You cannot escape from my empire!!!
~ Rez in Gex: Enter the Gecko.

Rezopolis, also known as Rez's Nerve Center, is the bizarre capital of the Media Dimension created for Rez. It is a location and level in 2 videogames Gex and Gex: Enter the Gecko.


This city was constructed when Rez fall on scrap heap for trying to steal cable where it became the overlord of Media Dimension. It was in this world that Rez created the 4 TV portals on dome top. There were also rivers of Liquid Rez completely dangerous and in that liquid which Rez creates his monsters. Rezopolis' main core is Rez's Lair.

After his defeat at Gex's hands, Rezopolis was re-established for two years where some of Rez's more monstrosities now resided. Rezopolis is accessible for TV located in lion head statue and last secret level. Rezopolis it became an independent world after the Rez's second defeat.


In Gex, the city of Rezopolis is composed with TVs, transmitter towers, cabes, generators, silos and high-tech surface.

In Gex: Enter the Gecko, the city of Rezopolis was re-established, but this time it is very nightmarish. Flesh inside on steel structure, blades, fuel power station, TV forests, billboards on walls and wallpaper with mountains picure on background.



  • Rezopolis in Enter the Gecko is tied with Scream TV at being the largest world/levels in the game having 5 levels total. However in the bonus level The Spy Who Loved Himself, there are pictures of Rez in the bonus level so there would actually be 6 levels total.
  • Coincidentally, in Enter the Gecko, Rezopolis has the largest amount of music in the entire series with 5 different pieces of music, 7 if Channel Z was included.
  • Rezopolis has the shortest amount of missions out of all the worlds/levels with either 1 or 2 missions to complete. This is probably because the levels themselves are very huge, perhaps larger than any other level.
  • If you look carefully on the TVs in Rezopolis, particularly the ones in "No Weddings" And "A Funeral" and "Bugged Out", the noise/static looks very similar to the Liquid Rez in Rez's Lair.
  • It is possible that the level "I Got The Reruns" must be scrap heap where Rez must have dropped.
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