RuptureFarms 1029 was a biggest meat packing plant located in Mudos from Oddworld owned by Molluck. The goal this company is produce snacks with creatures flesh for example: Scrab Cakes and Paramite Pies.

Outside, is the industrial dystopia full of towers with Glukkon heads form, chimneys, buildings, pipes and silos. Inside, is full with deadly machines, barrels where is kept the meats, furnaces with Glukkon heads form, alarm systems, elevators, bombs, electrical barriers, billboards and main reactor.

Was here which Abe and his fellows Mudokons were slaves, the same start his adventure when discovers that he and his fellows would slaughtered and turn them into Mudokon Pops by Glukkons be cause that the money is getting lower in company. How this plant is patrolled by army of Sligs, Abe needed to control one to free Mudokons and escape.

After receive the ability Shrykull by Big Face, Abe needed come back in RaptureFarms to save more 50 Mudokons and shut off the main reactor from Zulag 4 that bloody plant. In Good ending, is been destroyed an lighting and kills off Molluck so the plant was defunct and gone for good.


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