The Robophobia


Robophobia is a fictional form of oppression found in the Futurama universe, specifically in the Futurama media and is a major part of the daily struggles of both heroes and villains in the setting: it is a parallel to a multitude of real-world oprressions and although not all characters who display this are evil-minded many of the Robophobics (both humans and robots) play on the fear and hatred caused by Robophobia to justify horrific acts of threats against robosexuals.

Robophobia organizations

  • Space Catholicism
  • Robotology
  • Farnsworth Foundation - Which created and later dissolved in the episode "Proposition infinity".

Known Robophobic individuals

  • Morbo - Faking legalization of Robosexual marriages existence.
  • Hubert J. Farnworth - He ex-robophobic since tell his secret of robosexual side to public.

Robophobic individuals (faking)

  • Bender - (His hypocrisy of robosexuality are sometimes is repressing side, later the series he rejected robophobia ideaology since episode "Proposition Infinity").
  • Revered Preacher Bot - (He covering his robosexuality for his job).


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