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Plankton_rising_to_power.png|'''[[w:c:villains:Plankton|Plankton]]''' seizing power over Bikini Bottom
Plankton_rising_to_power.png|'''[[w:c:villains:Plankton|Plankton]]''' seizing power over Bikini Bottom
Drago Bludvist seizing power over Berk.jpg|'''[[w:c:villains:Drago Bludvist|Drago Bludvist]]''' seizing power over Berk
Drago Bludvist seizing power over Berk.jpg|'''[[w:c:villains:Drago Bludvist|Drago Bludvist]]''' seizing power over Berk
800px-TheFallen-ROTFwithPrimes.jpg|The Fallen (Transformers Film Series) looking at the Sun Harvester
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[[Category:About Villains]]

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Finally YOU will bow to ME!
~ Jafar seizing power over Agrabah.

In works of fiction, there comes a time when the villain seizes his or her opportunity and gains power, channeling it into taking control over a nation or terrorizing the protagonist(s). In other words, the villain is Rising to Power. The villain takes matters into his or her own hands does something that can warp his or her mind or change him or her into a more powerful force. Sometimes he or she can win the day when he or she obtains his or her power over others. This can also lead to evil laughter or a Villainous Breakdown. Villains who usually display this are dictators, giant monsters, masterminds, master manipulators, or evil geniuses. There are many ways the villain can rise to power:

  1. Betraying the hero(es).
  2. Invasion.
  3. Revealing their evil plan.
  4. Revealing their true colors.
  5. Ambushing the hero(es).
  6. Demanding the hero's obedience.


Cartoons & Anime

  • Vilgax: absorbs Diagon and his power to become an immensely powerful, godlike entity.
  • Zs'Skayr:
    • Succeeds in using a space station to cover the Earth in a corrodium beam that mutates all terrestrial life and blocks out the sun.
    • Conquers and destroys Vilgaxia and turns the majority of the local Chimera Sui Generis into Ectonurite minions.
  • Master Cyclonis: Uses Far Side technology to upgrade her Nightcrawlers and to convert Cyclonia into a giant flying mobile fortress with which to successfully conquer the entire Atmos.
  • The Incurseans initially conquer and take over Earth.
  • V.V. Argost: Gains the ability to take Zak's place in controlling the Cryptids in a genocidal campaign against humanity, by stealing Zak Monday's Anti-Kur powers.
  • El Malefico: Morphs into a giant version of himself using The Code Of Masked Wrestling and successfully takes over the world starting with Las Vegas.
  • Upon learning that Heinz Doofenshmirtz: Succeeded in moving the Earth to an early autumn with his latest -inator, Aloyse Von Roddenstein leads the villains of L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. to reveal themselves to the world and builds an -inizor, which is ten times the size and strength of Doof's -inator, to move the Earth into perpetual winter and later (in a failed attempt) to a new Ice Age.
  • Iron-Masked Marauder: captures the legendryy pokemon celebi to build twig monster out of forest material. He reveals to a captured Jessie that he plans to use Celebi overthrow Giovanni & rule Team Rocket

Live-Action Movies

  • Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Persuades Menken to inject a serum into his arm and writhes in pain as he transforms into the Green Goblin, then puts on an armored suit.
  • Scrappy-Doo: Morphs into Scrappy-Rex.
  • Symbiote Vemon: When the parasite lands on Eddie Brock, he transforms into Venom, giving him the power to kill Spider-Man.
  • The Penguin in The Lester the Lab Rat Movie 2: Lester meets the Witches: Makes an attempt to tell the Penguins and the Gremlins that taking over the city of New York has begun.
  • Davy Jones: Both he and his crew summon the Kraken to bring down Will Turner.
  • Edwin Epps: Reads from the Bible to force the slaves to obey him.
  • Theodora and Evanora: Together rally their army to take over Oz.
  • Kahmunrah: Summons the army of the dead from the portal.
  • Emperor Palpatine: Has the Clone Army wipe out (almost) all of the Jedi so he can form a Sith Empire and rule with an iron fist.
  • Norman Osborn: Inhales some vapor, giving him the strength to transform into the Green Goblin.
  • Damien Thorn: Repeatedly destroys his enemies who learns that he's the Antichrist, and comes that much closer to securing and fulfilling his destiny to lead the world into chaos.
  • Megatron and Sentinel Prime: Successfully unleash bring a Decepticon army from the moon, and destroy and capture the city of Chicago during their invasion of Earth.
  • Dracula: Succeeds in capturing Frankenstein and in using him to bring his children to life.
  • Joo Yoon: Began his rise of power to become governor.
  • Both male and female M.U.T.O.s: Conquers San Fransisco as they reunites, where the male gives the female a stolen nuclear warhead and turned the city into nesting ground.
  • Ronan the Accuser: Fuses the Orb which is called the Power Stone (one of the Infinity Stones) to his giant hammer, taking control of the universe.
  • Sir Trenton: Arrives to tell Stripes he's about to be scratched from tomorrow's race, orders his men to take Sandy to her stables and orders them to knock Stripes out cold.
  • Happy Chapman: Confronting Garfield and Odie in the train luggage room before threatening the latter with a shock collar.
  • Cliff Vandercave: Kidnaps Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm and traps them in a giant mining machine. He orders Fred & Barney to give him The Dictabird in exchange for their safe return. Though Fred & Barney give him the bird, Cliff announces he's leaving town with the money he embezzled, and then starts the machine.
  • Sir Edgar: After finding out about Ella's curse, Edgar orders her to kill Prince Charmont on the stroke of midnight, reveals he killed his own brother and tells Ella not to tell anyone about this plan.
  • Ramsley: Reveals he killed Master Edward Gracey's beloved bride Elizabeth Henshaw, locks Megan and Michael in the trunk and throws Jim out of the mansion before they could tell Master Gracey.

Animated Movies

  • Baron Ruber: Fuses Excalibur to his hand and reveals his plan to take over Camelot when he takes Kayley hostage.
  • Mor'du: Demands a spell from the witch to give him the power to conquer the kingdom of his brothers. Returning to his kingdom, he demands his brothers' obedience and drinks the spell. He turns into a giant bear and instead of healing the family bonds murders his brothers and destroys his kingdom.
  • Jafar: Wishes to become Sultan and takes control over Agrabah.
  • Darla Dimple: Orders Max to man the water valves, flooding Mammoth Studios in the process.
  • Gaston: Gathers an angry mob to kill the Beast.
  • Shan-Yu: When Captain Li Shang gives Shan-Yu's sword to the emperor, the falcon swoops down and snatches the sword, tossing it to Shan-Yu, who grabs it and raises it over his head in triumph.
  • Ursula: Grows to a giant size and seizing power over the oceans after stealing the Trident from King Triton who sacrificed himself and saved his daughter Ariel's life by turning into a polyp.
  • Morgana: Creates a giant ice pedestal and uses her magic and the power of the Trident to make King Triton and his subjects bow before her.
  • Scar: Siezes power over pride rock with his Hyena minions.
  • Lotso: Imprisons the toy gang and demands their obedience.
  • Dr. Phillium Benedict: Explaining To TJ Detweiller & Principal Prickly his plan to end summer forever.
  • Sheldon J. Plankton: Enslaves everyone in Bikini Bottom and orders them to seize Squidward in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.
  • Hopper: Has his gang round the Ant Colony up to finish collecting food for them and takes control over Ant Island.
  • General Mandible: Reveals his wicked plan to Princess Bala about flooding the colony, and he locks her in his office.
  • Judge Claude Frollo: Ambushes the Court of Miracles, orders his henchmen to lock up the Gypsies and had Quasimodo taken back to the bell tower.
  • Governor Ratcliffe: Prepares to attack Pocahontas' village.
  • Professor Ratigan: Seizes power over Mousedom.
  • Captain Hook: Captures Peter Pan and the Lost Boys in Return to Neverland.
  • Mother Gothel: Stabs Flynn Rider and prepares to take Rapunzel to another hiding place.
  • King Candy/Turbo: Morphs into a Cy-Bug and confronts Ralph.
  • Hans prepares to kiss Anna, but instead he betrays her and leaves her behind to freeze to death while he reveals his plan to seize power over Arendelle.
  • Rex Pickles drinks the magic potion and turns into his mutated monstrous form.
  • Nerdlucks: After stealing the talents from five NBA stars, the Nerdlucks turn themselves into Monstars and trash the court.
  • Coco LaBouche: After the villainous Coco yanks Chuckie's teddy bear, Wawa out of his hands, she orders Jean-Claude to lock the babies up during her wedding with Chuckie's father. She orders her assistant Kira to destroy Wawa, before slamming out of the room, opening Kira's eyes to the truth.
  • Sloan and Bree Blackburn: Reveal themselves to be poachers who kidnap Tally, shooting the rhino at the river and building an electric fence to kill a thousand elephants in Timbo Valley and interrogate Eliza.
  • Quincy Maroone: After tricking Jason and Gunther into rescuing their parents, the wicked Maroone locks them in the bear cage and locks Stacey and Richard in their basement.
  • Tabitha Harperstein: Murders James and Rachel for tattle-taling on her, and reveals her evil plan to overthrow Benjamin H. Ratwell and seize power over New York City.
  • Dylan Sanders: Reveals he's the pirate thief who stole treasure from the Monaco beach, and then tried to freeze Lenny at the fair with his statue ray gun, says he's gonna kill Sylvia and pushes Lenny in the mud.
  • Captain Gutt: After Manny steals his replacement ship, the furious ape then creates a new one and vows to destroy evertyhing that's dear to Manny before heading to the continent. Gutt later beats Manny and the gang to the continent and takes Ellie and Peaches hostage, stating that Manny took everything he had and the evil captain intended to do the same.
  • Archibald Snatcher seizes power over Cheesebridge and prepares to kill Eggs in front of Lord Portley-Rind and the townspeople.
  • Alameda Slim: After, lassoing Maggie, Calloway and Grace and prepares to ship the cows on the train, he then reveals that the supposed bounty hunter Rico is actually a mercenary working for him, much to Buck the horse's disappointment. Slim then leaves on his way to buy the cows' farm Patch of Heaven.


(Stripes and Sandy spin around to hear a voice behind them.) Well, well. What have we here? (It's Sir Trenton, who laughs.) Beauty and the beast. (Stripes: Oh, no. Sir Trenton.) (Trenton's thugs gallop behind him.) I'm afraid there's been a change of plans, zebra. You're about to get scratched from tomorrow's racecard. (Sandy: Oh, no. There are so many.) (Stripes: It's okay. Let's stay calm.) Pretty picture, huh, boys. (Sandy, trying to stand up to Trenton: Don't do this, Sir Trenton, please!) Take her away. (Hench-horse: All right, boss.) (Trenton's goons begin to herd Sandy away.) (Hench-horse: Let's go.) (Stripes: Sandy!) (Sandy: Stripes, I'm not going anywhere without you!) (Stripes: It's all right, Sandy. Just go.) (Hench-horses: Better hide your eyes there, honey! We're out of here. Trust me, you don't wanna see this.) (Stripes stands his ground against his adversary.) (Stripes, firmly: You better not hurt her.) Oh, don't fret about her. As long as you don't race tomorrow, I wouldn't DREAM of hurting her. You, on the other hand, need to be taught a lesson. (Trenton turns to his men.) Show him! (On Trenton's command, his thugs knock Stripes to the ground and overpower him, stomping on him with their sharp hooves.)
~ Sir Trenton rising to power and demanding Stripes' obedience.
We came to these parts for a new life with nothing but the clothes on our backs. We THOUGHT we found a new home here in Cole Junction. The mine was producing, and so was the river. But it wasn't until Grimm showed up with his boys and guns. He overwhelmed us with threats. But that ain't the worst of it. Grimm killed Judy's husband, who owned the saloon, and took over the business.
~ The Mayor of Cole Junction telling Bulletproof Jackson about Grimm's ascension to power.
Lord Portley Ri-ind! (Lord Portley-Rind steps out the door to see Snatcher standing above him on the Mecha Drill.) I come bearing the most delightful news. (Lord Portley-Rind: Mr. Snatcher, what the devil is this?) (Snatcher lets out an evil laugh.) Show him, lads. (The Red Hats spill the crushed boxes and present them to Portley-Rind.) Flattened to extinction. Every slimy one of them. (Winnie notices this and runs out onto the window seat to investigate. She gasps.) Your Lordship, I said I would not rest until I caught every last boxtroll and I AM a man of my word. (Snatcher hits a switch and the Mecha Drill's mechanical arm swings around to reveal Eggs who is stuffed into a boxtroll costume, his mouth gagged and his hands tied behind his box.) With this boxtroll, I will end their reign of terror. (Winnie: EGGS!) I'd say that deserves a white hat, don't you? (The crowd cheers.) (Shopkeeper woman: A white hat for Mr. Snatcher!) (Men: Our hero! Be-hatify the man!) (Lord Portley-Rind nervously steps up to Snatcher.) (Lord Portley-Rind: Yes, well. I'm not sure...We'd have to take a vote...) (The crowd begins chanting "WHITE HAT! WHITE HAT! WHITE HAT! WHITE HAT!" Mr. Gristle chants with them, but Mr. Pickles and Mr. Trout look uncomfortable.) (Lord Portley-Rind: There's probably some, uh, paperwork... then have a hat shipped in...) (Snatcher raises the tied-up "boxtroll" over the town hall.) No. Methinks a deed of this magnitude deserves something a bit more...significant.) (As Lord Portley-Rind stares up at him blankly...) I want...YOUR hat. (Lord Portley-Rind: MY hat?) (Snatcher looks back at the crowd, who are still chanting with Mr. Gristle and calling for Lord Portley-Rind's white hat. Portley-Rind calms the crowd.) (Lord Portley-Rind: All right. All right. As THAT boxtroll is dead, you may have...my...hat.) Yes. And then we can eat cheese together. In the Tasting Room. (Snatcher laughs, then climbs down the Mecha Drill, using Mr. Gristle's head as a step stool. Mr. Gristle laughs.) (Mr. Gristle: FOOT!) (Snatcher gives a remote control to Mr. Trout.) Do the honors. (Mr. Pickles, to Trout: I thought this was all gonna be a show, like with Frou Frou. (He pulls out a fake mustache.) I brought my mustache and everything.) (Mr. Trout: This really does stretch the limits of the term "hero", doesn't it?) (Mr. Gristle snarls at them.) (Mr. Gristle: HAT!) (As Mr. Pickles puts on his mustache, Snatcher pulls off his red hat.) Musician, drumroll! (The One Man Band begins to strike up a drumroll.) Mr. Trout, lower the beast down. (Mr. Trout begins to lower the bound and gagged Eggs into the machine's enormous furnace. Snatcher takes a knee and presents his head. Lord Portley-Rind takes off his hat.) (Lord Portley-Rind: Repeat after me: With this hat, I, state your name...) With this hat, I, Archibald Penelope Snatcher... (As Eggs is lowered toward the roaring fire, Mr. Pickles and Mr. Trout sweat with fear. Portley-Rind slowly begins to lower his hat onto Snatcher's head.) (Lord Portley-Rind: With profound esteem for dairy and dairy products...proudly swear to uphold the dignity of the white hat.) Proudly swear to uphold the dignity of the White Hat.
~ Archibald Snatcher rising to power over Cheesebridge.
Arise, my messengers of death! Our time has arrived!
~ The Horned King's famous quote (upon using the power of the Black Cauldron to raise the army of Cauldron-Born)
Return the potion by moon down, or you'll never see your sister again.
~ The Bog King demanding Marianne's obedience as he raids the fairy fair and abducts Dawn.
Mufasa's death was a terrible tragedy. But to lose Simba, who had barely begun to live... For me, it is a deep personal loss. So it is with a heavy heart that I assume the throne. Yet out of the ashes of this tragedy, we shall rise to greet the dawning of a new era... in which lion and hyena come together in a great and glorious future!
~ Scar seizing power over Pride Rock.
"(Alister Krei is making his speech to his coworkers until a voice booms out.) "SETBACK?!" (The voice is Yokai's, and the microbots crawl toward the crowd like army ants. As the crowd runs away screaming, the microbots coil around Krei like a python and bring him up to Yokai, who pulls off his mask, revealing himself as Robert Callaghan. His eyes burn like torches as he glares at Krei.) Was my daughter a "setback?" (Krei: Callaghan! Your daughter...that - that was an accident! I - ) No! You knew it was unsafe! My daughter is gone because of your arrogance! (The microbots haul up the pieces of the broken portal. Krei gasps in terror.) (Krei: What are you doing?!) (You took everything from me when you sent Abigail into that machine. Now I'm taking everything from YOU. (The machine begins to activate.) (Krei: No, no! You can't!) (Pieces of Krei Tech start to get sucked into the portal.) You're going to watch everything you've built disappear. Then it's YOUR turn. (Hiro: Professor Callaghan!) (Hiro and his friends rush in.) (Hiro: Let him go! Is this what Abigail would have wanted?) Abigail is GONE! (Hiro: This won't change anything. TRUST me. I know.) (Callaghan begins to grow sympathetic.) (Krei: Listen to the kid, Callaghan. Please, just let me go. I'l give you ANYTHING you want.) (Callaghan's eyes begin to narrow.) I want my daughter back!"
~ Yokai/Robert Callaghan rising to power.
If I didn't know better, I'd think you had "Feelings" for this monster. (Belle: He's no monster, Gaston! YOU are!) (a nasty glare covers Gaston's face) She's as crazy as the old man! (He snatches the Magic Mirror out of Belle's hands) The Beast will make off with your children! (Crowd gasps) He'll come after them in the night! (Belle: No!) We're not safe 'til his head is mounted on my wall! I say we kill the Beast!
~ Gaston gathering a mob to storm the Beast's castle and kill him.
This year, Halloween is under new management!"
~ - Krudsky rising to power.

Go ahead, Wolf Dog! You'll never get home! I'll make sure of THAT!
~ Steele sabatoging Balto's trail.
Now I am the ruler of all the ocean! The waves obey my every whim! The sea and all of its spoils BOW TO MY POWER!!!
~ Ursula seizing power over the sea.
Welcome to the boss level! (Ralph: Turbo!) (King Candy laughs) Because of you, Ralph, I'm now the most powerful virus of the arcade! I can take over any game I want. I shall thank you, but it'll be more fun to kill you.
~ King Candy/Turbo confronting Wreck-It Ralph after turning into a Cy-Bug
You see, after all those years, no matter how big I got, no matter how successful, I've always thought about you. How you EMBARRASSED me! How you HUMILIATED me! How you DESTROYED my relationship with Muriel Finster, the only woman I ever loved (TJ Detweiler to Prickly: That part still grosses me out, Sir.) (Principal Prickly to TJ: Shh!) But this time, Pete, I'M gonna humiliate YOU! This time, I'm gonna prove to the world that you were wrong and I was right! (Principal Prickly: About what?) About RECESS! About freedom! About test scores! I've found a way to prove my theory! I'm gonna get rid of the biggest recess of 'em all! I am gonna get rid of Summer Vacation! (T.J. Detweiler: You FIEND!) "Fiend" Eh you try to help people, that's the thanks you get. (Principal Prickly: It'll never work, Phil) Well actually, Pete, that's where you're wrong.) (Benedict presses a button and a holographic globe and moon rise up) You see all i have to do is modify the moon's orbit ever so slightly...and Tide Levels on the Eastern Sea Board rise eight feet! Move the moon over here...and the currents that warm California suddenly become ice cold! Summer, as we know it, will become a thing of the past. And without summer... (The globe diagram grows icicles Prickly and TJ gasp)...no summer vacation. (T.J. Detweiler: You'll NEVER get away with this, Benedict!) Oh yeah? Well who's gonna stop me?
~ Dr. Phillium Benedict explaining to TJ Detweiler and Principal Peter Prickly his evil plan to rid of summer vacation.
So, Beast gets girl, and it's a happy ending for everyone. Enchantment lifted,... and Forte fades into the background. No longer important... no longer needed... I THINK NOT!!!'
~ Forte before attempting to destroy the Beast's Castle
Hello, Eliza. (Eliza turns to see Sloan grinning evilly. Tally wiggles in Eliza's grasp) (Eliza: Sloan? This cheetah cub, where--where did you get him?) I picked him up on the savannah. (Eliza: You bought him?) (Sloan chuckles with sinister glee.) No. I picked him up...right off the ground. (Bree walks to Sloan's side, a menacing sneer covers her face.) (Bree: I told Sloan he shouldn't CUT that rope ladder!) (Eliza gasps: It was YOU!) Yes. (Sloan pulls out his dagger from his boot) Thank you so much for returning my knife to me. (Bree, in mock-symphony: Oh, kitten, you didn't drink all your milk.) (As Bree speaks, she pulls Tally out of Eliza's arms. Tally writhes in Bree's iron grip) (Bree: How are you ever gonna grow big enough to make me a new coat?) I'm afraid you're gonna have to miss the solar eclipse. You can catch it on the Poaching Channel. (Eliza, furious: You build a fence!) Of course. Now here's a question for your famous father: How many volts of electricity does it take to kill a thousand elephants? Hm? (Darwin and Donnie are bound hands and feet by twine, and Eliza has both hands tied behind her back by Sloan) Eliza, you're a little troublemaker. First, you show up on my cheetah hunt, and then you jump from a train to save my rhino. (Eliza, hotly: He's not YOUR rhino.) Oh, really? And then somehow, you knew the poachers had shot him in the river. Yet you were on the train at the time. (Eliza: I guessed.) Perhaps. And now you arrive in the jungle knowing about a fence-- A fence which is no one witness being built. So, my little troublemaker, who told you? (Eliza, stubbornly: No one.) Are your parents working with that Jomo person? (Eliza: They don't even know I'm here) Then who is your source of information? (Eliza, There's no one.) You know too much for a little girl. I have too much invested in this operation to let anything get in my way. If you don't tell who they are, you'll never see that family of yours again.
~ Sloan and Bree Blackburn, revealing themselves to be poachers and interrogate Eliza.
I have the POWER! I reign supreme! This is MY KINGDOM! (cackles maniacally)
~ Professor Ratigan seizing power over London.

Oh, Anna. If only there was someone out there who loved you. (He prepares to leave.) (Anna: What? Y-you said you did.) As thirteenth in line, in my own kingdom, I didn't stand a chance. I knew I'd had to marry into the throne somewhere. (Anna: What are--what are you talking about?) As heir, Elsa was perferable, of course, but no one was getting anywhere with her. But you...(Anna: Hans?) You were so desperate for love. You were willing to marry me, just like that. I figured, after we married, I'd have to stage a little accident for Elsa. (Anna: Hans! No, stop.) But then she doomed herself, and you were dumb enough to go after her. (Anna: Please.) (Hans chuckles evilly) All that's left now is to kill Elsa and bring back summer. (Anna, bravely: You're no match for Elsa.) No, you are no match for Elsa. I, on the other hand, am the hero who is going to save Arendelle from destruction. (He walks out to the door.) (Anna, furious: You won't get away with this.) Oh...I already have. (Hans closes the door behind him, locking Anna in the library)
~ Prince Hans, betraying Anna and reveals his plan to kill Elsa and seize power over Arendelle
We'll see about that, Inspector Looselips. (He laughs, while pushing a button on Karen) (Karen: Now activating helmet brain control devices.) (Squidward: Huh?) (A radar rises out of the Chum Bucket restraunt, and the helmets on the people's heads cover their faces. They all stand up and drone: All hail Plankton.) (Squidward: What's going on here?) (Plankton puts his headphones on) Seize him, slaves! (Drones: All hail Plankton.) (Squidward: Ah! I'm getting out of here!) (Squidward tries to escape the Chum Bucket, but runs into other drones and he runs into the corner. Everyone marched toward him, continue droning "All hail Plankton". Squidward screamed in horror) (Plankton chuckled evilly) Who can stop me now? (laughing) WHO?
~ Plankton enslaving everyone in Bikini Bottom and order them to seize Squidward in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.
"This is what happens when you dummies try to think! WE'RE ALL JUST TRASH, WAITING TO BE THROWN AWAY! THAT'S ALL A TOY IS!'
~ Lotso revealing his true hatred for all toys
(Kent catches Hogarth sneaking his bike back into the barn) You're late for dinner, Hogarth. (Hogarth tries to escape from the barn but Kent locks the door and stops him) Your mom's working late tonight, Hogarth. So it's just us guys. And we're gonna have a little chat. Sit down! (shoves Hogarth onto a chair and shines a bright light on him) How's that? A little too bright? Good. Forgive me, Hogarth. I wanted you to learn something. (Hogarth Hughes: What can I learn from you?) You can learn this, Hogarth: that I can do anything I want whenever I want if I feel it's in the people's best interest. The giant metal man... where is it? (Hogarth Hughes: I don't know what you're talking about.) You don't? Well... Does this ring a bell?(tosses him a photo of the piece of metal that Hogarth lured the Giant with) (Hogarth doesn't answer) No? How 'bout this? (tosses him the picture Hogarth accidentally took of himself - with the Giant behind him) You've been careless, Hogarth. (Hogarth Hughes: It doesn't prove anything!) It's enough to get the Army here with one phone call. (Hogarth Hughes: Then what's stopping you?) WHERE'S THE GIANT?! (grabs Hogarth by the jaw) You can't protect him, Hogarth - any more than you can... protect your mother. (Hogarth Hughes: (worried) My mom?) (Kent lets go of Hogarth's jaw and sighs) It's difficult to raise a boy all alone. We can make it more difficult. In fact, we can make it so difficult that it would be irresponsible for us to leave you in her care. And all of that implies... you'll be taken away from her, Hogarth. (Hogarth Hughes, shocked: You can't do that!)Oh, we can... and we will. (Hogarth Hughes: (sees that there is now no other alternative and looks down in defeat) He's in the junkyard. McCoppin's Scrap, off Culver Road.) The junkyard. Of course! Food for the metal eater. I wouldn't worry about this, Hogarth. It isn't really happening. This is only... a bad dream.(Kent stuffs Hogarth with chloroform, knocking him out, and leaving him unconscious)
~ Kent Mansley interrogating Hogarth in the Barn on the Iron Giant's whereabouts threatening to take him away from his mother if he doesn't tell him. When Hogarth reluctantly complies, Mansley then chloroforms the boy.
(After seeing Manny and Co. steal his ship, Gutt growls and turns to a crevice. With a tremendous roar, he breaks the iceberg in two and rises with his new ship; he turns to his crew.) Shore leave's over! Get your sorry carcasses on board now! (The crew nervously obeys; Gutt whistles for his narwals to propel the ship. Then he glares at Shira) (Shira: Gutt, I can explain--)(Gutt siezes Shira by the throat) When this ends, I'll have a tiger's skin hanging on my wall. I don't care whose! (Flings Shira to the ground.) That mammoth has taken my ship, my bounty, and now the loyalty of my crew! I will destroy him! And everything he loves!
~ Captain Gutt vowing vengeance on Manny for stealing his ship before heading to the continent
YOU LITTLE TERMITES! I give you a second chance, AND THIS IS ALL I GET?! (Hopper tosses the leaf of minimal food to the ground. The ants cower) (Princess Atta: But Hopper, we ran out of time!) Have you been playing all summer? You think this is a game?! (Princess Atta: No, no please!) Well guess what? You just lost. (His gang begin rounding up the ants) Not one ant sleeps until we get EVERY SCRAP OF FOOD ON THIS ISLAND!
~ Hopper seizing power over Ant Island
Da-da-da-da-da! Puppy power! I've outsmarted--(gets shocked by his costume) (Velma: Scrappy-Doo.) Correction: The new, improved Scrappy. (As Scrabby speaks, he turns into Scrappy-Rex) Because I, Scrabby-Dappy-Doo have absorbed enough energy to...To rule the world with my all-powerful army! And I've brought you here, puny, pathetic, Mystery Inc...to witness my moment of triumph. All I need to complete my transformation is (As his head grew big, his voice changed) SCOOBY-DOO. (Scooby: Me? Don't you mean Melvin Doo?) SEIZE THEM!
~ Scrappy-Doo morphing into Scrappy-Rex and rising to power

Yes. Well done, Mr. Evers. (Jim, his children, Emma and Ezra spin around to see Ramsley with a stern look on his wrinked face) I must say I'm impressed. You are more persistent than I would have ever imagined. (Jim, surprised: The butler did it? You gotta be kidding me.) (Ramsley turns to Emma and Ezra, giving them a cold look) I will deal with YOU two later. (Emma and Ezra disappear. Jim firmly: Why'd you kill her?) Because the master would not listen to reason. He had everything in the world, and yet he was willing to throw it all away for love. I did tell him it would end badly. (Jim: You're a real cold dude.) No, Mr. Evers, I am a rational man. (While Ramsley speaks, we see a flashback to him secretly giving Elizabeth the poison and betraying Edward Gracey) It was my responsibility to the house, my duty, sir, to see to it that the boy did not make a foolish error in judgment. Running away with that girl would have destroyed this house. (The scene changes back to the present) It would have destroyed everything. And I could not stand by and watch it all fall to ruin. (Megan, encouraging her father: Punch his face in, Dad!) (Jim, furious: Yeah, but first, I'm gonna tell his master what really happened.) The master must never know. Edward and his love will be reunited, and this curse will be broken. (Jim, now shocked: But that's not her. That's my wife.) And what she sees in you I'll never know. But that is of little importance now. The only thing that matters is that the master's pain must end. And it will end tonight. The curse will be broken, and we can all finally move on. (Jim, sternly: Alright, that's it, man. Where's my wife?) Getting ready for her wedding, of course. (Jim: What wedding? He can't marry her. He's dead, and she's not.) True. But that can be easily corrected. Life, I'm afraid, is such a delicate state. (When Jim hears this, he glares at Ramsley) (Jim, breathing fire: Hey, man, if you put one finger on my wife, I swear I'll KILL YOU!) (He launches punches at Ramsley, but passes through the ghostly butler. The evil man smiled with sinister glee) How wonderful. You're going to kill a ghost. (Michael: Leave him alone!) (Megan: Stop it!) (Ramsley waves his fingers, and a small trunk closes itself, trapping Megan and Michael inside) (Jim: Let them go!) (He lunges at Ramsley, but it was no use.) (Jim, furious: You're gonna let my kids out of here, you're gonna take me to my wife, and you're gonna let us out of here right now!) You want out...fine. Let me show you out. (Ramsley grabbed Jim's throat and hoists him up in the air. Jim struggled in Ramsley's grasp, and the evil butler stared at him with cold eyes) Now, for the last time, good night, Mr. Evers. (With a solid toss, he threw Jim through the mansion window, breaking all the glass in process)
~ Ramsley, revealing his betrayal to Master Gracey, has Sara marry the master and rising to power.
(Happy Chapman corners Garfield & Odie) Goin' somewhere? (Chapman reaches into his pocket and pulls out the shock collar he used on Odie earlier) (Garfield: Nice accessory, but I don't think I wanna play dress up with you pal! Let's get outta here! Let's beat it!) (Chapman knocks a suitcase over, causing a domino reaction that ends with one large baggage blocking Garfield & Odie's path) (Garfield: OW! Right in the nose again! Now it's gonna get physical, is it?) (Chapman comes closer to the two) Did you really think you could just run away from Happy Chapman? (Garfield: Oh is this a cry for help!) No dumb, dirty animal is ever gonna get the better of me. (He turns to Odie) And let's see how you feel with 200 volts coursing through that thick canine skull of yours.
~ Happy Chapman, cornering Garfield & Odie in the train luggage room, before threatening the latter with a shock collar
(Shen lights his torch in front of the captured Furious Five. He's about to sail on his armada.) Such sad, sad faces... but now is a time only for joy. (He approaches the Five and leans in closely to Tigress' ear.) You are going to be part of something beautiful. (Tigress snarls at the wicked peacock) Once we reach the harbor... in front of all the world... you and your precious kung fu will die... (chuckles evilly) and China will know to bow before me. SET SAIL!
~ Lord Shen having captured the Furious Five as the wicked peacock prepares to sail on his armada.
(Captain Gutt emerges from the fog and grabs Peaches by the throat, holding a dagger near her neck!) Welcome home, daddy! (Peaches: Let GO OF ME!) (Manny gasps in horror) What are the odds? We were just talking about you! You like the new ship? I call her Sweet Revenge! (Silas: And look here! We've got the catch de jeur!) (Ellie's tied to a pillar) (Manny: Ellie!) (Ellie: I'm alright! (glares at Gutt) Let my daughter go!) (Gutt laughs) (Manny: It's OK. He wants me, and he's gonna get me.) (Diego notices a weak Shira struggling to her feet.) Sacrificing yourself for your daughter! How touching! How predictable. Now come and get her. (Flynn & Raz lay down a plank bridge for Manny to cross to the next ship) (Raz: G'day, mate!) (Flynn: Remember us? We're the bad guys!) (Manny: Alright, let them go!) (Gutt chuckles darkly) I don't think so. You destroyed everything I had! I'm just returning the favor. (Manny: NO!!!) (Manny tries to charge at Gutt, but the crew rapidly ties him up.) I warned you...
~ Captain Gutt taking Manny's family hostage, stating that the mammoth took everything he had from him and the evil ape intended to do the same.
(As Coco opened the door and sees the Rugrats snacking on food, she was not happy) Did you see those sticky fingers? Jam-covered mouths? Dirty little faces? Disinfect them! (sees Chuckie holding his teddy bear Wawa) Ah! What are you doing with that mangy thing? Give me that! (She grabs onto Wawa, but the Rugrats grab behind Chuckie) How dare you defy me! (Jean-Claude: You babies are in trouble now.) You're going to be mine! You will do things MY WAY! (The Rugrats let go of Wawa, and knocks over a vase. It falls onto the floor and shatters. Coco seethes in fury) Jean-Claude, take those wretched dust mops away! I will not have them ruining my wedding day! (Angelica, smirking: Looks like you dumb babies will be missing the wedding.) And don't forget the big mouth, too. (Jean-Claude: My pleasure, madame.) (Jean-Claude grabs Angelica and the Rugrats and herd them to the elevator like sheep. Angelica struggles in Jean-Claude's grasp) (Angelica: Keep your hands off me, you big bully!) (Kira gasps in shock) (Angelica: What do you think you're doing? I'm the flower girl!) (Jean-Claude, icily: I feel your pain, mademoiselle. Unfortunately, you just got "Le Boot") (Angelica: But what about my float, and my matching ponies?!) (Kira, shocked: Madame LaBouche!) (Coco's eyes glowed with evil) Burn this hideous, moth-eaten plaything. I never want to see it again. (She slams the door behind her)
~ Coco LaBouche, demanding the Rugrats and Kira's obedience and has Jean-Claude lock the Rugrats away before her wedding
Anton Zeck: I DON'T WANNA BE A MUTANT, I'M TOO HANDSOME! THE LADIES LOVE ME!! Shredder: You stole my sacred helmet, HUNTED MY DAUGHTER! Your fates are sealed. Ivan Steranko: No! No!, Shredder, how long have we known each other? It is ten years, heh? (Shredder ignores Steranko while Baxter Stockman prepared the DNA infusion with the mutagen) Shredder: Anton Zeck is first, for stealing the Kuro Kabuto. (Fishface starts to push Zeck towards the pool of mutagen) Anton Zeck: Can we talk about this G!? (Fishface pushes him into mutagen) (Anton Zeck mutates in agony while Steranko nervously watches with Rahzar chuckling nearby) Anton Zeck: (After becoming Bebop) Oh no, look at me! I'm a dang warthog! Shredder: And now, Ivan Steranko my 'old friend', your animal is apropos. Ivan Steranko: Let us become reasonable, I'm more useful to you as normal guy, not mutant! (Shredder again ignores Steranko and nods at Rahzar, who nods back) Ivan Steranko: Nyet, NYET-!! (Rahzar kicks him into mutagen) Ivan Steranko: NYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET-!!! Ivan Steranko: (After becoming Rocksteady) Uhh, don't feel so well... oh nyet, look at me! Anton Zeck: They've turned us into FREAKS!!! (The two reborn Bebop and Rocksteady then roar and squeal)
~ Shredder punishing Anton Zeck & Ivan Steranko by mutate.
(Itchy: Aah! Oh!) (Carface come close to scared Itchy) Where's the girl? (Itchy, scaredy: Ah, i... i don't know. Ah, i... i don't know. (Carface smashes bottles) I think you do. What do you think, boys? (Killer: If you want my opinion--) Shut up! (Itchy: Please, don't do this.) (Carface pulls out a claw) Uh, Charlie.) To Charlie... with love. (Itchy: This is a very bad idea. (Carface's claw hits the boards, then Carface's thugs They begin to get at Itchy) Yo! Charlie!)
~ Carface before to brutally beating Itchy and burning Charlie's Casino

(General Mandible's guards bring Princess Bala into his office) Ah, Princess, you're just in time. (Princess Bala: Take your hands off me! General, what exactly is going on here, I demand an explanation.) I'll explain everything afterwards. Is the Southeast entrance secure? (Soldier: Yes, sir!) (Bala slams her fist on the table) (Princess Bala: Not afterwards....NOW.) (She glares at Mandible) (Princess Bala: I don't like the way you think. And I don't like the way you run this colony. And I don't like YOU. The wedding is off. Things are gonna change around here.) You're right, Princess. Things ARE gonna change. Why don't we make her more comfortable? (They force Bala into a chair) She'll be with us for a while. (Princess Bala: What do you think you're doing?! My mother will have your head!) I doubt that. (chuckles) Ah, you've got a fighter spirit, Bala. And that's just what we need to start our new colony. We'll rinse away all the filth from our gutters, and start anew...with you by my side as my queen. (Princess Bala: You're crazy!) (Mandible smirks) I believe history will see things differently. Alright, gentlemen, time to take your positions. Someday...someday you'll thank me. (Leaves his office and locks the door behind him)
~ General Mandible explaining to Bala his evil plan to drown all the ants before locking her in his office.
(Red: You're crazy!) Maybe so, but I'm TOP OF THE WOODS NOW, BABY!
~ Boingo rising to power
Looking for something? (Arnold and Gerald gasp) Well, here you are, back again. After I patiently explained that your mission is completely hopeless. It still is, though I'm less inclined to entertain you after you broke into my building for the second time. Did you think you could get away with this? There are cameras everywhere. I record everything that goes on, day and night. Did you think I'd let you win, let you save your little neighborhood? Don't you realize who I am? I am Alphonse Perrier Du Von Scheck. (Scheck turns on the light revealing historical art) I can trace my ancestry back to the founding fathers. (Scheck angrily turns to a framed painting) Do you know when we lost control of this city? When that ridiculous Tomato Incident took place in your pathetic little neighborhood. (Scheck takes the painting from the wall, breaks it in half, and flings to the floor) Tearing it down and putting my name upon its place will be revenge of the sweetest kind. (Grins evilly) (Arnold: But the document. Where's the document?) (Scheck laughs evilly, reaches into his jacket and pulls out the document and a lighter) Unfortunately, like your little plan, it's about to go up in smoke. (He burns the document in front of Arnold & Gerald, the burnt pieces fall at the boys feet) My guards will now lock you away, where you won't cause anymore trouble.
~ Alphonse Perrier Du Von Shceck revealing to Arnold & Gerald his true intentions of bulldozing their neighborhood, before burning the document declaring it a landmark.
(Syndrome shows the captured Incredibles the Omnidroid set to emerge) Huh?! HUH?! Oh, COME ON, you gotta admit this is cool! Just like a movie! The Robot will emerge dramatically, do some damage, throw some screaming people, and just when all hope is lost...Syndrome will save the day! I'll be a bigger hero than you ever were! (Mr. Incredible: You mean that you killed off real heroes just so that you cold...pretend to be one?!) Oh, I'm real. Real enough to defeat YOU! And I did it without your precious gifts, your "oh-so-special" powers. I'll give them heroics. I'll give them the most spectacular heroic's anyone's ever seen! And when I'm old and I've had my fun, I'll sell my inventions so that everybody can be superheroes. Everyone can be super! And when everyone's super...(laughs)...No one will be. (leaves his prisoners to stage his fight with the Robot)
~ Syndrome revealing to the imprisoned Incredibles his true purpose of killing the Supers and unleashing the Omnidroid
BROTHERS! TITANS! Look at you, in your squalid prison! WHO PUT YOU DOWN THERE?!!? (Titans: ZEUS!) And now that I set you free, what's the first thing you're going to do?! (Titans: DESTROY' HIM!) Good answer.
~ Hades unleashing the Titans
(Mayor of Metro City: Tighten has freed us!) Oh I wouldn't say "freed." More like...under new management. (Violently flicks the Mayor, sending him flying)
~ Tighten seizing power over Metro City
(As Tarzan is being forced into the brig, a gunshot is heard) What's going on here? (Tarzan: Clayton! Clayton, help!) Have we met? (As Clayton comes closer to Tarzan a sinister smile forms on Clayton's face) Ah, yes! The Ape Man! (Tarzan, furious over Clayton's betrayal: Clayton...you...YOU--) (Clayton slams Tarzan in the chest with the butt of his rifle) So sorry about the rude welcome, old boy, but I couldn't have you making a scene...when we put your furry friends in their cages. (Tarzan: Why?) Why? For 300 pounds sterling a head. Actually, I have you to thank, my boy. Couldn't have done it without you. (With a sinister smirk, Clayton turns to his goons) Lock him up with the others.
~ Clayton revealing his true colors to Tarzan and his sinister plan to cage all the apes, before locking him in the brig.

(Fred & Barney arrive at the quarry with the Dictabird as they face Cliff Vandercave as he stands next to a giant mining machine) Mr. Flintstone, stealing office equipment really? Is this the kinda example you wanna set for your daughter? (Barney Rubble: Where are the kids?!) The bird, please. (Fred Flintstone, holding the Dictabird: First we want our children.) Of course. (Cliff points to a screaming Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm tied to the top of the mining machine) (Barney Rubble, horrified: Bamm-Bamm!) (Cliff leans on the lever, stopping Barney in his tracks.) Take one more step, Mr. Rubble, and this quarry's safety record will be severely tarnished. Now gimme the bird. (Barney Rubble; Go ahead Fred. Give him what he wants.) (Dicta bird: What?! No please!) (Fred Flintstone: Don't worry, I've got a plan. First we'll rescue the kids, then we'll rescue you. (The Dictabird reluctantly walks towards Cliff) (Dictabird: I should've signed with Disney. They never would've allowed this sort of thing to happen.) (Cliff pics up the dicta bird) And on the words of my beloved mother, I'm taking the money and moving to a warmer climate. (Cliff starts the machine.)
~ Cliff Vandercave having kidnapped Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm and trapping them in a giant mining machine. He orders Fred & Barney to give him The Dictabird in exchange for their safe return. Though Fred & Barney give him teh bird, Cliff announces he's leaving town with the money he embezzled, and then starts the machine
(Kangaroo hears that Vlad failed to destroy Horton's clover. Enraged, she emerges into a clearing where several animals are milling around, including Horton's students) What is happening to the Jungle of Nool?! There once was a time when people were people and specks were specks. (A giraffe-like animal nods agreement) Well, I say if you can't see it, hear it, or feel it, it DOESN'T EXIST!! Our way of life is under attack! And who's leading that attack? HORTON! (Everyone gasps) (Morton the Mouse runs into the clearing) (Morton: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. This is Horton we're talkin' about, you all know him. He wouldn't hurt a fly. Except for that fly city he sat on, but he didn't to that on purpose!) Shut up, mouse. (Morton, laughs uneasily: That's weird. My, uh brownies are burning, I gotta go. (Realizes he cannot stand up to Kangaroo, and so rushes off to warn Horton; Kangaroo turns her attention back to the crowd) Are we going to let troublemakers like Horton poison the minds of our children?! (holds up Rudy and shakes him.) (Wikersham Leader: Not the children!) When Horton tells the children about worlds beyond the jungle, he makes them question authority, which leads to defiance, which leads to ANARCHY!! (Wikersham leader: Yeah! Horton must pay!) (Deer mother: It's that speck!) (Tommy's Father: We have to do something!) (Jesssica's mother:For the children!) (Wickershim Leader: For the children!) Are we going to let him get away with this?!' (Crowd: NOOO!!) (They then rush off in the direction Horton is)

~ Sour Kangaroo gathering a mob against Horton
After twenty years of searching, the Court of Miracles is mine at last. Dear, Quasimodo, I always knew you'd someday be of use to me. (Quasimodo: No!) (Esmeralda: What are you talking about?) Why, he led me right to you, my dear. (Esmeralda: You'e a liar!) And look what else I've caught in my net: Captain Phoebus back from the dead! Another "miracle" no doubt. I shall remedy that. (Frollo turns to his captives) There'll be a little bonfire in the square tomorrow and you're all invited to attend! (to his guards) Lock them up. (Quasimodo, grabs Frollo's robe begging: No! Please! Master!) (Frollo gives Quasi a ruthless glare; Quasi lets go in despair and slumps) (Quasmodo: No...) Take him back to the bell tower. And make sure he stays there.
~ Judge Claude Frollo ambushing the Court of Miracles
(Alameda Slim breaks out of the cart in a rage. He grabs Maggie, Mrs. Calloway and Grace and flings the cows to the ground.) DAGNABBIT! I guess I gotta do everything MYSELF! (Slim ropes the cows and hands the ropes to the Willie brothers as they prepare to place them on the train) Call me crazy, but I think these cows got it in for me. (Willie Bro 1: Maybe they just don't like your singing.) SHUT UP! Ahem. Mr. Weasley? My money, if you please?) (Wesley: I-I was just keeping it safe for you, Slim.) Sure you were. Protecting my investments is what I pay this fellow for. Mr. Weasley, let me present the most double crossin' gun for hire that I've ever had the pleasure to call partner--Rico. (Rico: You're too kind, boss.) (Buck, heartbroken: No, it can't be!) His reputation as a bounty hunter is well-known, but lately, he's been doing a little moonlighting and covering my tracks. (Slim tosses Rico some cash as the fake bounty hunter starts to ride away with Buck) Rico's gonna see you to the border, so that nothing else goes wrong. (Slim clicks his tongue twice and his mount Junior the Buffalo runs up Slim dons on his Yancy O'Del disguise) Now, if you'll all pardon me, there's a Little Patch of Heaven on the auction block this morning. (Grace, gasps: He's gonna buy our farm!) (The cows try to break free, but it's no use.) Adios! YEE-HAA!!
~ Alameda Slim after, lassoing Maggie, Calloway and Grace. He reveals that the supposed bounty hunter Rico is actually a mercenary working for him, to Buck the horse's disappointment. He then leaves on his way to buy the cows' farm Patch of Heaven.
(Jessie, tangled up on the Marauder's Celebi twig monster: Excuse me, Mr. Masked Person, but could you let me out of here?) Not yet. I need a witness who can report back to Giovanni. I want the head of Team Rocket to know just how powerful Celebi is, and how powerful I am too. Celebi, the time has come! (The Celebi Twig Monster lets out a purple beam that knocks down several trees and pollutes the lake) (Jessie: I'm very impressed! You and Celebi are extremely powerful! Now just get me down from here and I'll recommend you for a big promotion when you give Celebi to the Boss! (The Marauder laughs) I control the most powerful Pokemon in the world! Why would I wanna give something that valuable to the Boss? (Jessie: What do you mean?) Now the Boss has to be afraid of ME, because Celebi gives me the power to destroy him! With Celebi, I can RULE Team Rocket, and the WHOLE WORLD, If I want to!'
~ The Iron Masked Marauder to a captured Jessie explaining his sinister plan to use Celebi to overthrow Giovanni and rule Team Rocket.
Attention, Springfield! Your government has realized that sealing you under this dome was a terrible mistake. Therefore, we're commencing with Operation Soaring Eagle! (Crowd cheers) Which, involves killing you all. (Crowd groans)) As I speak. we're lowering a small but powerful bomb into your midst. (The top of the dome opens to let in a bomb, set to go off in 15 minutes) (The crowd panics and runs in circles)
~ Russ Cargill inserting a bomb inside the domed city of Springfield
(Zoe ties Jeanette to a rope) You're not coming up until you have every last bit of that treasure! (Jeanette: But-but the volcano's about to explode!) Oh, then I guess you better hurry then huh? Get down there! That's right! (She lowers Jeanette into the tiny cave) (Jeanette: SOS Please some one help me...) (She reaches the bottom) (Jeanette: Okay, Pull me up! I can't hold anymore!) (Zoe isn't convinced) If you can still talk, it means you haven't stuffed your cheeks yet! (Jeannette: [muffled speaking]) Yes, that sounds very nice! (Zoe pulls Jeanette with treasure in her mouth, just as Alvin and Dave arrive) (Alvin: Zoe!) No, no. Not another step! Don't come any closer! (Dave: Are you alright, Jeanette?) (Jeanette spits treasure from her mouth) (Jeanette: I'm pretty freaked out! And those earrings tasted awful!) (Alvin: Zoe, you don't have to do this!) Oh, I don't? I spent 10 years looking for this treasure! It's the whole reason why I came to this stinking island! (Alvin: You-you mean you didn't crash land?) They said that I was crazy, and they said that this map was a fake! (Holds up a poorly drawn map, which looks like a kid drew it) And now the treasure...is MINE!
~ Zoe munk-napping Jeanette to force her to retreave treasure from a cave. When Alvin and Dave come to the rescue, Zoe reveals that she intentionally came the island--not crash landed to get said treasure.

[At the Boggan headquarters, after Mub, Grub, and the pod have been kidnapped] My son was born on a night like this. These were his baby fangs. And here's the first skin he ever molted. He was big for a larva. He took after his mother. (Mub, wining: Oh, your stories are boring and tortureous!) And the Leafmen took him from me! So I took something of theirs. It's basic etiquette. An eye [pokes Grub's eye] (Grub: Ow.) for an eye. [pokes Mub's eye] (Mub: Jerk!) Tonight, your pod will bloom here. And when the pod blooms in darkness, it belongs to the darkness. I'll destroy the forest with the very thing you hoped would save it. (Mub & Grub chuckle) (Grub: I hate to break it to you, but it doesn't say that in the scrolls!) It does in the part I have. [holds up the piece of scroll that he took from Nim's tree] (Mub & Grub: Doh!)
~ Mandrake explaining his plan to make the pod bloom in darkness to rule the forest
(Korso and Preed corner Cale and Akima on the Titan) (Captain Korso: Face it, Cale. You've lost!) (Preed, points a gun at him) Actually, you ALL have. Captain, if you'll relieve yourself of your firearm. (Korso, furious over Preed's betrayal: You... backstabbin'...) Well, I learned from the best. But it wasn't just the money the Drej were offering. It was the health plan that cam with it. They let me live, provided I kill all of you before they get here. They should be here, shortly.
~ Preed betraying Captain Korso and holding him, Cale and Akima at gunpoint.
Simba has hurt me for the last time. Now he's corrupted Kovu! Listen to me. Simba is injured and weak. Now is the time to attack! We will take his entire kingdom... by force!
~ Zira rallying her army to attack the Pridelands.
Your chief is dead! No one can protect you now!
~ Drago Bludvist seizing power over Berk


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