The Saturation Chamber

The Saturation Chamber

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The Saturation Chamber is a machine found within the infamous Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute.


The Saturation Chamber was invented by Dr. Richard B. Vannacutt during the early 20th century (presumably), as a treatment for schizophrenia. The chamber's walls spin when it is activated, and they have pictures of Dr. Vannacutt bouncing a basketball. Thus, when the chamber is activated, the pictures of Vannacutt on the moving walls will form a moving picture which causes anyone who is inside the Saturation Chamber at the time to hallucinate and become disorientated. This is based on a theory made by Vannacutt that what would drive a sane man mad would drive a madman sane (though it may have actually been just another way for Vannacutt to torture patients).

When Steven Price turns against the guests to his party at the facility, the guests lock him in the Saturation Chamber for their safety, and Blackburn activates the machine, leaving Steven disoriented and incoherent.
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