The Sanderson Sisters' Cottage

The Sanderson Sisters' Cottage is a huge old house-like cottage that is the home of the witchy trio known as the Sanderson Sisters (Winnie, Mary, and Sarah) and it is situated within the forests of Salem, Massachusetts. It is a location in Disney's Hocus Pocus.

The Sanderson Sisters

It was here that the 3 witches themselves lived, schemed, and plotted their evil acts against the people of Salem, such as when Sarah Sanderson led the innocent Emily Binx to her death in this wicked place when the Sanderson Sisters sucked her dry of her life-force to replenish their youth. When Thackery Binx followed them in a failed attempt to save his sister, Winifred Sanderson and her sisters placed upon him a curse of immortality and turned him into a black cat so he could live with the guilt of failing his sister forever.

However, Thackery's father and the people of Salem came and arrested the witches, demanding what they had done to his children. They played dumb when Winifred's spellbook opened to reveal the witches would return on Hallow's Eve when the moon was full if a virgin were to light the Black Flame Candle, and they were hanged.

A view of the abandoned Cottage belonged to the witchy Sanderson Sisters.

The cottage remained empty for many years whie Binx, cursed as an immortal black cat, guarded the cotage on Hallow's Eve to prevent an "airhead virgin" from lighting the candle. Eventually, the cottage, in modern times, was renovated into a museum but soon shut down due to unusual and spooky happenings occurred there.

Unfortunately, Winifred Sanderson's curse at last was invoked on the Halloween night of 1993 when Max Dennison, a skeptic who made fun of the legends, foolishly lit the Black Flame Candle, bringing the witches back to life. In the skirmish that followed, Max stole Winifred's Spellbook afer he fooled the Witches and with his sister, Dani Dennison, his love interest, Allison, and the still-living Thackery Binx fled the cottage.

As the candle had brought the Sisters back for just one night, they desperately sought to get the book back so as to brew the evil potion that would allow them to suck the life out of children and so live forever, and almost succeeded.

However, the witches had been delayed too long and when the sun rose, the witches turned to dust, ending their nightmarish return from beyond the grave and their wicked plans once and for all.

The spellbook remained in the cottage, opening its eye, perhaps hinting that the Sanderson Sisters might return someday for revenge.


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