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SCP-727-J or Malevolent Celestial Object is a joke SCP in SCP Foundation's containment, and is categorized as a Keter-class object.


SCP-727-J is an enormous alien object that appeared above the Earth. It was shown to have broken several physical laws, such as not falling upon Earth in spite of gravity. Instead, it suspended itself above the planet, and it even had a psychic inflence of some sort to force the Earth to rotate circularily around it.

Out of unknown reason, SCP-727-J is also able to emit lights through generating flames in a place devoid of oxygen, and is capable to become extremely heated. The Foundation had made several attempts to extinguish the flames, but all of them failed. Any Class-D personnels sent upon the object had been incinerated.

Because of its extreme size and nature, SCP-727-J is unable to be contained. As such, the requirement of building a ginormous containment cube has been deployed by the Foundation. Nevertheless, it is estimated that it would take 150 million years to build such a cube. To prevent any psychic effects, no personnel is recommended to look at SCP-727-J during daytime.

In SCP: Unity

SCP-727-J appeared in Unity's remake of SCP - Containment Breach as a background cameo object. It could be observed from the skyroom. It was nowhere to find within the facility.

It was added in Version 0.5.7, but because the game's time was switched to night, SCP-727-J was accidentally removed in Version 0.5.8. It remained to be seen whether it would return in future updates.

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