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SCP-757 (also known as the "Fruit Tree") is a Safe-class SCP Object stored inside SCP Foundation's containment. It's a fruit tree than grows many kinds of fruit, but anyone eating its fruit would eventually regurgitate another one in the same size and type.


SCP-757 is a fruit tree, seemly like an ordinary peach tree which can grows all kinds of fruit. It can affect human minds with its fruits (dubbed SCP-757-1) and make them having impulse to consume it. Nothing seems wrong with it until the effects of SCP-757-1 ensues.

After a subject consuming any part of SCP-757-1, a new organ would form inside them and caused extreme pain for over a week. The organ will form a new fruit identical to the kind of SCP-757-1 fruit the subjuct consumed, while the progress would consume the subject's inner nutrition. After that, the subject would regurgitate the fruit out. Any larger fruit would cause tissue damage permanantly, with possiblity of killing the subject.

SCP-757 has been observed to produce the following types of fruit, in decreasing order of frequency: peaches, plums, apples, pears, watermelons, bananas, pineapples, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, kumquats, kiwifruit, lemons, and in one case - pumpkins. So far there's no way to heal SCP-757's effects. When an organ is surgically removed, one more would regrew in an identical rate. SCP-757 has been transplanted to a garden plot at Bio Site-103, which is to be under constant surveillance. Access to SCP-757 requires authorization from a researcher with Level 3 clearance. All rotten instances of SCP-757-1 should be cleaned twice a month and be incinerated on-site.

SCP-757 was discovered by the Foundation after several news reports of people regurgitating fruit appeared in a local newspaper. It was eventually discovered in the backyard of an abandoned house. A large amount of rotten fruit was found at its base, along with several malnourished corpses.

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