The Satan's Path Board Game

The "Satan's Path" board game.

Satan's Path is a Satanically-themed, cursed board game. When the first player roles the dice, other board games become horrifyingly real. You have to get to the finish line to end the game.


Bart and Milhouse played the game. All of the board games came to life and a Funnopoly train crashed through the house. Lisa told them that they had to get to the finish line to end the game.

Along the way, Milhouse drowned after their Battleboat is sunk. Bart gets to the end and has to trap the mouse in Mouse Catch.

However, the device does not work and Bart kicks it a couple of times until it drops and the mouse is caught, ending the game.

Games Used

The games that became real are:

Games in the Simpsons attic

  • Taffy Land
  • Drops and Risers
  • Consternation
  • Ravenous Ravenous Rhinos
  • Mouse Catch
  • Battleboat
  • Funopoly
  • Crate of Apes
  • Yahtzu
  • Tiddlywonks


  • Operation
  • Ker-Plunk