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The Sea of Blood is bottomless. You will fall forever.
~ Raiden about the Sea of Blood.

The Sea of Blood is n accursed bottomless crimson ocean of doom flowing with endless blood that exists between the boundaries of both the mortal realm of Outworld and the eternal dark world of the Netherrealm.

This entire lake lives up to its name due to it being filled with the blood of the condemned and it is haunted by the souls of the unrepented dead are put to use there with their bodies added to the said accursed sea.

The Sea of Blood is also bottomless; there is no escape for those who fall in it.

The Sea of Blood that of preternatural origin is situated between Outworld and the Netherrealm, and its surroundings differs because of it:

  • In Outworld, it is found within the Wastelands of Outworld between a small docking bay on a beachhead and the docks of a huge decrepit ancient castle fortress. In this particular canyon-like region full of littered weaponry, burning torches and deceased cadavers filling the Sea of Blood, there was a giant statue of a scythe-wielding Asiatic sage between the huge rocks.
  • In the Netherrealm, it is found at a seaside cove near the banks of the actual Sea of Blood, with Kharon's ship fleet seen in the far background near an overlooking tower, or lighthouse. In the cove itself are long worn rocks and cliff sides, the undersides covered in blood-red algae, a long abandoned anchor with a skull on it, blood colored weeds and ferns, and a rotting carcass of a leviathan to the far left just under the cliff side.





  • The Sea of Blood itself includes five arena interactions. From farthest left to right they are:
    • The body of a dead leviathan-like creature can be jumped off of to escape the corner.
    • A lone starfish resting on a rock can be thrown at the opponent.
    • A skull faced anchor can be jumped off of to either side.
    • An empty crate that can be thrown at the opponent.
    • A wall that can jumped off to escape the corner.
  • Throwing the large starfish at the opponent when they are 10% health or lower, while holding the R1 button down, will result in the starfish hitting their head with enough force to destroy it, leaving the starfish covering their blood spurting neck before their body falls over.
  • It is the second stage in Mortal Kombat 11 that has a normal and alternative Stage Brutality associated with it; tossing the starfish at the opponent causes their head to fly off and the starfish to fix itself in its place.
  • The Sea of Blood is also called by its nicknames by some Mortal Kombat fans (in 2 more translations besides the English language):
    • In English: the "Bloody Sea", the "Blood Ocean", the "Blood Sea", the "Bloody Ocean. and the "Ocean of Blood".
    • In Chinese: "Xuè Hǎi" (血海), "Xuèxīng Dì Hǎi" (血腥的海), and "Xuèxīng Dì Hǎiyáng" (血腥的海洋).
    • In Japanese: "Chi no Umi" (血の海), "Buruudi Shia" (ブルーディ シア), "Buraddoōshan" (ブラッドオーシャン), "Buruuddo Oshian" (ブルーッド オシアン), "Buruuddo Shia" (ブルーッド シア), "Chimamire no Umi (血まみれの海), "Buraddiōshan" (ブラッディオーシャン), "Buruudi Oshian" (ブルーディ オシアン), and "Oshian ofu Buruuddo (オシアン オフ ブルーッド).