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The Scale of Evil

The Scale of Evil

The Scale of Evil is a tool based on a similar device used in "Most Evil"—a documentary which explored some of the real-world's most infamous killers, the Scale of Evil is designed to rank a person by what the "Most Evil" documentary views as evil.

As with all things relating to abstract concepts such as good and evil this Scale is by no means absolute and not everyone will agree with the methods or results.

Such wrongdoer can be classed on 3 orthogonal parameters:

  • How much danger they, or their plans, pose.
  • How effective they are.
  • How much the audience is supposed to hate them.

Originally, this list only included real-world killers, but for the purpose of this wiki site, we shall focus more on fictional beings (though real-world examples are allowed provided we DO NOT abuse this system).

It is the opposite of Sliding Scale of Anti-Heroes.

NOTE: Complete Monsters cannot fit in Categories I nor II (levels 1-9). However, they can fit in Categories III or IV (levels 10-23).
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