Sensing Weaknesses and Opportunities

Mr. Rango's not a problem, William. He's a solution.
~ Mayor Tortoise John to Bad Bill.

To be a good hunter, one have to follow their prey's tracks, get inside its head, and exploit its weaknesses, before going in for the kill.

That is exactly the case in many a story, when the evildoer senses the gooddoer or someone's weaknesses so he/she can exploit them and use them against his/her opponent.

He/she can also discover a way to:

  • Get inside a kingdom or an empire so he/she can invade it.
  • Carry out his/her evil plans.
  • Wage a war on someone.
  • Cheat in a game.

This especially comes about when:

  • The villain notices the hero failing, going down the wrong path and/or making a reckless decision.
  • The villain is running out of time.
  • The villain realizes something, like what the hero's weakness is.
  • The hero/heroine mistakingly gives away his/her hiding place.

While the villain can sense weaknesses and opportunities by him/herself, he/she can sometimes rely on his/her minions and/or toadie to do so. In these cases, the villain's henchman lurks in the shadows, spying on the hero and/or someone so he/she can report back to his/her master, leading the villain to gain the opportunity to carry out his/her evil schemes.


It's perfect, Wiggins! I couldn't have planned this better myself. The gold is as good as mine!
~ Governor Ratcliffe sensing the perfect opportunity to wage war on the Powhatan tribe after hearing that John Smith has been captured.
Ah, the uniforms. Oh Fidget, I knew I could rely on you. Now, you didn’t forget anything? (Fidget: No problem. I took care of everything. Everything on the list. [as he opens his wing, he notices the list is gone!] Uh-oh!) What's wrong? (Fidget: The list…I know…) Where's the list?! (Fidget: The list, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well you see, uh, it was like this. I was in the toy store getting uniforms when I heard "A-roo A-roo.) (Ratigan's patience begins to thin.) You’re not coming through. (Fidget: A dog came. I ran. I had baby bonnet, girl in bag and Basil chased me!) What?! BASIL ON THE CASE?! WHY, YOU GIBBERING LITTLE--! (Ratigan clutches his chest as if suffering a heart attack. His face turns bright red with fury. He quickly calms down, and he scoops Fidget into his arms.) Oh, my dear Fidget. You have been hanging upside down too long. (Fidget: You mean, you’re not mad? I’m glad you’re taking it so well.) (Ratigan carries Fidget to the back. There is silence until the sound of a bell is heard followed by Fidget's terrified scream. Around the corner, Felicia is holding Fidget, attempting to have the bat for dinner. Fidget keeps making desperate attempts to escape.) (Fidget: Not me, you idiot! No, stop, you stupid furball! Open up! Open up! Ai, ai, ai! Oh, ow! You’re hurting my wings!) (Ratigan has his back turned and is leaning against a bottle, rubbing his temples.) How dare that idiot Basil poke his stupid nose into my wonderful scheme and foul up everything! (Fidget: Let me out! Let me out! HELP! [Felicia stuffs him into her mouth again]) Oh, I can just see that insufferable grin on his smug face! (He bangs his head against the bottle in frustration. Suddenly, Ratigan's mood brightens, with a devious idea.) Yes… Yes, I can just see it. (chuckles) Felicia, release him. (Fidget: Oh, I'm too young to die!) (Felicia pouts for a moment, then spits the poor mangled Fidget out. Ratigan holds the disheveled bat up by his cheeks) Fidget, you delightful little maniac! You've presented me with a singular opportunity! (drops Fidget to the floor) Poor Basil. Oh, he's in for a little surprise!
~ Professor Ratigan sensing the perfect opportunity to get rid of Basil.
(After Charlie Watson activates her new car, the sound is sent up onto a distant planet, where Shatter and Dropkick are holding Cliffjumper captive, having torn off his arm.) Where is Optimus Prime? (Dropkick tosses the severed arm aside.) He survived the fall of Cybertron, and no rebellion is truly dead until the leader is vanquished. So where is he? (Cliffjumper: My name is Cliffjumper, lieutenant in the Autobot Resistance. My safe return will be considered - ) (Dropkick plunges his sword into Cliffjumper's chest.) (singsong voice) Wrong answer. We know he is planning to establish a base. Tell us where it is, and we'll let you live. (Cliffjumper: My name is Cliffjumper, lieute - ) (Cliffjumper groans in pain as Dropkick sinks his weapon deeper. Music plays from the prisoner - the music from Charlie's car. Shatter and Dropkick exchange looks.) (Dropkick: No.) That's B-127's signal. (Dropkick: Can you trace it?) Already did. (Dropkick pulls out his sword.) If YOU won't tell us where Prime is, perhaps your young friend will. (Cliffjumper, weakly: Never.) You're a brave warrior. (Shatter clamps her talons down on her captive's head.) You deserve a better death. But then again... (With that, Dropkick brings down his sword, slicing Cliffjumper in half like a melon.) (sinister chuckle) Set course for Earth.
~ Shatter sensing an opportunity to seek out Optimus Prime's whereabout after hearing Bumblebee's signal.
Curse that Peter Pan. Making a fool out of me! I...I...Ah...Ah...AAAH-CHOO! (His sneeze sends his head into the bucket of water). Oh, my head! (Hook scowls as he hears hammering on his cabin door. Outside, Mr. Smee hammers a "Do Not Disturb" sign on Hook's cabin door.) (Cook: ♪Pirate's life is a wonderful life.♪ Your hot water, Mr. Smee.) (Mr. Smee: Shhh! The poor captain has a splitting headache. We mustn't annoy him. (With Smee's back turned the door, Hook lunges at him. Smee accidentally whacks Hook on the head with the hammer. Hook staggers around then collapses in his chair, dazed. Smee enters the cabin with a kettle of hot water. He stares at the captain, who lies dazed from the blow.) (Mr. Smee: Well, Captain, it's nice to see you smiling again. [He places Hook's feet in the bucket] Brings back the good old days when we was leadin' a healthy, normal life. Scuttlin' ships, cuttin' throats. [places a thermometer in Hook's mouth] Oh, Captain, why don't we put to sea again? You know, there's trouble brewin' on the island. Women trouble. [not realizing the bucket is overfilling with hot water] I wouldn't want this to go any farther, but the cook told me that the first mate told him that he heard that Pan has banished Tinker Bell.) (The thermometer pops at the end and Hook springs awake, his feet bright red from the hot water.) WHOA-HO-HO! (Hook grabs Smee by the collar and raises his fist.) WHY, YOU DODDERING IMBECILE! I--! (His fury is suddenly replaced with surprise as he slowly lifts the kettle off his head) Did you say Pan has banished Tinker Bell? (Mr. Smee: Aye-aye, Captain. That he has.) But why? (Mr. Smee: Well, on account of Wendy, Captain. Tink tried to do her in, she did. Tink's terrible jealous.) (Hook sneers, getting an idea) Well, well... (Mr. Smee: That's why we oughtta leave, Captain. This ain't no place for a respectable pirate!) THAT'S IT, SMEE! THAT'S IT! (Mr. Smee: I'm glad you agrees, Captain.) Quick, me coat. Me best dress coat! (Mr. Smee: Aye-aye, sir! The sooner we gets going the better!) Oh, yes, a jealous female can be tricked into anything. (to Smee) My case of hooks! (Mr. Smee: Aye-aye, sir! [holds out a box full of hooks] Here you are, sir. You're Sunday set, sir.) If we impress the pixie, convince her we're eager to help her, the wench may chart our course to a certain hiding place. (Mr. Smee: Our best hiding place is the Spanish Main, sir. I'll set our course— [Hook yanks him up by his pants]) And where do you think you are going? (Mr. Smee: T-To tell the boys we sail through the tide, sir.) You will go ashore, pick up Tinker Bell and bring her to me. (tosses Smee to the floor) UNDERSTAND?! (Mr. Smee: Aye-I mean-aye-aye, sir!) (Smee rows the dinghy across the deck and into the water and towards the island.)
~ Captain Hook seeing Peter Pan banishing Tinker Bell due her jealousy of Wendy as a perfect chance to find out Pan's hideout
(After Ooblar slams his hand on the toaster satellite, a robotic voice rings out.) (Satellite: Beginning transmission from Earth.) (On the view screen, Jimmy Neutron's face is revealed.) (Jimmy: Greetings from Planet Earth! I'm Jimmy Neutron, and YOU'RE an alien life form.) Oh... (to Ooblar) What a big head. (Jimmy: ...the mutual exchange of science and universal brotherhood.) (Goddard pops up and barks.) (Jimmy: This here is my dog, Goddard. This, what you're looking at, is my room. That's where I sleep. (pulls out a photo of his parents) This is my mom and dad right here. Mom, Dad. (The king's eyes grow wide with glee.) Freeze that image! (He floats over to the view screen, his eyes glowing evilly.) They look...delicious! The search is over! (With that, Goobot's evil laughter echoes through the mothership and his army zooms toward Earth.)
~ King Goobot sensing the perfect opportunity to capture the grown-ups of Retroville to offer as human sacrifices to Poultra.
Insecurity detected! Copying insecurity! Distributing insecurity!
~ Arthur sensing Wreck-It Ralph's insecurities.
(After Shaggy and Scooby expose him as a fraud and his career goes down the drain, Krudsky mopes around in his circus tent.) Blast those teenage troublemakers! If word gets out, I'll be ruined! (Fairy Princess Willow, hiding behind a set of books, pokes her head out and sees what is happening.) It's not my fault I'm a big phony. I've spent a lifetime in search of REAL magic. (Krudsky pulls out his spellbook and rummages through some pages.) I've studied every spell, spoken every incantation... (He tosses the book aside.) There must be something I'm missing. (Krudsky grabs some books, causing Willow to tumble onto one. The book tumbles to the floor and opens up to reveal a page showing a magic staff - the Goblin Scepter. The magician gasps with delight.) The Goblin Scepter. Fabled wand of the great Goblin King! (He reads from the book.) "Bewitched by the darkest magic, he who holds the Goblin Scepter holds the magic of Halloween in its grasp!" It must be a sign! (Princess Willow's eyes grow wide with shock.) Somehow, someway, some night, the Goblin Scepter will be MINE! (Krudsky runs to the mirror and laughs with delight.) Prepare yourself, Krudsky! You're finally going up in the world!
~ Krudsky sensing the perfect opportunity to regain his magic act by obtaining the Goblin Scepter.
~ Chef sensing the perfect opportunity to capture the trolls when Princess Poppy and the others mistakenly give away their hiding place.
Oh, so THAT'S where ALL of you are from. How lovely. Thanks to Blabbermouth, we now know where to find our new home.
~ Mama Gunda sensing the perfect opportunity to take over Tarzan's troop.
(Shan-Yu stands on top of a tall tree as he slices the top of it with his sword. Sheathing his sword, he gazes around at the mountains. His falcon Hayabusa swoops by and drops a small doll into his hand. Shan-Yu examines the doll and sniffs it. He jumps down and tosses the doll to his men.) What do you see? (Helmet Hun: Black pine. From the high mountains.) (Bald Burly Hun: White horse hair. Imperial stallions.) (Long Haired Hun: [sniffs] Sulfur. From cannons. [hands the doll back to Shan-Yu]) This doll came from a village in the Tung-Shao Pass, where the Imperial Army's waiting for us. (Hun Archer: We can avoid them easily.) No. The quickest way to the Emperor is through that pass. (He stares at the mountain pass overhead with pure confidence, then stares back at the doll in a tone of mock-sympathy.) And besides, the little girl will be missing her doll. We should return it to her.
~ Shan-Yu examining a child's doll, sensing the perfect opportunity to take down the Imperial Army and get to the Emperor and seize power over China.
Yes, hurry home, Princess. We wouldn't want to miss old Daddy's celebration, now, would we? Huh! Celebration indeed. Oh, bah! In MY day, we had fantastical feasts when I lived in the palace. (She gobbles up a live whimpering shrimps.) And now, look at me--wasted away to practically nothing. Banished and exiled and practically starving, while he and his flimsy fish-folk celebrate. Well, I'll give 'em something to celebrate soon enough. FLOTSAM! JETSAM! I want you to keep an extra close watch on this pretty little daughter of his. She may be the key to Triton's undoing...
~ Ursula sees Ariel's disobedience as a perfect opportunity to bring down King Triton and rule over the ocean.
So, the girl can't fly, yet she wants to go home. Smee, do you know what this means? (Smee: Six more weeks of winter?) (Hook tosses Smee aside.) No, you imbecile! (chuckles evilly) We'll get me treasure...AND the boy.
~ Captain Hook sensing a golden opportunity to use Jane in his plot to capture Peter Pan.
(Jenner can be heard ranting to the Rat council just as Brisby, Justin and Mr. Ages make there way there) The Plan is nothing but folly! A doddering old fool's fantasy! Nicodemus would have us destroy this colony only to lead us to starvation in some wilderness! (Justin: Ahem. Good ol' Jenner.) (Mr. Ages pauses outside the door.) (Mr. Ages: Wait. Listen. [presses his ear to the door]) (Council Rat 1: Moving to Thorn Valley is a good plan!) Fie! We have everything we need right here! (Council Rat 2: You mean we steal everything we need!) (Justin: Well come on, you suspicious old goat!) (Justin grabs Ages by the back of his shirt, opens the door and walks into the chamber) (Council Rat 2: If we stay here, humans are bound to discover us!) (Council Rat 3: They'd destroy us on the spot!) (Council Rat 1: I agree!) (Council Rat 2: He's right. We'll be killed!) Not if we get them first! (Council Rat 3: He means war!) (Council Rat 2: We'd be outnumbered.) (Council Rat 1: There are too many of them!) Hear me! The Thorn Valley Plan is the aspiration of IDIOTS AND DREAMERS! We... (notices Brisby, Justin and Ages just outside the door and chuckles) We were just talking about you. (Justin: That's refreshing, Jenner. Usually you're screaming about us.) (The council laughs. Jenner turns to Brisby.) Who is that? You know the rules: there are no visitors allowed here! (Justin: May I present Mrs. Jonathan Brisby.) (The council gasps.) (Sullivan: Jonathan Brisby is dead!) She's not one of us! What's the meaning of this? (Council Rat 1: Send her away!) (Council Rat 2: Let's ge back to business!) (Mr. Ages: Wait, wait! She has been to see the Great Owl! He has told her that we could move the Brisby home to safety.) (Justin: Her home was Jonathan's home.) (Sullivan: We have urgent problems of our own. Let the lower creatures fend for themselves!) (The council bickers) (Head of Council: [bangs his gavel] Order! Order!) (Jenner grabs Sullivan's wrist and whispers in his ear.) Wait, my friend. I smell an opportunity. (Sullivan: What?) Manoeuvers of this nature are dangerous. Accidents could happen... (Sullivan: Accidents?) (Head of Council: Jenner!) I'll explain later. (Jenner approaches Brisby) Mrs. Brisby! A thousand pardons, my dear! Forgive the ill temper of my colleague. It would be an honor to assist Jonathan's widow in any way. We are but your humble servants. (Mrs. Brisby: Thank you.) (Council Rat 3: I second the motion.) (Council Rat 4: Hear hear!) (Council Rat 5: Motion has been moved and seconded. Those in favor make a show of hands. Very well...) (Brisby, Justin and Mr. Ages walk to the door. Ages stares at Jenner) (Mr. Ages: He's up to something. Take Mrs. Brisby to the library. We'll approach Nicodemus when the meeting's over.) (Justin escorts Mrs. Brisby from the room. Mr. Ages remains behind, eyeing Jenner suspiciously.)
~ Jenner implying sensing the perfect opportunity to stay in the rose bush.
(Meg sighs dreamily as she holds the flower Hercules gave her. Suddenly, the statue behind her begins to rumble then it melts in half as Hades emerges from it.) Hey, what's the buzz, huh, Meg? What is the weak link in Wonder Boy's chain? (Meg: Get yourself another girl, I'm through!) I'm sorry, do you mind runnin' that by me again? I must've had a chunk of brimstone wedged in my ear or something. (Meg: Then read my lips! Forget it!) Meg, Meg, Meg, my sweet deluded little minion. Aren't we forgetting one teensy-weensy, but ever so crucial little, tiny detail? (suddenly bursts into flames) I OWN YOU! (Nearby, Phil regains conciseness with a huge bump on his head.) (Phil: Oh. I got another horn here... That kid's gonna be doing laps for a month! [Phil hears the conversation and sees Hades and Meg talking]) You work for me. If I say, "sing", you say, "hey, name that tune". If I say, "I want Wonderboy's head on a platter" you say--) (Meg: Medium or well done.) (Phil: Oh! I knew that dame was trouble. This is gonna break the kid's heart. [runs off]) (Meg: I'll work on that.) I'm sorry... You hear that sound? That's the sound of your freedom fluttering out the window forever. (Meg: I don't care! I'm not gonna help you hurt him!) (Hades sighs) I can't believe you're getting all worked up over some guy! (Meg: This one is different! He's honest and-and he's sweet--) (Hades rolls his eyes) Please! (Meg: He would never do anything to hurt me.) He's a guy! (Meg: Besides, O Oneness, you can't beat him. He has no weaknesses! He’s gonna--) (She turns to see Hades smirking deviously at her.) I think...he does, Meg. (He snatches the flower from Meg's hand.) I truly think...he does. (He burns the flower.)
~ Hades unwittingly convinced by Meg haven fallen in love with Hercules that she is Herc's weakness.
(At Strasser's estate in Africa, he is watching a news report on Joe, recently moved to a conservatory in California) My God! Pindi was right! (Strasser's henchman Garth enters the room) He's beautiful. The most beautiful animal I ever seen. (Garth: And the most valuable, that's for sure. [Garth sits down, watches as Jill appears on screen] Isn't that the--) Wait! Be quiet! (Reporter: Joe was raised from infancy by Jill Young, the daughter of famed primatologist Ruth Young. Their closeness stems from a tragic bond. Both Joe's and Jill's mothers were killed by poachers 12 years ago...) (Garth: Bloody hell! That's him!) (Reporter: They both became orphans on the same night.) (Garth: That's him, that's the little feller who bit your finger off!) (Strasser glances down at his mangled right hand, missing the thumb and index finger) I'm always amazed how, if you wait long enough, the opportunity for justice finally comes. Garth, book us two tickets to America. We are going to pay a visit to this incredible animal. (smirking, Strasser puts a half-glove on his right hand) I think I know how to convince his current owners to part with him.
~ Andrei Strasser seeing Joe on the TV and recognizing the ape for biting off his fingers. Then he sees his chance to get revenge on the ape and decides to go to America to pay Joe a visit.
(Morgana/Undertow: It's the locket!) (Morgana laughs.) This is just the kind of breaking ice we've been waiting for! When Ariel's innocent little daughter uncovers the secret of that locket, she's going to have lots of questions. And who'll be right there with all the answers? (Undertow; [sinister chuckle] We will.) Exactly! She'll be the PERFECT tool for Triton's undoing!) (Undertow: And I'll get to be big again!) Finally, I'll succeed at the one thing my sister never could! (Undertow: Really, really big!) TOTAL DOMINATION OF THE SEAS! (With that, Morgana and Undertow dance around, cackling with evil delight.)
~ Morgana sensing the locket and Melody's disobedience as a golden opportunity to obtain King Triton's trident.
(In the Forbidden Forest, Ruber is exasperated that his Griffin is leading him in circles) You wretched, mythological moron! (grabs the Griffin by the ear) WHERE DID YOU DROP THE SWORD?! (The Griffin pulls out a monocle and places it over his eye.) (Griffin: It all looks so different from down here.) (Looks up at the forest canopy. Ruber snatches the monocle and tosses it to the ground. Suddenly, Bladebeak appears tumbles down a hill and lands in a mud puddle.) You! Report! (Bladebeak: Um, oh, err. The girl and the-the blind warrior are following a sliver winged falcon. [Ruber listens then grins wickedly] Who-who knows where Excalibur is.) (Ruber sneers) They'll lead us right to it. WE'RE GOING AFTER THEM! (Ruber motions his men to follow him. Bladebeak manages to get some mud off him, but as Ruber and his thugs stomp off, the evil knight's foot lands in the puddle, splattering Bladebeak with mud again. Eyeball creatures pop up and look at Bladebeak.) (Bladebeak: You lookin' at me? You lookin' at me?) (He turns around briefly, then suddenly spins back around like a gunslinger, using his hand as a pretend pistol and scaring the eyeball creatures away)
~ Ruber seeing his chance to snatch Excalibur upon learning from Bladebeak that Kayley and Garrett are following Ayden, who knows where the sword is.
(At the diner, Alvin and Brittany are playing an arcade game "Around the World in 30 Days.") (Theodore: Since when does Alvin like playing Around the World in 30 Days?) (Simon: Since he feels it's as close to a world trip as he'll ever get.) (As Alvin and Brittany continue to playing the game, two shady strangers sit at a table nearby.) We have people waiting around the world for $5 million in diamonds, and we can't get anyone to deliver them! (Klaus Furschtein: What about Ivan?) Oh, we've used him too often. Jamal knows his face. (Claudia breathes on her cigarette holder, then chokes on some of the smoke and she coughs into her purse, which gets into the throat of her pet terrier, Sophie--who was inside her mistress' purse. Sophie coughs then whimpers. Claudia pets her head) Oh, sorry, Sophie. We need someone new. Someone Jamal would never suspect. Don't forget, dear brother, last year Jamal robbed us of $3 million worth of priceless, precious... (Klaus Furschtein: Claudia.) ...gorgeous, spectacular... (Klaus Furschtein: Claudia!) ...TO DIE FOR GEMS! (sobs hysterically; Sophie hands her a a handkerchief) Thank you, Sophie. (She grabs the hankie and blows her nose loudly. Then Claudia rests her head on the table as she continues to sob.) (Klaus Furschtein: [embarrassed] Oh, Claudia, please! Not here!) (Simon & Theodore: C'mon, Alvin!) (Jeanette & Eleanor: Brittany, watch out!) (Claudia scowls) Noisy brats! (Simon: "Go, Alvin!) (Theodore: Go! To the left, Alvin! To the left!) (Alvin: Leave me alone!) (Theodore: Watch out! [Alvin's balloon hits an obstacle on the map screen, as Theodore turns to Simon] The Chipettes are winning!) (Alvin: I heard that, Theodore!) (Simon: You need to take the shortcut across Fiji, Alvin!) (Theodore: Oh, not that. It's too dangerous!) (Alvin: It's my only chance!) (Alvin presses a button for the Fiji level. Right on the screen, he maneuvers his balloon out of a thunderstorm and across an area of live volcanoes, which spews out lava in front of the balloon, which he dodges it out of the way and brings it close toward the jungle.) (Eleanor: Oh, Brittany, be careful! [sees Alvin's balloon gaining in on her sister's balloon.] Oh, Brittany!) (Simon: You're gaining, Alvin!) (Alvin and Brittany scowl in determination as they get their game faces on. As Alvin controls his balloon, steering it out of a group of natives throwing their spears at the balloon. He brings the balloon below the spears. Alvin's clenches his eyes, as he drives the balloon to the waterfall. He tries to grab a score of 2000, when a crocodile jumps up, bites the balloon with its teeth, and brings the balloon down to the water. The reminder, "Game Over", flashes on the screen.) (Alvin: NOOOOO!) (Chipettes: HURRAY!) (The girls cheer at Brittany's victory) (Alvin: You're lucky this is only a game! You'd never beat me if this were for real!) (Brittany: Oh, is that so?! [she scowls and marches at Alvin]) (Alvin: Yeah, that's so. If I had the money, I'd race you around the world right now!) (Watching the argument, Claudia gasps in excitement. She turns to Klaus with a sly smile.) Are you thinking what I'm thinking? (Klaus Furschtein: Oh, don't be ridiculous! It's too dangerous. They're only children!) Exactly. Who would suspect them? (Klaus Furschtein: No, Claudia, it's out of the question.) (Claudia bangs her fist on the table) LISTEN TO ME, KLAUS! If you think I'm going to let you botch up this deal like you did the last one... (Klaus Furschtein: Must you keep reminding me?! I underestimated Jamal! It won't happen again!) You bet it won't! We're doing things MY way this time!
~ Claudia Furschtein getting an idea to use the unwitting Chipmunks and Chipettes as tools to aid her and Klaus in their diamond smuggling operation.
Where are they hiding? Think. Think! (Whitey: To find a rat, you got to think like a rat. [makes rat noises and gnaws into a chair]) (Thimblenose Ted: Hey, guys. I've had a tipoff. They're heading west to Kensington.) Bingo! (Whitey: Scrabble!) Enough games! To the Rat-mobiles!
~ Spike and Whitey sensing the perfect opportunity to reclaim the Master Cable from Rita and bring it to The Toad.
(Ranger knocks at the door; Cody's mom answers and we begin to hear the radio announcer in the background) (Radio Announcer: In these particular areas. In other news authorities in Mugwomp Flats have called off the search for the missing boy. His backpack was found near Crocodile Falls and local Rangers believe he was yet another victim of crocodile attack. Authorities once again warn residents to use extreme caution...) (In McLeach's hideout, the evil poacher picks up the radio and mocks it) Hah! Think you're pretty smart, don't ya? Huh? Who outsmarted who? Who outsmarted who, huh? I still gotta get that boy to talkin', huh? (He suddenly sits up straight) I'm hungry. Can't think on an empty stomach. (Gets out of his chair) Gotta have protein. Gotta have...eggs. (His pet goanna Joanna wakes up at the word "eggs" and eagerly follows McLeach to the kitchen.) Everyone's got his price. All I gotta do is offer him whatever he wants and then not give it to him. (As his back is turned, Joanna lifts open the egg box and swipes an egg and hides it in her mouth. He glares at Joanna.) Did you take one of my eggs? (Joanna shakes her head) Open your mouth. (Joanna: Ahh!) (Joanna opens her mouth, McLeach looks inside while Joanna hides the egg in her tongue and from McLeach's view) THESE ARE NOT JOANNA EGGS! (McLeach slams the egg box shut.) Let's see. The boy's got the eagle. I want the eagle. The boy won't give me the eagle. (The box opens and closes. McLeach moves it to the other side of the table.) If I could just find the boy's weak spot, I could get him to tell me where the eagle is. (Joanna tips the box with her tail. McLeach pushes it back into her waiting arms and she grabs another egg. He moves the box again, but leaves his arm on it.) But the boy's only got one weak spot, and that is the eagle. (Joanna moves a bowl with her tail. McLeach reaches for it when the box's lid opens and closes again) Maybe if I stuck him in a giant anthill, that would loosen his tongue, and then... I GOT HIM! (He slams the lid on Joanna's fingers and she squeals in pain.) Heheheh! Got your hand caught in the cookie jar, didn't you? Who do you think you're messing with, you dumb animal? My mental facilities are TWICE what yours are, ya peabrain! (McLeach opens the box to find it empty. Joanna runs and hides in the closet) Joanna. I give you platypus eggs. I give you snake eggs. Why, I even give you eagle eggs! BUT I WANT YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM MY-- (McLeach suddenly stops in mid-sentence and a sinister smirk slowly forms on his face.) The eagle's eggs! That's it! That's the boy's weak spot!
~ Percival McLeach coming to the conclusion that Marahute's eggs are Cody's weakness to the eagle's whereabouts.
(Zuba: What's goin' on here? What's all this hubbub?) (Elephant: They say they're from off the reserve.) (Zuba: That's impossible! [marches his way to Alex and the gang] Only people come from off the reserve!) (Alex: You look...familiar. Do I know you from--?) (Zuba: How could you possibly survive the hunters?) (Gloria: Hunters? We didn't see any hunters.) (Zuba: What are you lookin' at?!) Me? Nothing! (Zuba: This watering hole doesn't need any more mouths to feed! So just skedaddle back to wherever you came from!) (Alex: Okay, well, is there maybe like a manager we could talk to?) (Zuba: Oh, I see. You're here to challenge me!) What? No! (Florrie takes a closer look at Alex.) (Zuba: Well, that's what it's starting to look like to me!) (Florrie: Hold on! Zuba! Wait! [runs her way between Zuba and Alex]) (Zuba: Oh, c'mon, woman. Don't you see I'm trying to take care of some--) (Florrie: Yeah, yeah, Zuba. Hold on. Alakay? Is that you?) (Alex: No, it's Alex. "Ix" Like New York Knicks.) (Florrie: [sees an Africa-shaped birthmark on Alex's paw] Zuba! Look!) Oh, I've always had that. The vet checked it out. It's kind of a beauty spot, really.) (Zuba: A mark.) Alright, this is a little weird. (Zuba: Honey, he's come home!) What? (Zuba: You've come home.) (Zuba lifts his paw to Alex, showing he has the exact same Africa-shaped mark. Alex lifts his paw beside Zuba, amazed.) Whoa! (Zuba: Son!) (Alex takes a long look at Zuba.) (Alex: Dad? [Zuba nods] Mom and Dad? Mom and Dad! Mom and Dad! It's my mom and dad! [wraps his arms around Zuba and Florrie] I GOT A MOM AND DAD!) (Florrie: My baby's alive!) (Marty: Dad!) (Marty, Melman and Gloria join the reunion hug as the whole crowd cheers.) (Zuba: My son! MY SON IS HOME!) (Crowd cheers louder) (Florrie: Alakay! Alakay has come home!)(Outside the ecstatic crowd, Makunga cheers and laughs. A bulky, scruffy lion named Teetsi rests on the rock beside him.) Whoo! Whoo! ALAKAY! YEAH! The prodigal son returns! THIS IS PERFECT! Ha! (Teetsi: I thought you hated Zuba.) (Makunga's laughter is replaced with a devious scowl.) No, I do. I do. I hate him. Oh, I do. (He tightens his grip on the small gazelle held in his paw and gestures with it.) And I'm going to use Alakay, yes! I'm going to use him to get rid of Zuba once and for all!
~ Makunga seeing Alex's miraculous return and reunion with Zuba and Florrie as a perfect advantage to overthrow Zuba and become the new alpha lion.
(Happy Chapman has his arms outstretched as he's getting a new jacket tailored on him.) I can't go on like this anymore, Wendell. I've got to get a dog! (Wendell: I think that is a lovely idea! I know you've been sad and lonely since the divorce, and I've tried to be a friend--) Not for me, you imbecile! For the act! If I could get my hands on a really talented dog, wouldn't Walter J. just choke on his Emmy? (Wendell: Like Odie?) Yeah, now he was good. Oh, yeah. (As Chapman speaks, Wendell moves closer to the window.) You know, he was kind of dopey-looking and spry and-- (Wendell: [sees Odie's lost poster] Lost!) Huh? (Chapman comes over to the window to see the lost poster; His eyes widen upon recognizing the dog)
~ Happy Chapman and his assistant Wendell noticing a lost poster of Odie, which Chapman decides to take advantage of so he can overshadow his brother Walter.
(Inside his throne room surrounded by gold, Prince John sits, glaring and fists clenched. Sir Hiss nervously gazes at him.) (Sir Hiss: Ahem. Sire, if I may--may venture an're not your usual cheerful, genial self today. [Prince John doesn't respond] -I-I know. I know! You haven't counted your money for days, hmm? It always makes you so happy. [chuckles and fiddles with a few coins. Prince John still remains motionless.] Ahem. Sire, taxes are pouring in, the jail is full. And, oh! I have good news, sire. Friar Tuck is in jail.) (Prince John explodes with fury, sending coins scattering) FRIAR TUCK?! IT'S ROBIN HOOD I WANT, YOU IDIOT! OH, I'D GIVE ALL MY GOLD IF I COULD JUST GET MY HANDS ON-- (Suddenly stops, realizing what Hiss just told him) Did you say Friar Tuck? (Sir Hiss: [nervously] Did I? Y-Y-Yes, I did.) (Prince John's face brightens.) Ah! Hiss, I have it! I'll use that fat friar as bait to trap Robin Hood! (Sir Hiss: Another trap?) Yes, yes, you stupid serpent! Friar Tuck will be led to the gallows in the village square, don't you see? (Sir Hiss: [horrified] But, sire, hang Friar Tuck?! A man of the church?!) Yes, my reluctant reptile. And when our elusive hero tries to rescue the corpulent cleric... (Prince John cackles. Hiss gulps) men will be ready. Ha-ha! (With a sinister smirk, Prince John peers out the window)
~ Prince John seeing Friar Tuck's recent arrest as a perfect chance to capture Robin Hood.



  • Andrei Strasser decided to go to America to see Joe, seeing a perfect opportunity to get revenge on the ape for biting his fingers off.
  • Happy Chapman and Wendell noticing a lost poster of Odie, which Chapman decides to take advantage of so he can overshadow his brother Walter.


  • Diablo, sent by Maleficent to find Princess Aurora, discovers her hiding place after the three Good Fairies mistakenly gave it away, leading him to report back to his evil mistress.
  • After hearing that the Powhatans captured John Smith, Governor Ratcliffe senses a perfect opportunity to wage war on them.
  • Jenner sensing an opportunity to ensure that he and the other rats remain in the rose bush.
  • After hearing that Prince Naveen is coming to the Masquerade Ball, Dr. Facilier senses an opportunity to get his money - by capturing the prince.
  • Shan Yu examines a doll and senses an opportunity to venture into the Tung-Shao Pass to bring down the Imperial Army and get to the Emperor to take over China.
  • Ruber senses the perfect opportunity to find Excalibur after Bladebeak reports that Kayley and Garrett are following Ayden, who knows where the sword is.
  • Captain Hook upon learning from Smee that Peter Pan banished Tinker Bell due to her jealousy of Wendy as a perfect chance to find out Pan's hideout.
    • In the sequel, After Hook notices Jane trying to fly and failing, he sees her wanting to return home as an opportunity to use her in his plot to capture Peter Pan.
  • After his act goes down the drain, Krudsky discovers the Goblin Scepter as the perfect opportunity to get back in business.
  • Ursula sees Ariel's disobedience as a perfect opportunity to bring down King Triton and rule over Atlantica.
  • Morgana sees Melody's locket, disobedience, and mermaid heritage as an opportunity to avenge her sister and take over Atlantica.
  • Honest John sees Pinocchio as a perfect opportunity to get his money.
  • Marina Del Rey spies on Ariel, her sisters, and Sebastian in the Catfish Club, then rats them out in a bid to obtain Sebastian's job as chief of staff.
  • Randall Weems overhears TJ and the Recess gang about to break into the school to save Principal Prickly, giving him an opportunity to report them to Ms. Finster.
  • After noticing Wreck-It Ralph's argument with Vanellope, Arthur senses Ralph's insecurities and discovers an opportunity to take over the Internet.
  • After Maurice tries to explain to the tavern staff about Belle being captured by the Beast, Gaston sees an opportunity to force Belle to become his wife, hatching a plan that involves trapping her father.
  • After hearing about an audition with L.B. Mammoth, Darla Dimple senses an opportunity to get Danny and the other animals kicked out of Hollywood.
  • Prince John learns of Friar Tuck's sudden arrest and sees it as a perfect means to finally capture Robin Hood.
  • When he notices Ted and Susan in his camp, Abdullah sneaks up on Susan and jumps her. He tries to carry over to his knife to stab her, but he quickly catches Ted in the act.
  • Professor Ratigan: Upon learning from Fidget Basil's on the case, Ratigan quickly gains an idea to lure Basil to his lair and into his trap.
  • King Goobot: As soon as he sees Jimmy Neutron hold up a picture of his parents on a transmission on the view screen, King Goobot senses the perfect opportunity to capture the adults of Retroville to sacrifice to Poultra.
  • Scar senses Simba's naiveté and disobedience as the perfect opportunity to bring down Mufasa.
  • Makunga: sees Alex's miraculous return and reuniting with his parents Zuba and Florrie as a perfect advantage to use him to overthrow Zuba and become the new alpha alpha lion.
  • Gaston sees Maurice's "fantasies" of Belle being imprisoned by a Beast as a way to get Belle to marry him by throwing Maurice into the asylum.
  • Fairy Godmother: decides to take advantage of Shrek stealing her Happily Ever After potion by having her son Prince Charming impersonate the ogre-turned-human to get Fiona with Charming as originally planned.
  • Makucha overhears Makini talking about The Tree of Life, he plots plan to ambush the Guard at a nearby cliff, allowing them to kidnap Makini and force her to take them to the Tree of Life.




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