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The Rune of Seralean is an ancient amulet that is sought after by the powerful necromancer Mathias and it plays a central role in the 2011 fantasy/horror movie Fading of the Cries.


The Rune of Seralean is a dark orange gem-like runestone on a silver pendant with a black thread.


The Rune of Seralean with the same connection to the Sword of Aves within a small American Midwestern town, is tied to Mathias. According to Mathias, it was hinted that this strange talisman was inherited to him from his own family long ago. It was lost later after the sorcerer's vicious attacks upon the town in the 15th century.

It later resurfaced and came into the possession of a man named Michael. He was killed by Mathias' demon servants while the necromancer was searching for his prized possession.

Later, he unleashed a plague of undead zombies upon the town to search for it and to kill all of Michael's relatives who are cursed for Michael's discovery and theft of the Rune of Seralean. Jacob, a boy with the Sword of Aves after his family were killed by Mathias and his 3 demonic guardians, intervene and fought the undead to protect Sarah and the very same necklace she recieved from her uncle Michael.

Mathias succeeded in retrieving the Rune of Seralean and placed it on his other talisman and thus became amplified, increasing his power and can permanently summon the dead during daylight as well as turn day into night. Jacob later saved Sarah's younger sister Jill after he finally destroyed the Rune of Seralean with the piercing strike of the Sword of Aves. When the amulet was destroyed, Mathias lost all his power and can no longer threaten mankind.


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