All the celebrations are beginning! Today is Robotnik Day, you see!
~ Dr. Robotnik about his official "holiday" known as Robotnik Day.

Robotnik Day was the enforced "holiday" celebrating and commemorating the time of the evil genius Dr. Robotnik's complete conquest of Mobius, in a nightmarish alternate reality in which Robotnik possessed complete omnipotence after absorbing the power of the Chaos Emeralds, thus ruling all of Mobius and subjugated it's people, and Sonic the Hedgehog never existed. This annual event made its debut appearance in the "Robotnik Reigns Supreme" story arc of Sonic the Comic.

For at least nearly 7 decades after his rise to power, the empowered Robotnik created a world where Sonic the Hedgehog spent 65 years fighting the godlike dictator without ever making a difference and all of Mobius' unhappy, embittered citizens were forced to celebrate the anniversary of his empire's domination over the planet with parades, balloons and banners in honor of their all-powerful tyrant, but relished their unending misery.

Of course, reality was eventually restored to normal when Doctor Robotnik's phenomenal cosmic powers completely stripped and taken away by Knuckles, thus his tampering with time and space was undone, and so Robotnik Day never happens.


  • Robotnik Day shares similarities with Doom's Day, an eclectic holiday coined by the evil genius Doctor Doom and forcibly celebrated by the somewhat "grateful" people of the country of Latveria.
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