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SCP-804 (also known as World Without Men) is a Keter-class object in SCP Foundation's containment. SCP-804 is the remains of an art installation titled "World Without Man," revealed on ██/██/20██, by the defunct artists' group Unelmat Paremmasta Maailmasta. It is a large piece of statue, similar to a globe and was speculated to be a model of Earth itself, that can erase man-made artifacts and cause human to decay.


Upon activation before a small audience of prominent environmental activists and artists from the nearby community, SCP-804 began to display its destructive properties. When the globes within SCP-804 rotated, it'll disintegrate all man-made artifacts within approximately 100 meters. The area of effect grows the longer the device is active, with the effect growing ever stronger at its source. It'll slowly cause corrosion on human tissue in a much slower progress, causing victims to become emaciated as they lose body mass until they are reduced into components.

Non-human life is completely unaffected. Persons who escape the area of effect experience symptoms similar to prolonged starvation but can recover with proper care. It is unknown if this device is sentient, or if its destructive nature is intentional or not.

Due to the circumstances in which SCP-804 was secured it is strongly believed that the device also possesses some form of mental compulsion on those who view it, but testing is still on-going to determine if that property has also been compromised by the decay of SCP-804 and how it might be contained.


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