The Seal of Nerissa is a magical sceptre created and wielded by the sorceress Nerissa in the animated series W.I.T.C.H. and the comicbook series of the same name.

It was soon remade during it's transformation when Kadma stole the Heart of Meridian and merged it with the Heart of Zamballa after Will refused to absorb the Heart of Meridian. However, as the Heart of Meridian was stolen rather than given away, the Heart returned to Nerissa, who called the combined Heart and the Seal of Nerissa. Nerissa tries and adds Lillian's Heart of Earth to her Seal but fails. Will discovers that they cannot take the Seal because of the Heart of Meridian was given to Nerissa freely, so she frees Prince Phobos since he can take it and bend the rule.

Nerissa then absorbs the original Guardians into the Seal after they snapped out of her control. This allowed the Seal to have all the Guardians powers. Phobos managed to gain the Seal away from Nerissa, and renames it the "Sceptre of Phobos". After retaking the kingdom of Meridian, Phobos sets his sights on Kandrakar, and was on the verge of taking it when he is betrayed by Lord Cedric, who swallows him whole, thus gaining his powers for his own.

After the arrogant Lord Cedric's defeat, the weakened Prince Phobos is brought back up and the Seal of Nerissa is also broken, separating into a tear-drop jewel and the Heart of Zamballa. C.H.Y.K.N. and Elyon manage to escape, however, Nerissa cannot since she chose power over harmony when a illusionary false reality where she immediately became the undisputed mistress of the orderly universe upon her false escape, which is why she is permanently inside the Heart of Meridian for all time.

Powers and Abilities

It has been shown with the power of the Heart of Meridian, Heart of Zamballa and the Guardians Powers, that its holder has the powers of:

  • Glamour.
  • Teleportation.
  • Opening folds.
  • All the Powers of the Guardian of Quintessence.
  • All the Powers of the Guardian of Water.
  • All the Powers of the Guardian of Fire.
  • All the Powers of the Guardian of Earth.
  • All the Powers of the Guardian of Air.
  • Showing who has a Heart of a world (Nerissa did this when she wanted to the Heart of Aridia).
  • Absorb people into the Seal.
  • Creating shields (protects the holder from attacks).
  • Increasing the natural powers of its holder.
  • Warping reality.
  • All of the powers of the Hearts of Meridian and Zamballa.


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