• Palpatine revealed his true colors to Anakin Skywalker during the climax of Revenge of the Sith.
  • Elsa Schneider betrays Indiana Jones that she was a Nazi who wants the journal that will leads them to the Holy Grail.
  • Reverend Leland Drury reveals to Henry Casey that he was the one who was behind the caribous' disappearance and offers him to mine with him.
  • Gwen Grayson accepts her award in Sky High, but then reveals herself as the wicked supervillain Royal Pain in front of the audience.
  • Koba shoots his former friend Caesar so that he could become the leader of the apes and start the war between humans and apes.
  • Disney's Maleficent:
    • King Stefan betrays Maleficent by cutting her wings; crippling her. Later, he also reveals his true nature to Aurora when he ordered the latter to be locked up shortly after meeting her for the first time in sixteen years.
    • Queen Ingrith reveals her true nature ti Aurora, after the latter found out that she was the one who cursed her husband to fall into an eternal sleep and framed Maleficent for her crimes. She was also the one who spread the false stories about Maleficent.
      • Her role as the villain was foreshadowed in the scene when she was using the secret passage.
      • Also, she revealed her true nature to her son, Philip, by locking him up when he tried to stop her. In fact, she does not even love neither her son nor her husband.
  • Sugarplum reveals the monster with when Clara finds out that she plan to rule over the realms out of anger over her mother for leaving her and the other realm people and framed Mother Ginger.
  • Quentin Beck reveals the monster within after Peter discovers his powers and the Elements were just illusions.


  • After promising Pinocchio he will make him a real star, Stromboli shows his real colors when he locks the puppet in a cage and plots to make him perform in his show.
  • Scar reveals his true nature to his own brother Mufasa, because of his plan to killing him and want to be king of the Pridelands.
  • After Danny disrupts her stage performance, Darla Dimple flies into a rage, revealing herself as the vile little girl she truly is.
  • Toy Story:
  • Stinky Pete reveals the monster within after he traps Woody, Bullseye, and Jessie in Al's apartment and also reveals that he framed Jessie for turning on the TV last night.
    • Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear by resetting Buzz for his wish and imprisons the rest of the toys, revealing his true colors.
  • Henry J. Waternoose III reveals his true nature as Randall's boss when he exiles Mike and Sulley to the human world and kidnaps Boo in a bid to revolutionize his company.
  • Claudandus reveals to Francis that not only is he behind the cat killing spree, but he also wanted the latter to learn about his past and his project, and that he left clues to guide him on his quest.
  • Hades revealing to Zeus his true nature after he freed the Titans and led his hostile siege on Olympus.
  • Fairy Godmother reveals her true nature to King Harold for the problem that her son Prince Charming's former love interest, Princess Fiona, is already married by Shrek the ogre.
  • Clayton reveals his true nature to Tarzan, by using him to reveal the gorillas' location to Clayton, so he can capture them all and sell them to zoos to make a huge profit.
  • Ray Thompson reveals the monster within when he betrays the Justice League and the JGA in the Justice League episode "Legends".
  • Commander Rourke reveals to Milo Thatch his true intention to steal the Heart of Atlantis, not even caring that the Atlantean people will die without it.
  • Ben Ravencroft reveals his true nature by admitting to Mystery Inc. that he used them to find his ancestress Sarah Ravencroft's accursed spellbook.
  • Charles Muntz reveals his true colors, having gone completely mad, killed several innocent people just because he was paranoid that they were going to steal "his" bird, and will stop at nothing until he then snatches her.
  • Rex Dangervest reveals himself to be Emmet from the future and has him start an apocalypse so Emmet will turn into him.
  • Robert Callaghan reveals the monster within when Hiro and the others discover that Callaghan is Yokai.
  • Evelyn Deavor reveals her true super hero-despising self after being unmasked as Screenslaver.
  • Ernesto de la Cruz reveals the monster within when it is revealed that he poisoned Hector and stole his songs.
  • Bill Cipher revealing his true plans to Ford.
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