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It's growing! The pool is growing! It gets bigger and stronger every day and now we've made it angry!
~ A panicked SCP Foundation agent revealed that SCP-354 is alive

SCP-354 (aka The Red Pool) is an (living) evil location under the containment of SCP Foundation. It is a large pool made of blood. At first, it was classified as Euclid until it was discovered to be internally living and would produce all kind of aggressive monsters to attack humans in sight. Therefore, it is now re-classified as Keter.


SCP-354 is a pool discovered in northern Canada. The liquid is blood, but the pool does not have banks. There is more soil than liquid and the ground is mostly solid. The liquid becomes denser as one descends into the pool; if the pool has a bottom, it has yet to be reached.

Entities emerge and attempt to escape from the pool.

SCP-354 is discovered by survivors who encountered SCP-354 by chance. After SCP personnel monitor the pool and was classified as Euclid were further discovered.

A normal human emerged at one point for diplomatic reasons and didn't help an exploratory mission was sent down there.

Area-354 was constructed to contain and neutralize all further threats emerging from SCP-354. At the heart of Area-354, a twenty-foot wall of concrete has been constructed around SCP-354 to prevent escaping into the area at large. Motion detection cameras are placed, and armed guards can easily shoot down the enclosure from catwalks placed above the pool.

An exploratory mission was sent down there. The participants found an alternate universe. The exploration log was found in the database. No record of the expedition, or any of the personnel involved, exists other than said log. According one of the Foundation's agents, SCP-354 is alive and is expanding itself. The panicked agent even claimed that the actions of the Foundation had made SCP-354 angry.

Creatures It Created

The SCP Foundation have been open some of the entities coming out of the liquid. 18 different creatures had discovered SCP-354 since the SCP Foundation start overlooking the area, including:

  • SCP-354-1 is the original entity which destroyed Watch Station Epsilon-38. It resembled a giant bat and was neutralized by Mobile Task Force.
  • SCP-354-2 is a bear-sized mammalian creature covered in razor-sharp spines. It was virtually bulletproof, but was unable to escape the enclosure surrounding the pool and was neutralized via napalm.
  • SCP-354-3 is a black metallic sphere capable of levitation. Emitted concentrated levels of radiation in precisely directed beams sufficient to instantly cripple and later result in death. It was destroyed by a struck on it with a sledgehammer, disabling it. SCP-354-3 then self-detonated, causing minor structural damage.
  • SCP-354-4 is a humanoid reptilian creature, approximately 4.6m (15ft) tall. It escaped both the walled enclosure and Area-354 altogether. Gunfire caused very little physical harm and was highly ineffective. In the end, Mobile Task Force Omega finally succeeded in neutralizing the creature.
  • SCP-354-6: Appeared to be a human male of Indian descent. As the enclosure around the pool had not yet been fully repaired, SCP-354-6 was immediately shot before it had a chance to escape. Area Head Dr. ██████ has expressed his displeasure in the rash execution of SCP-354-6, which testing revealed to be identical to an average human being.
  • SCP-354-14: Majority of creature's body remained well beneath the surface of the pool. Five (5) octopus-like tentacles were seen emerging from the pool and reached up over the enclosure. Several D-class personnel were grabbed by the tentacles and pulled back beneath the surface of the pool. After receiving massive damage from gunfire, SCP-354-14 retreated back into the pool and disappeared. No personnel taken by the creature were recovered.
  • SCP-354-15: Feline creature composed of a blue-hued crystalline structure later revealed to be ice. Was able to jump above the walled enclosure and was agile enough to dodge most gunfire. Was actively hostile and mauled any personnel that engaged it. Subject engaged SCP-354-16 upon its emergence from the pool and was terminated in the fight.
  • SCP-354-16: Feline creature composed of a dark red-black stone later revealed to be partially solidified magma. Gunfire proved mostly ineffective against its hide. Was not hostile to personnel and did not attempt to escape the walled enclosure until being engaged by SCP-354-15. Successfully terminated SCP-354-15 and grew less active as its body cooled. After fully solidifying and having remained motionless since, subject was moved to Dr. ██████'s office for aesthetic purposes.
  • SCP-354-18: Metallic humanoid machine described by several D-class personnel as a "Terminator." Subject possessed a cloaking device rendering it invisible to human eyes. Subject was highly adept at combat and killed nearly 90% of Area-354's guard personnel as it rampaged through the facility. Approximately sixty (60) minutes after emerging from the pool, subject ceased function and powered down. Subject was dismantled and its power cell was disposed of. Subject's remains are under study.

Note that data and information of SCP-354-5 was expunged under unknown circumstances. What is more, due to data corruption, informations from SCP-354-7 to SCP-354-13 can no longer be found. In addition, no information on SCP-354-17 exists. What this means is unknown, though it can be assumed it had been fell with same thing like the other missing entities.