm tempted to join a monkey, the Easter Bunny and a giant bag of pudding, I'll pass. No one's gonna stop me from getting back to my family.) (Gutt scowls. Flynn gasps. Squint draws his knife) (Squint: I'm gonna lambada with your liver, buddy! [Squint lunges at Manny, but Gutt grabs him] Let me at him! Ow!) (Gutt tosses Squint aside, then leans close into Manny's ear.) That family is going to be the death of you.
~ Captain Gutt revealing his true nature to Manny when the mammoth refuses to join his crew.
(Shego: Hey, Eric's cute! Once you're outta the picture, maybe I'll date him!) (Kim furiously kicks Shego to a wall. Then Eric suddenly appears down the escalator, quite unharmed.) Wow. Didn't know you cared so much.) (Kim Possible: Eric, you're okay! (Kim embraces Eric) Kim... (Kim Possible: Eric...) Actually, here... I'm known as Synthodrone #901. (Kim's eyes widen with horror; then Eric, with an evil smirk, tasers her, knocking her unconcious.) (Ron Stoppable: KP!) (Ron rushes to Kim's rescue, only to be tripped by Shego, and he falls quite hard to the floor. As Ron also loses consciousness, Shego and Eric look on with evil grins.)
~ Eric betraying Kim Possible, revealing himself to actually be one of Drakken's Synthodrones. He then tasers Kim, knocking her unconscious.
(Gene: So they'll... they'll just... they're gonna fix me.) Actually, delete you. But yes! (Gene: Wait, what?!) If you get deleted, you don't have to worry about what your purpose is or the future or why you're such a malfunction. Cause you're deleted, right? All right, good talk. Bots! (Gene: No!) (Gene throws a chair in the air and the bots delete it. Gene runs out) Don't let him escape!
~ Smiler revealing her true nature to Gene when she reveals her plan to delete him.
They say even the proudest spirit can be broken with love (A giant bug grabs Coraline and seats her) Of course, chocolate never hurts. Like one? (she opens the box with chocolate like bugs) They're coco beetles from Zanzibar. (The Beldam picks one up and eats one) (Coraline: looking disgusted and serious: I want to be with my real mom and dad. I want you to let me go now!) Is that anyway to talk to your mother? (Coraline with stern look on her face: You're NOT my mother!) (The Beldam looking upset) Apologize at once, Coraline! (Coraline: [bravely] No!) (The Beldam gets angry) I'll give you to the count of three. (Coraline just glares without a word) One... (starts to transform) Two... (she becomes taller and slender, appearing as a skeletal creature as Coraline watches in fear) [yelling]] THREE! (Coraline: Hey what are you doing?! Ow, that hurts!) (The Beldam grabs Coraline by the nose and drags up stairs and throws her throws her into a wall with a room looking so bare with only a bed and window) You may come out when you learn to be a loving daughter. (She vanishes through the wall)
~ The Beldam revealing her true nature to Coraline as she reveals to plan to keep for herself to eat and kill the latter after she refused to stayed with her in her world.
(Sam gets dragged in the headquarters)(Sam: Where am I? Am I on the grid? Who are you? (CLU's helmet opens, revealing Kevin Flynn's face) (Sam: Dad?) Sam. Look at you, man. Look at the size of you. How did you get in here? (Sam: I got your message) So it's just you? (Sam: Yeah) Just you. Isn't this something? (Sam: You look the same.) Oh, a lot has happened, Sam. More than you can imagine. Disk. Let's have a look. (Sam hands his disk to Clu and sees what Sam has learned) Got it. I expected more. (Sam: So, you were trapped in here.) That's right. (Sam: And you're in charge.) Right again. You're two for two. (Sam: So can we just go home now?) Not in the cards. Not for you. (Sam: Well, that's a hell of a way to treat your son.) Oh, that. (Looks at Sam) I'm not your father, Sam. But I am very, very happy to see you. (Sam a realization hits him: CLU. (Clu's guards taking Sam away) Where is he? What did you do to him?) Same thing I'm going to do to you. User.
~ CLU revealing to Sam he is actually Kevin Flynn's clone as he takes him hostage.
(Mufasa: Scar! Brother! Help me!) (Scar just stands there. Then suddenly, he pierces his claws into Mufasa's paws. Mufasa roars in pain. He stares in horror as Scar sneers evilly at him.) Long live the king. (He throws Mufasa to the stampede below, as Mufasa screams as he falls to his death, while Simba watches in horror) (Simba: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!)
~ Scar revealing his true nature to his brother, Mufasa, before killing him.
(Francis, narrating: Now I understood. The killer's mission was to see to it that females chosen to reestablish Felidae made it only with racially suitable males. Any brother outside this category with the ambitions to get in the way of that--) (A familiar voice suddenly rings out, causing Francis to turn his head.) Have you solved the puzzle now? (The camera pans to reveal none other than Pascal walking into the room.) (Francis: Yes, Claudandus. There are a couple of pieces still missing, but I'm sure you can fill in the gaps.) I'll tell you a story about men, Francis. A true story about men and animals. Yes. I'm Claudandus, you're right. I was in the laboratory, I did survive Preterius' unspeakable tortures. And when he eventually went mad, I spoke to him. (Francis, not knowing whether to be astonished or angry: You spoke to a man?!) Fascinated, he let me out of my cage. Without hesitating, I buried my fangs in his throat. Then later Ziebold took me in. Through him, I started learning Mendal's theory of genetics. It occurred to me that I could turn the cycle of history, back to an earlier time of glory for our kind. My only ally was Joker. He spread the word that a new age was dawning while I handled the scientific aspects of the project. I started with a single pair, but soon the program broadened out. I was forced to kill Francis. I had no choice. To preserve the racial purity that this new Felidae required. I don't have long, and that was my reason for involving you. You will become my successor; the leader of the wonderful, mighty Felidae! (Francis: Yes, but Joker. Why did you eliminate him?) He would've told you everything, and so there was no choice. And he agreed. (Francis: ...So now I know it all. And what I know disgusts me.)
~ Claudandus revealing to Francis that not only is he behind the cat killing spree, but he also wanted the latter to learn about his past and his project, and that he left clues to guide him on his quest.
Congratulations. You're the first one to get through. (Henry: Get back!) You sound very sinister, Henry. I've told you, we have the same religion; Gold! (Henry: Who are you? I sure as hell know, you're not a preacher.) No. I'm just another greedy American, just like yourself. (Henry: I'm not like you!) Oh, come on now, Henry. You know, if anyone should understand, all this gold... They aren't miners? They never came up here. Who would it hurt? (Henry: Who? You starved these people! You stole from them at the same time!) That's not the way I planned it. I thought they'd move. (Henry: You're sick, mister. And you'll burn in Hell.) Harsh words, Henry. Very harsh words. But I'm not gonna let you turn on your own people. I'm prepared to offer a piece of everything we take out of this mine from here on in. What do you say? (Henry: It's not yours to give.) Oh, sure it is, Henry. (Henry: Get back!) Do we have a deal!? (Reverend Leland pulls out his gun until Henry shoots him, causing him to fall and gasp in pain while covering his arm)'
~ Reverend Leland Drury revealing to Henry Casey that he was the one who was responsible for the caribous' disappearance and offering Henry to mine with him before Henry shoots him.
Town regulations, Article 35, help each other and strengthen your friendships? What the heck!? (Agent FOX: That's the guardian amulet that's been guarding Carrot Town this whole time.) You mean this nonsense? (Agent FOX: It's not nonsense! I mean, maybe for Carrot Town it is, but it shouldn't be for you. It's what you need most. You're the one that needs to recite it more than anyone, Commander, you do. I even learned it myself of it in the last few days.) Ha, ha, ha, ha! How dare lecture me, you silly fox? I will bury Carrot Town with the mighty flood. (Agent FOX: No you won't!) How dare you!? (Agent FOX: I've had to put up with you way too long. You're always mean and forcing me to do bad things. You're not my commander anymore!) How dare you speak like this!? (Agent FOX: Whatever! If you hurt my friends, I'll never forgive you!) You'd actually betray me for those bunnies? What have they ever done for you? (Agent FOX: They've given me nothing but friendship and caring, while you have nothing and no one. No friends at all!) Fine! I'll flood all of Carrot Town! You and your bunny friends! Take this!
~ Commander revealing his true nature to Agent FOX while threatening to flood Carrot Town.
(Optimus: Why, Sentinel, why?) For Cybertron! For our home! What war destroyed, we can rebuild! But only if we join with the Decepticons.(Optimus: No, it’s not the only way. This is our home! We must defend the humans!)So lost you are, Optimus. On Cybertron, we were gods. And here, they call us machines. Let the humans serve us, or perish.
~ Sentinel Prime betraying Optimus and planning to join the Decepticons in order to save Cybertron.
Wait, somebody save me! The lorey's crazy! Keep away, you idiot! Someone do something! You're insane you are! DEACTIVATE!!!
~ Sir Miles Axlerod being forced to reveal his crimes to Lightning McQueen and every car by turning off the bomb attached to Mater in order to prevent killing himself.
Thank you, Poppy...... I'm selling you out. (Poppy: No! Creek, Please don't do this.) Believe me, I wish there was some other me-not-getting-eaten way. (Chef: But there isn't.) And now I have to live with this for the rest of my life. At least, you get to die with a clear conscience. So, in a way.. you could say..... I'm doing this for you. Boop!
~ Creek revealing his true cowardly nature to Poppy, Branch and the rest of his troll friends as he reveals he made an agreement with Chef that she will spare him in exchange he lets all the other trolls get eaten so he wouldn't be eaten himself.
For thirty years, your father was in power and did nothing. With you, I thought it would be different, but it is more of the same.
~ W'Kabi giving up on T'Challa.
(Scar: Army of Scar attack!) (Fuli: Army of Scar?) (Ushari appears with the reptile crew) You can't escape, Lion Guard!
~ Ushari revealing his treachery to Kion and his friends so he can get his revenge on them for getting him trampled.
May I have your attention? There's been a misunderstanding which I would like to correct. I am not Eduardo. I am Lasombra! And you are now my prisoners. And you will remain my prisoners until this football headed boy shows me where to find the Corazon!
~ Eduardo unmasks himself as Lasombra as he now has Arnold and his entire class as captives upon their arrival to his hideout in the San Lorenzo jungle.
What's wrong, little guy? (Charles: It tastes like... like sand.) Does it? (Calvin: I don't taste any sand. Try mine.) (Charles: It's all sand!) Ha! I thought you were like me, Charles Wallace. I thought you were special. And you are. You past the test. It's as simple as that. Simple as twice one is two. Twice two is four. Twice three is six. Twice four is eight. Twice five is ten. Twice six is twelve. Twice seven is fourteen. (Meg: What are you doing?) Twice eight is sixteen. (Charles: We like to see our father now.) You got it. I'll take you right to him. (Meg: Charles Wallace. Take my hand now. Please.) (Charles: No, thanks.) Oh, and, Meg. Hey. (Red removes his glasses, revealing his red eyes.) Thanks for everything. You brought him right to us. (Meg: No! Stop!)
~ Red revealing his true nature to Meg and Calvin as he reveals to be the IT in human form as he brainwashes Charles Wallace and takes him with him to the IT.
[In a damaged Box More factory, Lord Boxman, Shannon, Raymond, Ernesto, Mikayla, and Jethro are sobbing near a crib over the death of Boxman Jr. when Darrell comes in with his sailor suit and turns on the lights.] Hello, family! [Everyone turns at him; while the other robots are shocked, Boxman is outraged.] (Lord Boxman: You’ve got a lot of nerve coming here dressed like that! I know you never cared for Junior. You’re going to the furnace for this one.) Actually, father, I came in here because you have a call waiting on the vid-phone. [The vid-phone turns on with an angry Cosma.] (Cosma: Lord Boxman!) (Lord Boxman: Cosma! I know how this looks, but I-I can assure you that Box More is still running perfectly fine.) (Cosma: Box More was running fine until your baby demolished it! You’re fired!) [Cosma breathes fire on Lord Boxman during the last sentence.] (Lord Boxman: Pfft! Big whoop. I don’t need this job anyway.) (Cosma: You’re being fired... out of a cannon, into the sun.) (Lord Boxman: [shakes his head in confusion] Sons?) [A pack of lesser Darrell units surround Boxman as they transform into a cannon with Boxman on the end.] (Lord Boxman: What is the meaning of this?!) I ratted you out to the Board! (Lord Boxman: You what?!) Isn’t that just the most evilest thing? Betraying my own father? [Boxman's face turns red.] Aren’t you proud of me? (Lord Boxman: You wretched, pathetic, little ingrate. Release me this instant, or I promise you, I’ll—) [Darrell happily pushes the button, and Boxman is launched towards the sun, crashing through the roof in the process. The other robots are very shocked by this.] Bye, Daddy! I love you! (Lord Boxman, flying towards the sun: Curse you, Darrell! CURSE YOU!!!)
~ Darrell Boxman ratting Lord Boxman on Cosma out of jealousy towards Boxman Jr., allowing him to take over Box More.
(Elastigirl wakes up strapped to a chair in a freezing room. She struggles.) I would resist the temptation to stretch. (Evelyn appears from behind a glass wall.) The temperature around you is well below freezing. Try to stretch and you'll break. (Elastigirl: So, you're the Screenslaver.) Yes... and no. Let's say that I created the character and pre-recorded the messages. (Elastigirl: Does Winston know?) [laughs] That I'm the Screenslaver? Of course not. Can you imagine what Mr. Free Enterprise would do with my hypnosis technology? (Elastigirl: Worse than what you're doing?) Hey, I'm using the technology to destroy people's trust in it. Like I'm using superheros. (Elastigirl: Who did I put in jail?) Pizza delivery guy. Seemed the right height and build. He gave you a pretty good fight. I should say, I gave you a good fight THROUGH him. (Elastigirl: But it doesn't bother you that an innocent man's in jail?) Eh, he was surly. And the pizza was cold. (Elastigirl: I counted on you.) THAT'S why you failed. (Elastigirl: What?) Why would you count on me? Because I built you a bike? Because my brother knows the words of your theme song? We don't KNOW each other! (Elastigirl: But you can count on me anyway.) I'm supposed to, aren't I? Because you have some strange abilities and a shiny costume, the rest of us are supposed to put our lives into your gloved hands. That's what my FATHER believed! When our home was broken into, my mother wanted to hide. Begged my father to use the safe room. But Father insisted they call his superhero friends. He died pointlessly, stupidly, waiting for heroes to save the day. (Elastigirl: But why would you... But your brother-) IS A CHILD! He remembers the time when we had parents AND superheroes. So, like a child, Winston conflates the two. Mommy and Daddy went away BECAUSE supers went away. (her rage knowing no bounds) Our sweet parents were FOOLS to put their lives in ANYBODY else’s hands! SUPERHEROES KEEP US WEAK! (Elastigirl: Are you gonna kill me?) (Evelyn smiles maliciously.) Nah, using you is better. You're gonna help me make supers illegal...forever. (Giving Elastigirl a look as if she's about to pull the switch on an electric chair, Evelyn presses her remote and the goggles around Elastigirl's eyes activate, putting her under a blank hypnotic trance.)
~ Evelyn Deavor revealing her true nature to Helen Parr/Elastigirl as she expresses her hate to superheroes and plans to prevent them from becoming legal again before hypnotizing her.
(Anakin arrives in Palpatine's office to tell Palpatine the good news.) (Anakin Skywalker: Chancellor, we have just received a report from Master Kenobi. He has engaged General Grievous.) We can only hope that Master Kenobi is up to the challenge. (Anakin Skywalker: I should be there with him.) It is upsetting to me to see that the Council doesn't seem to fully appreciate your talents. Don't you wonder why they won't make you a Jedi Master? (Anakin Skywalker: I wish I knew. More and more I get the feeling that I am being excluded from the Council. I know there are things about the Force that they are not telling me.) They don't trust you, Anakin. They see your future. They know your power will be too strong to control. Anakin, you must break through the fog of lies the Jedi have created around you. Let me help you to know the subtleties of the Force. (Palpatine and Anakin walk into the hallway.) (Anakin Skywalker: How do you know the ways of the Force?) My mentor taught me everything about the Force...even the nature of the dark side. (They stop walking.) (Anakin Skywalker, shocked: You know the dark side?!) Anakin, if one is to understand the great mystery, one must study all its aspects, not just the dogmatic, narrow view of the Jedi. If you wish to become a complete and wise leader, you must embrace a larger view of the Force. Be careful of the Jedi, Anakin. They fear you. In time they will destroy you. Let me train you. (Anakin Skywalker: I won't be a pawn in your political game. The Jedi are my family.) Only through me can you achieve a power greater than any Jedi. Learn to know the dark side of the Force, Anakin, and you will be able to save your wife from certain death. (Palpatine shows an evil grin.) (Anakin Skywalker: What did you say?) Use my knowledge, I beg you... (Anakin Skywalker: You're a Sith Lord!) Anakin pulls out his lightsaber and begins an attack on Palpatine.) I know what has been troubling you...Listen to me. Don't continue to be a pawn of the Jedi Council! Ever since I've known you, you've been searching for a life greater than that of an ordinary Jedi...a life of significance, of conscience. (Anakin Skywalker: You're wrong!) Are you going to kill me? (Anakin Skywalker: I would certainly like to.) I know you would. I can feel your anger. It gives you focus, makes you stronger. (Anakin puts away his lightsaber.) (Anakin Skywalker: I am going to turn you over to the Jedi Council.) Of course you should. But you're not sure of their intentions, are you? (Anakin Skywalker: I will quickly discover the truth of all this.) You have great wisdom, Anakin. Know the power of the dark side. The power to save Padme.
~ Palpatine revealing his true colors to Anakin Skywalker.
(Ratchet: Yeah, I remember hearing about Ace Hardlight when I was a kid. He was this famous hero who... disappeared.) (Clank: That must have been someone else. Why would a hero kill other heroes for money?) Not money, tin man. FUN. (Clank: I... do not understand...) (laughs evilly) (Ratchet: You traitor! Do you think this is some kind of game?!) That's exactly what it is, furball. And you're going to be the star of my highlight reel. Be seeing you soon, Lombax.
~ Ace Hardlight revealing a darker side as the Dread Zone champion to Ratchet and Clank.
(Tom Natsworthy: She said you murdered her mother.) Murdered? Every single word? Sorry you had to hear that. (Tom Natsworthy: I should go) Yeah. You should. (Valentine kicks off the bar railings and that shoves Tom of the balcony)
~ Thaddeus Valentine reveals the monster within when Tom finds out that he killed Hester Shaw's mother.
You want me to to be the bad guy? Fine. Now I'm the bad guy.
~ Mother Gothel revealing her true nature after Rapunzel realizes that she is the lost princess and that the former kidnapped her and kept her in the tower for 18 years.
[Celebrates by manically laughing.] The city is mine! [Grabs the closest Nixel to him by the arms and swings him around.] It’s mine, mine, mine! [Lets go of the Nixel and lets him fly off.] Weak-minded Mixels, how easy it was to convince them to give up their Cubits! Those fools! [laughs some more] (Unbeknownst to King Nixel, the Newzers are overseeing this and Camsta extends his camera towards King Nixel as his visage shows through the lens. In Mixopolis Stadium, King Nixel is being shown on the monitors as the Nixel Airship flies above the stadium.) (Major Nixel: Would you look at that! I can see you on the Jumbotron!) [The Nixel airship flies off.] Huh? What’s that, Major? (Major Nixel, nervously alongside the pilot Nixel: Uh, nothing, Your Egregiousness! As you were saying?) (Throughout the stadium, Mixels watch King Nixel on the Jumbotron.) [laughs some more] Oh, yes, what dolts! What dimwits! (The Mixels in the crowd become shocked.) (Combustor: Hey! That guy’s a jerk!) What dunderheads! [continues laughing in his lair until five Nixels come up to him and stack up, with the top one whispering to him.] Huh? What? Really? Um… oh, well.
~ King Nixel unknowingly reveals both his true colors and that the I-Cubit campaign is actually a scam to all of Mixopolis.
(As Joan leaves the room, Conrad enters and confronts Larry) (Conrad Walden: I heard what you said. I'm not going to military school, Larry!) Look, buddy, I know I'm not your dad. And this is probably really strange for you, you know. Your neighbor's dating your mom. But here's the thing, son. C'mere. (He kneels in front of Conrad with a menacing glare) I don't like you either! But I'm gonna marry your mom. And if it was up to me, you'd be at military school today. (Conrad Walden: I'm not going to military school!) Oh, I think you're gonna love it! It's just like summer camp, except with brute forces and soul crushing discipline. And one more thing, it's Lawrence, you snot-nosed son of a-- (Joan walks in and Larry quickly picks Conrad up and pretends to bounce him on his shoulder)...wonderful woman who I'm absolutely crazy about! Gosh, I love children! Oh, Joan, I didn't see you there. (Joan Walden: Lawrence, come be a doll and come help me bring up some chairs from the basement.) Nothing would give me more pleasure, Joan, but I do have to run. I have a very important sales conference downtown.) (Joan Walden: Oh. Okay. Well, see you at the party tonight.) Sure. (Conrad scowls. Displaying a charming grin, Larry grabs his briefcase. As Larry faces Conrad, he drops the smile. He puts on a pair of thick-rimmed glasses and marches to the door. Conrad glares as he watches him go. Larry stands in the front door, gives a mocking salutes and leaves.)
~ Larry Quinn revealing his true colors to Conrad Walden and how he despises him and wants to marry his mother and get rid of Conrad by shipping him to military school.
(As Balto leads the sled team into the distance, Steele climbs back up the cliff, panting heavily. He snarls as he sees the team leaving without him.) Go ahead, wolf-dog! You'll never get home! I'll make sure of that! (Later, Steele stands by a few of the trees Balto marked.) I'll show 'em! Why not this way?! How 'bout over here?! (He scratches at one tree, imitating Balto's marks.) Whoops! Wrong way! (chuckles sinisterly)
~ Steele revealing his true remorseless nature as he sabotages Balto's trail to prevent him from returning the medicine to Nome, clearly taking no regard of the sick children who'll die without the medicine.
Stealing someone's psychiatric file is pretty low, Thorne. Even for a swine like you! (Rupert Thorne: But it makes for such fascinating reading. Listen to this, boys. Says here, "when Harvey was a little boy, he was bothered by a bully. Everyday the bully would bug him after school. Until one day, little Harvey got so mad, he sluged him one. Of course, the bully ran away, which made little Harvey feel very proud! Until he heard the bully was in the hospital.") (Candice: That was some punch!) (Rupert Thorne: Haha! That's what Harvey thought! Except the guy was in the hospital for apendicitis. Hehehe. But poor Harvey felt so guilty, he never showed his anger again. And that was the start of Big Bad Harv.) What do you want? (Rupert Thorne: Just a few favors from the D.A.'s office.) You’re dreaming. (Rupert Thorne: Otherwise, as a concerned citizen, I'd feel compelled to give this to the press. After all, the people of Gotham have a right to know the kind of person-- or should I say 'persons' they've elected. -- So, what do you say, Harvey? Do we have a deal?) (Harvey is unable to control his cool and then pretends to be calm.) There's just one problem. (Rupert Thorne, surprised: What's that?) You're talkin' to the wrong Harvey. (Harvey begins to attack Thorne and prepare to punch him, but Batman arrives to stop Harvey.) (Batman: No, Dent! Lets get out of here!) Get away from me! Thorne is mine! (Rupert Thorne: Get them!) (A brutal brawl between Batman, Harvey and Thorne erupts.)
~ Harvey Dent revealing his true nature when he unleashes his berserk button as "Big Bad Harv" and begins to attack Rupert Thorne and his henchmen.
(The witches lead Shrek in chains into Rumpelstiltksin's palace. Rumpel sits on the throne with an eyebal-tini.) (Witch 1: Mr. Stiltskin! [Rumpel looks up with a devious smirk.] You got another customer. [Pinocchio steps up]) WOLFIE! (Big Bad Wolf: Yes, Mr. Stiltskin?) Bring me my business wig. (Pinocchio: Mr. Stiltskin, please!) Bup-bup-bup (The Big Bad Wolf places an elaborate white wig on Rumpel's head) Okay, go. (Pinocchio: Oh, please! Make me a real boy!) (To Wolf) Go away! (To Pinocchio) Terms are in the details, balsa boy. (Hands a "Real boy" contract to Pinocchio) (Pinocchio: Sayanora, termites! Hello, acne!) (Rumpel snickers as Pinocchio begins to sign the contract. Then he notices the glaring, chained-up Shrek.) Oh, Shrek! (The music stops and all the witches turn in surprise.) There he is! (Rumpel walks over the table, knocking over the ink pot and spilling it on Pinocchio's contract.) (Pinocchio: Oh! So close!) (A witch grabs Pinocchio by the collar and drags him away. Rumpelstiltksin turns his attention to the shackled up and very pissed Shrek.) Oh-ho-ho! Have I been waiting for you! Ladies, this is the guy that made all this possible! (Rumpel climbs on Shrek's shoulder and whispers into his ear) So, tell me, how are you enjoying your day? (Shrek: Alright, Rumpel, what's going on? What have you done?!) No, Shrek, it's not what I've done. It's what you've done. Thanks to you, the King and Queen signed their kingdom over to me. (Shrek: They would never do that!) They would if I promised them all their problems would disappear. (Cut to Rumpel's carriage from the opening scene as King Harold signs the contract) And then THEY disappeared! (Harold and Lillian gasp in horror as they dissolve away into nonexistence; their crowns drop on Rumpel's table. Now Rumpel twirls the king's crown on his finger) Ah. They would've done anything if they thought it would end their daughter's curse. (Shrek: I ended Fiona's curse!) How could you when you never existed? (Shrek: You better start making sense, you dirty little man!) Here, let me spell it out for you! (pulls out the "Ogre for a Day" contract from Shrek's vest) You gave me a day from your past. A day you couldn’t even remember. A day when you were an innocent, mindless little baby. (Rumpel hands the contract back to Shrek and walks off humming "Happy Birthday to You". Shrek stares shocked as the pieces fall into place.) (Shrek: You took the day I was born!) No, Shrek. You gave it to me. (Shrek: Enjoy this while you can, Stiltskin, because when this day is up--) Bub-bub-bub-bub...! But, you haven't heard the best part! Since you were never born...(a witch places a huge hourglass on the table)...once this day comes to an end, so will YOU! (Shrek: Where's Fiona? WHERE'S MY FAMILY?!) (Rumpel laughs) Silly little ogre. You don't get it, do you? See, you were never born! You never met Fiona. Your kids don't exist! (Shrek glares. Rumpel and witches begin laughing.) How's that for a metaphysical paradox?! (Shrek grits his teeth. Rumpel and the witches laugh even harder) LOOKS LIKE YOU GOT EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANTED! (Shrek snarls with intense fury as Rumpel and the witches continue to laugh and mock him) HAPPY OGRE DAY! (Shrek: RUMPEL!) (He lunges at Rumpel, who quickly hides behind the hourglass) GET HIM, WITCHES!
~ Rumpelstiltskin revealing his true colors to Shrek and the true purpose of the Ogre for a Day contract--turns out the day Shrek gave Rumpel was day he was born; thus Shrek never existed; he never rescued Fiona, his friends have no clue who he is, Rumpel is a despotic king, and worst of all, Shrek will become erased from existence at the end of the day.
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